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  1. Any tips for I rang a bell nearby and an Old Hunter appeared but didn't seem too much use during the fight as they died pretty quick.
  2. This is a very good point and I suspect you will not be alone. Assume it is covered in the T+C's?
  3. Just noticed it seems to be less than a tenner - going to pick it up this weekend. It looks and sounds fantastic.
  4. Has anyone played Ghost Giant - seems to have come out last year but totally passed me by!
  5. I guess with one of these cheap emulation builds you could also use GeForce Now and you have all bases covered for next to nothing! (decent internet connection required)
  6. Hmm I was in forbidden forest? There was a bell ringing when I was near the lamp if that helps? I then decided to go back into the forest and died losing my echos. Thankfully got them back and returned to the lamp and it worked. And no bells ringing so perhaps you are right.
  7. Has anyone had a bug where returning to a lit lamp does not allow you to go back to hunters Dream I have about 50k on me at the moment and could do with not losing them!
  8. I had a mess about with mine last night and managed to get Gregory Horror Show running from the HD. It is the PAL version and has a 60hz option which when enabled looks so much better but I am aware this was not available with all PAL games. Am I correct in saying all NTSC games would have been 60hz so therefore provided I can find those versions I should be alright?
  9. Excellent - plenty of room for improvement but I have faith. A new NFS by Criterion and now this!
  10. Took some working out (I was using USB headphones) but with the Flip Grip you can only use normal headphones. Also as the volume buttons are hidden you can hold the Home button down for a second and this allows you to change the volume on the screen.
  11. Totally agree - best track in the game I think as well.
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