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  1. Disk copy ? Send it my way plz
  2. This just about sums up a large amount of gamers right now. Massive bunch of over entitled pricks.
  3. It is - but probably worth a spoiler tag though?
  4. Shenmue 4 : Breath Of The Wild Garlic
  5. Yes. His dialogue seemed a little strange.
  6. Just finished this myself. Lovely game but just a few frustrating bits here and there but overall excellent and I am not sure how much more they can get out the Switch graphically - it looks incredible in places.
  7. 8 hour video and I am currently playing through it as part of the remaster. I am 40 mins in - I best get cracking.
  8. Yeah agreed - any chance of getting it to work with PC so I can hook it up to my Hyperspin setup? - cheaper than a Pandora.
  9. I woke up to a copy of Shenmue 3 and news of a new Half Life in VR. Am I dead?
  10. Yeah not bothered about seeing him at all but plenty of other stuff to see!
  11. If it was me personally giving them out of course you can. I suspect you will have them shortly though - Yu want want to keep Japan waiting surely?
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