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  1. So whats the score with the PS2 version, does it play the same have the same features etc but just not look as good? or is there more to it than this?
  2. No sign of the Ps3 version yet then?
  3. Parappa

    Edge 181

    OMG...I now need Halo 3 to survive
  4. Why wont my 360 work, and WHY do I not get paid until tomorrow
  5. Bollocks. I know numerous people who DONT have 360's who would love to play this game because it is GOOD (f'ing good to be honest). Is that not what its all about? does it matter what format it is? you tit.
  6. Yep, Rayman certainly was the best selling PS1 games, and if I remeber correctly one of the original launch games?
  7. I thank god I have never bought a 360, let alone one of MS games. I would be fucking fuming 1) my console fucked up on a regular basis making everything I had unplayable 2) the BIGGEST release of the year arrives at home and I cant play it because a) its scratched like fuck or B) refer to 1. Fucking hate them ...........kisses ps3.
  8. anybody seen or for that matter, tried this.... http://www.fixya.com/support/t142158-3_flashing_red_lights
  9. League Challenge on the Atari 65xe always used to make me leg it home from school. Also there used to be about 5 or 6 of us who managed to find a room at college with one of them old 28" televisions in it and we used to take our PS1 in sneak in the room and play hours of ISS (prior to PES), when it even came to home time it was still 'one more game'. How on earth we never got caught is beyond me, we did it for all our second year at college! (as well as drink, smoke and do dirty things with women you understand :-) Oh.....add Tempest X3 (PS1) to that list as well, like crack that shit!
  10. agree, the article in edge is very interesting and its basically bringing a 'risk - reward' factor to games, using our hard earned money. Just because you may have more money which in theroy means you get more chances to kill, but what if instead of buying 1000 machine gun clips it was the same price for 10 sniper rifle shots..risk/reward As already mentioned this needs to have some serious protection from piracy and the likes otherwise it would be over before it starts.
  11. Pretty please can I be in the gang as well for a ringtone! (perhaps you should upload it somewhere!)
  12. Just started on this today, very impressed so far and the story line while at first is confusing is starting to come together quite well, looking forward to the rest of this tough. Did someone say 2008 PAL release???? get a US copy and swap magic for christ sake!
  13. how do you sign up for a US account then?
  14. Was a Fiat Stilo, seen a couple of them about...
  15. Spacehost, your a legend, let me check again tonight at Morrisons as im heading in to town, if i cant get hold of it ill drop you a PM Cheers fella
  16. damn the country! (I live in Chapel en le Frith), i had a look yesterday and could not see it :-(, going to see if they can order it in. They have only just heard of Playstation round here.
  17. Sony response to car RUMOURS :- "Despite news articles claiming that ‘SCEI/Polyphony Digital’ have made an official announcement with regards to GT5 featuring 1000 vehicles, we can confirm that this is pure speculation. It would appear that the list is a mixture of vehicles that were included in previous GT titles, coupled with somebody’s own fantasy garage" oh well....still looks fooking awesome, now give me an paint shop mode better than Forza 2's and im all over it!
  18. So can you still get this for £5.99 im Morrissons does anyone know? cant seem to find it anywhere even 'out there'!
  19. And will they ever get the AI right to make races actually 'races' I try to love GT every time, it always looks stunning no doubt about it, handles fantastic, tuning options are all spot on, but whats the point when you get to a race and cant 'race!' God it makes me fucking angry. Anyway looks fantastic, and HOW MANY CARS ON TRACK AT ONCE!!!! OMG!!!
  20. Parappa

    Wipeout HD

    Sequels to the best game ever, crap? nah that never happens........
  21. Parappa

    PGR 4

    Both be out on the same weekend then
  22. I thank you , and off to Gamestation I go!
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