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  1. This is up on Epic store to wishlist. Not sure if that's news but new to me.
  2. Book now delayed until May 2022 due to printing issues. Dom's done an xmas quiz on sound cloud that seems pretty cool though.
  3. I have just made it to the 'Hall of Fame' somehow. I have no idea how progression still works in this but there you go. Is that it now? - I just need to mop up all the challenges etc and do the Season tasks?. not too fussed about 100% this but its been fun.
  4. doubtful. The full game is still holding its price so assume its selling pretty well.
  5. Picked this up on Steam recently and it seems great so far. I assume it is from the same team who did Guacamelee as it plays very similar but can steal weapons from enemies and use them against them. Looks and sounds great as well. Trailer... Edit : not by the same team.
  6. and now down to 20 quid.
  7. Big update for this on both PS4 and PS5 - mainly QOL stuff but the PS5 version gets (sting)ray tracing.
  8. Even after playing 4 I needed to check how to access it in this. The whole fucking game is just throwing icons at me and even after playing 4 I haven't got a clue what I'm meant to be doing. Real shame as i know there is some good stuff in here but its basically now Assassin's Creed on wheels.
  9. Ignore - seems it actually is
  10. It doesnt seem to be in the list of newly updated ones.
  11. Be interested to hear your thoughts. Not a lot new to this.
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