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  1. So it IS down to taste then, i.e. it's subjective, yes? I like looking at this thread, and while I don't particularly care for everything that gets posted I admire the effort people put in to presenting these things. I'm not about to passive aggressively scorn the posts I dont like with no input other than negging. Whats wrong with the odd shot of lorry inbetween the Ferraris and Lamborghinis anyway, If for nothing but simple verity .
  2. Exactly. Its a question of somebodys taste. All the screens on this page are most likely rendered at high detail, uncompressed and at a respectable resolution, but its not like all games are created equal. i'll freely admit that the Unsung mod I was capturing from isnt exactly Crysis and in motion it chunters pretty hard, but I thought it looked well enough for a few quick snaps in its current form. Folk should be encouraged to do so otherwise you just get the same titles over and over. (no disrespect to the Niki Laudas here )
  3. Is someone negging posts of games they dont like? Guy up top got hit for his fun with lorries game and now me. Rllmuk
  4. Good shout! Thoroughly enjoyed that! It was like a warm hearted version of Rollerball "Banzai motherfucker!"
  5. Arma 2 - Vietnam Unsung Mod Click for fullsize Just larking about with the editor. Fun fun fun
  6. I know this is a confession thread, but a line has to be drawn here
  7. boomeh

    Dredd 3D

    im cautiously going to put this here:
  8. AVP+ No Hud Mod I've also found some rather excellent sound mods to make things like the pulse rifle sound near perfect to the movie. Also the pistol sound is taken directly from the scene Vasquez boots one in the face and blasts it the head multiple times in the tunnels. I cant attest for the Alien or Predator parts of the game but i'm enjoying the hell out of the Marine parts rather alot
  9. Seriously I couldn't help myself and I went ahead and saw Episode 2 and it somehow was even more excruciating than the last. All the women are fucking clutzes. How the hell are we supposed to believe whats-her-face was ever, in some dimension of reality an acclaimed war reporter? Maggie aka "Thats no moon", face is pretty much the same, straight off the bat shes completely incompetent at her job and letting emotions and her love life overrun her professional one. Its all conducted in a ditsy and lighthearted fashion aswell which makes it even more patronizing when the men inevitably step in and fix it. I think this is getting a hell of alot of slack just from the resume of Sorkin as anyone else who did this would be fucking fired. HBO, you dont have to greenlight everything! Dat email scene. :facepalm: Or a more positive note, ive been watching Good God. A quite recent tv show centered around this guy who finds himself running an ultra conservative fox news styled god channel. Its off the wall fucking crazy in parts but its incredibly enjoyable - id sooner have this type of zanyness than what ever patronizing gibes the newsroom tries to squeeze into its many sermons.
  10. The Abyss would had been just as amazing (if not more so) minus the entire alien plot line. And based upon the directors cut with that horrific alternative ending of teaching the world to sing - from down the barrel of a gun (or massive fuck off tidal wave), and then seeing the same naivety in how Avatars space politics behaved, Jim Cameron really needs someone else to keep him in check. Avatar should have been more along the lines of Apocalypto with space marines. There was only ever 1 good Lethal Weapon, and based upon that and Predator 2, Danny Glover should have had just as proliferate an action carer as Schwarzenegger or Stallone or any of the other greats. Seriously awesome guy, just as awesome in the big action roles as the small ones. He was the reason I watched Gone Fishin. Only the first 20 minutes of Akira are any good
  11. Watching Doug Stanhopes Live tour of Olso called Burning the bridge to nowhere on the Us version and its quite brilliant Passed the point where it hurts to laugh and into some sort of delirium ^__^
  12. Aye I think that particular origin was the only thing not covered in that trailer.
  13. Seriously fuck trailers. In case anyone was left wondering then yes, that's the whole fucking movie right there. Takashi Miikes an odd ball. I didn't much care for 13 samurai, despite it being probably his most watchable film to date but his heavy handed excessivness still got in the way of it. Did I really have to see first hand how the lord mutilated that woman? plus I didn't think the battles were all that well choreographed tbh. edit Dammit, ryuichi sakamoto's doing the soundtrack, I got to go see it now!
  14. I did have a look but didn't come up with anything, sorry. Its the June 28th episode if you see it floating around though. Got some good stuff on the health bill that just passed in the last few days aswell
  15. Steve Colbert had Sorkin on his show last night and it was just amazing watching him have a go at him. He pretty much took the mick out of him the entire time by out-sorkining him in the finest way possible. It was like hearing what The Newsroom was trying to do in all its earnestness but done right and it was just so incredibly engaging. "Cronkite couldn't work at our speed today! Cronkite couldn't report on a Kardashian nip-slip! He couldn't handle it!" :lol: You could hear some of the audience members giggling when Sorkin was asked to try and answer the same question his main character was asked to at the beginning of the first episode. Seriously this show is amazing. How in gods name is it fair it doesn't get aired over here i'll never know. God bless torrents I guess. Didnt really take to The Daily Show and all that but this is so worth checking out if you haven't already.
  16. Just been reading Maureen Ryans article on the first few episodes of this from The Huffington Post and its well worth the read. http://www.huffingto..._b_1609544.html She did some excellent recapping on Game of Thrones and Mad Men while they were running and I enjoyed those immensely aswell.
  17. Thanks sapa. Watched quite a few more after those. Damn, some of the balls on these guys for going into those areas. edit Also somewhat related to the Liberia doc, the making of doc to the film Johnny Mad Dog. Just seen a bit of it but fucking hell, caution advised http://youtu.be/dJErQQKHCzI
  18. I know who he is I was meaning his acting wasn't very good.
  19. The more I think about it, the more I settle on the opinion that this was just terrible. Anyone wanting what Sorkin is trying to speak to, just watch Steven Colbert. The Newsroom spoon feeds you its messages. The moment you have your characters talk to each other in earnest about the story of Don Quixote or how Walter Cronkite saved America from Vietnam, with swelling orchestral music behind the supposedly off the cuff diatribes you've obviously worked on for months, you have failed. Its a lecture in self-righteousness than of ideas, and an embarrassing one at that. i’m tempted to tell the whole thing to fuck off quite frankly.
  20. Abso-bloody-exactly. I'm halfway through this and i'm struggling to keep going. It feels like its a different dimension of reality than the one its portraying, and while that might sound like great fun and worth exploring its a reality where everyone talks like the same ruddy person. Everyone talks in the same manner you've come to know from the writers previous projects, no matter if its in moments of lightness and banter or full metal Sorkin drama, it feels so written and slightly forced all the way through. The dialog by its excessively eager nature comes off as clunky and unnatural than the intended poetic licence, and I don't know how or why it worked with the West Wing but its enthusiasm (and naivety somewhat) was admirable at times. I don't know I can say the same thing here, whether thats because I've grown up and things have simply moved on to something like The Thick of It or Veep where the political office is portrayed as the game it is rather than a platform for something more profound, I cant escape the feeling The Newsroom all feels rather redundant. Plus who's that bow tie wearing mother fucker and how did he get cast in the first place?
  21. Shadow Warrior is on par with Duke 3D The 3rd person cover mechanic for fpsesses is a good idea! The Portal series has far surpassed anything else Valve have ever made. Max Payne 3 is better than its predecessors.
  22. Lebanon is a pile of ponderous faux docu-drama arse, so thats one less you needn't bother with right there And another of your titles reminds me of something... Dead or Alive is the best video game to movie adaptation there is.
  23. boomeh

    Dredd 3D

    I hope there's more of a sarcastic or satirical or ironic tone (something like James Gunns Super or indeed Robocop would be amazing) rather than just straight action, but I don't hate that. The small scene of looking over the shoulder of the punk in the backseat of the car smoking Slomo, with the colourfull filter on everything looked amazing and really evoked the pulpy comic look. Then it downshifted into comparisons of The Raid which were actually quite welcome but my main gripe was it just seamed mad that his partner is a so obviously a hot women - a hot women who doesn't ever seam to want to wear a helmet so not to cover up the fact, for what looks like the entire film, including the action scenes seen there. Perhaps to provide the Dredd character with a chance to prove hes got a solid case of the "Not-Gays" as the Redletter Media folks are fond of saying. Honestly, id much prefer to see the actress who played Game of Thrones Cersei as his partner. Mean looking aswell as hot, with that scar across one of her cheeks. A look of someone whose lived through this hell hole and survived. I kept wanting to compare the blond girl to pre-robocop Murphys Lois, Nancy Allen but she looked way too damned nice for all that. Also with some of the scenes with dialog, just with how the Dredd charachter looks when you see everyone else standing around talking in a relatively relaxed pose - it reminded me of the aftermath of the bank scene in the Dark Knight where you've got Commissioner Gordon and a handful of cops in the vault all trying to act with a straight face while this guy in a cape is standing there, still in full batman gruff voice and everything. I know Judge Dredd taking his helmet off is a big no no but it looks a bit silly, especially in the slower moments. That compounded with the picture perfect, fresh faced look of his partner standing beside him all the time - bit off kilter. I accept its a small trailer and its a very small point im making. Also "3D!" Just incase you might have missed it
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