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  1. Ohhh this sounds amazing! - Time to resub to PC games pass (which always seems to be £1 when I do it)
  2. As it tuned out I got the Astronaught on my run last night which helped me get Prike down to his last bar. I also set auto aim to high but will cretainly change the other settings and auto run sounds like a game changer! Will give it another try tonight.
  3. Parappa


    Possibly the best review I have seen on Rllmuk.
  4. This makes me happy as I still haven't beaten Phrike and whilst I love what I have seen of the game cannot understand the praise it gets. Time to give it another go!
  5. Yay. I use them with my oculus as well and they are great.
  6. Its not slick on Quest but it does seem good fun so far for a quick blast
  7. Yeah the do - and strangley it was cheaper to just keep buying new cards then topping the exisiting one up!
  8. Doesn't help when in some arcades you need to put your bank card in a machine to get a plastic top up card to then use to pay for the games!. Llandudno pier have converted all their machines (including Sega Rally!) to only accept these massive waste of plastic cards! 🤬 In the end I could not be bothered so just walked out whereas if they took cash I would have spent a few quid.
  9. Oh wow - I love that JP table its great!
  10. Parappa


    just seen this - insane tennis.
  11. sounds like a plan - will fire it up when the practice server for the next race is available.
  12. Just fired this up and maybe its just me but does the ball fly around the table just a bit quicker than other tables?
  13. Sorry to ask but is this the PC version only you play? I have PS5 and PC but would prefer PS5 to join in if possible.
  14. hit 20m a couple of times now but its not easy! even multiball doesn't seem to give you a great amount of points.
  15. Oh this reminds me - Gregory Horror Show could be interesting!
  16. CC seems bloody hard to get even on the scoreboard!
  17. Just finished that section and....
  18. Just had a quick go on the table and seems great - 24m on my first go but hopefully can improve with some practice this weekend.
  19. It was surely going to have to be. A PC version would have been the better option. Not like Codies haven't done it before ..
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