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  1. Certainly from PSVR - yes.
  2. Try OCULUS30 at checkout for 30% off. Until 18th May
  3. Just seen this on Steam and seems to be getting good reviews - it certainly has a unique look to it. https://store.steampowered.com/app/593640/Papetura/ 10% off at the moment at just over 8 quid.
  4. I thought they had delayed it?
  5. Can anyone tell me what space is built into these? I fancy adding some more roms but not sure what I have to play with and I dont really want to attach a memory stick.
  6. All of these are present and correct in the PS5 version. They never mentioned texture improvements.
  7. Campaign does get better with more varied tracks and cars however its really just there to unlock cars and parts for the multiplayer side of things. That's where all the fun is.
  8. Yeah. It basically just gives you the option to up the resolution to 4k (maybe more) which is nice but hardly essential.
  9. Hit that big mute button. Found the same today.
  10. Yeah. If your gonna be spending aot of time playing online.
  11. Not anymore in the PS5 version - just tried a single race and its rapid!
  12. The demo disks were brilliant. Remember one even had the music video for Leftfilelds Afrika Shocks. I just left it in repeat for hours.
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