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  1. Anyone got the PS2 version of this ' Zombie Panic'? http://www.gamerevolution.com/oldsite/down...20_the_dead.htm
  2. Hi All Not sure whether I am aloud to do this and Mod's please feel free to get rid, but I have a Canon EOS 350D body with some accesories up for sale in the trading folder if anyone is interested. Cheers
  3. so can anyone tell me where I can download a disk with all the updates on as we are not on Xbox live at the moment and would not mind playing a few of me old games, cheers
  4. Recommend me a decent component cable? i need to see this game on my telly! :-)
  5. Got a funny feeling that this isnt compatable with the PS3 at the moment I am going to dig it out again tonight after finishing it just before Christmas to go through it on hard mode, and to see what it looks like on my 50" Samsung, not holding out much hope though as everything else looks poor. Any ideas how to make games look better on a TV that size? I am just using a normal PS2 scart lead?
  6. Personally I cant wait , I have waited for this since the X360 was first released and deliberatly kept hold of my good old PS2 while I waited. I have managed to enjoy some of the fantastic PS2 games that have come out in its twiglight years (Okami, GOW2, FFXII) and I can now look forward to the next gen with a top spec console. Price wise......£250 which includes a 12 month sub to Live would be nice, and severly undercut the PS3.
  7. oh yes please, that would be the greatest thing ever! mmmm, if they used a Moscow setting then all that nice snow they used in Bully could come in usefull.......
  8. what about a consistant online world? with the single player tagged on so that people without the internet can play certain aspects of it. I am pretty sure the majority of people who own a 360 / ps3 will have it hooked up to live / home. That would certainly make the comments about Test Drive Unlimted ring true.........
  9. this would be so cool if it was a track and field type game crossed with super smash bro's!
  10. I just had a little sex wii...........
  11. I am assuming you worked at codies for a while then!
  12. Me and my mate who was a god at Wipeout 2097 on link up one night, I must have played him 50 times on the same track and not beat him.....then I come out the last corner on the last lap about a second in front, I start to cross over the chequered squares towards the finishing line with the biggest grin on my face. Then a perfectly timed rocket (not homing) straight up my arse, ship explodes on the line. game lost. big grin gone. Awesome game roll on a PS3 online version (with LAN support would be nice!) Also 8 v 8 Halo 2 in my mates flat, at 99-99 out of a hundred. The most tense I have ever seen a game, everyone just tried to hide and not move!
  13. Parappa


    Riiiiidddgeeeeeeeee Raaaaacceeeerrr!
  14. Yeah i found that too, get Subsistence it makes it far more playable
  15. just finished the demo of this and its fookin awesome, looks fantasic and plays really well. There is also a bonus video on the demo disc about last years E3 and having worked in the games industry you can see why this studio produces games like this. As one guy in the DVD says, as it is there game they can slag in of and say its shit as much as they want because, provided they do and make the changes before the game is released no-one can do it for them. Obviously works looking at the review score that have been coming in!
  16. similar yes, but not much
  17. Final Fantasy XII Hitman: Contracts Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3 Pro Evo 6
  18. ok im going to give this one a go... Complete Resident Evil 4 Shadow of Collosus Farenheit Playing Final Fantasy 11 Okami Pshyconaughts Do you think it is possible/wise to try and play anything else while playing FF11?
  19. Parappa


    Got to be honest , this actually did grip me by the balls and is one of the few games I actually finished last year (along with RE4 and SOC) Great game for just sitting down with the mrs and playing through, and i thought the story was cool although a little far fetched in places. but on saying that arent some of the best hollywood films the same?
  20. Good job , Little Britain: The Game had not been released in 2006..... Oh well im pretty sure it will top this thread next year!
  21. Parappa


    how much we talking?
  22. cheers guys, may just have to purchase a 360 then after all! but in the mean time I will give splitters 3 and SOCOM a bash
  23. $999 And rises better than a cell processor.
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