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  1. Shop to live. Website dead.
  2. Just fired this up for £3 and I can confirm it is bloody brilliant.
  3. I have a beta invite to the next version of the OS if anyone wants it.
  4. Yeah I have added mine but I am not sure what the point really is of it at the moment
  5. same here - suspect nothing there then.
  6. Oh great... Now we have to piss about with people having a 'joke' saying they are available on whatever website.
  7. Dragon Trial on GT sport is up there. Also Seattle from GT3?
  8. Can I have a Ps5 theme like this intro vid stuff please. Thx.
  9. Might be some news about where to buy a Ps5
  10. Yeah this looks great now and runs smoooth as butter!
  11. It's cheesy as fuck but I think it is now burned into my soul.
  12. No you dont - you can get loan cars from each class that are more than good enough to get you going. Obviously the more cars you buy / win in single player mode the better and these can be upgraded whereas loan cars can't. I would recommend tournament mode as this has some of the best cars in the game are available with the Fame points earned from these and it has its own Store. (not credits from SP/MP)
  13. Yup - the AI tends to make most races pretty hilarious. Try Tribend Wild Circuit with some bots. They can't seem to take the chicane for some reason leading to all sorts of fun. Dont miss out playing this online though - that is where the real laughs are.
  14. Seems the tweet is no longer there - is it still required? If so let me know.
  15. How do you see friends leaderboards on this - I was trying to find some of you I have as PSN friends but couldn't see anything. And my time was crap anyway.
  16. Parappa

    Formula One 2021

    Kimi was 100% Kimi during that reveal
  17. Didn't realise a certain ex Warthogger was involved in this. Great stuff so far.
  18. Yeah sure. Have they got it working with thrustmaster wheels yet? On ps5.
  19. I thought this as well. Would love to see them have a go at the Tomb Raider licence.
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