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  1. Yes to the first bit. Not really sure how real time flights work but I have seen other planes around.. Are they real time flights or other people playing?
  2. Lets leave it at that then. Enjoying this though - but the AI is taking the shine off somewhat.
  3. Just had a look on there and that seems to be about right for the CD release but I can't see anything for the vinyl.
  4. Stereotypical surely but not racist. Or is that the same thing now? Regarding the AI - if you watch the replays I have noticed the AI seems to be stuck to your car and it seems to skip frames to either catch up or slow down to match your speed. Or maybe just my PC but if that is what the AI is doing it doesn't look great.
  5. Ah now that makes sense. I noticed it was saying 60fps but it seemed very jerky but perfectly playable. That's a real shame though.
  6. Just finished this and it really is a masterpiece but I think I will return one day and give it a go on a harder difficulty. Hopefully they do the same as they did with the original and port it to next gen but I am not really sure they can make it look any better. 60 fps maybe but the amount of detail in the world is staggering.
  7. Yeah it looks fantastic and a smooth 60fps
  8. https://ibb.co/mhpcMP3 - not sure how to show 4k images embedded on here.
  9. Probably should be in retro anyway
  10. Revo yes. Will try and get some this afternoon. There is a modded config that allows you to set it.
  11. Ah man I wish I could start it all over again. It's so bloody good.
  12. Have you played Astrobot yet?
  13. Not sure why they are on the list as they don't support VR as far as I am aware!
  14. you are in for some serious fun!
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