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  1. Any idea what time the PC update will drop tomorrow? Interested to see how the performance changes.
  2. Why is the damage and crash modelling still terrible?
  3. I thought it was Jasper Carrot.
  4. I cant link right now but just look up playstation repair UK and you should find Sony's site - fill out some details and they will ask you to send it in. I got mine back in about 10 days.
  5. And you might have 8 quid voucher. Check emails. I picked up Thrill Of The Fight for free and it's bloody amazing.
  6. And now it's day 1 if it works in the sun! https://www.polygon.com/22567088/nintendo-stop-trying-to-get-me-to-play-my-switch-outside
  7. Saying I didn't need one I forgot I need a new left joycon so this is clearly the excuse I need to order a white one
  8. No worries - I have pre ordered a white one even though I most certainly dont need one. Assume Amazon take the money when it is delivered?
  9. Amazon preorders up .. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nintendo-Switch-OLED-Model-Neon/dp/B098TVDYZ3?th=1&
  10. Good idea. Just be prepared to spend a fair bit on the games as the Oculus store isn't the cheapest place but they do have sales and discount codes often.
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