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  1. Meka

    SNES Mini

    I don't understand Super Mario Kart.
  2. Because they'd read the leaked scripts and knew the wall was coming down.
  3. BUTCHER is still half-price for the next 30 minutes. Not sure if there's been much chat on here about it but I think it's worth trying the tiny demo. For anyone not too keen on mouse aiming in a 2D shooter it has good controller support too. http://store.steampowered.com/app/474210/BUTCHER/
  4. You should be able to block communication with anyone. Find the account and hit the little arrow next to their name, should be something there like 'block'. If you check the friend section in the Steam client there is a blocked users tab to manage them.
  5. It has some pretty great gunplay though, I still dream of my modded K98. I think the Bioshock influence fucked it, really - the veil powers and hub weren't that well done or interesting.
  6. Played through Crimson Skies a year ago, still holds up.
  7. I'd love to see 2097 tracks in this, but they'd have to retain 2097's handling too!
  8. She was, when she found out last season.
  9. Reading Chris Thursten's little bit on the PC Gamer website, he's eager to tell people to explore and is reminding me of DA's Hinterlands debacle, 'cept I really enjoyed the Inquisition mmo shit, so I'm still keeping the pre-order. The piece he's written is quite encouraging to me, as I know he's a big ME fan: http://www.pcgamer.com/nine-things-i-wish-i-knew-before-i-started-playing-mass-effect-andromeda/ Still have hopes, plenty of jank in the earlier games. la la la la.
  10. My take on Ellie and the ending... That's why I think a lot of people were hesitant about a sequel following the same characters, we know too much about them. A redemption tale might contradict the world of the first game and the people we've seen to survive it. Looking forward to seeing what they do with it.
  11. Using the nGlide wrapper for the original works well too, but you have to delete or rename the glide2x.dll files included with the default install so your settings aren't ignored.
  12. Meka

    Dishonored 2

    Does capping the framerate with something like Dxtory not help, or do framerates fluctuate well below 60?
  13. Meka

    Dishonored 2

    I don't get the problem with Denuvo, other than it being DRM. You won't know it's there unless you see it listed on a store page, and I've never experienced any performance problems that can be attributed to it beyond speculation on forums.
  14. I'm not a huge CoD campaign fan and I've only managed to get through two of them out of the whole series, but the spectacle of this is just incredible. Was it someone here or elsewhere that likened it to old Sci-Fi artwork come to life? it's not far off the mark. The Refinery and final couple of missions were standouts.
  15. It won't be in your Steam library so no automatic downloading of patches either, so you'll need the Galaxy client if you buy the GOG.com version for most pain free way of installing. You can still add it to your Steam game list afterward though like Untogether says if you want the overlay.
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