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  1. Ok i'm watching a goldie from my childhood. Iron Eagle A kid invades iran in a f16, kills everything to the soundtrack of Queen and saves his dad from an arab Poirot trying to cut his head off. Its beautiful. It comes from that genre of films, the "we could kill everything so easily if it weren't for politics, man" ones, or as one review on the wiki wrote it "achieves a kind of perfection of awfulness that only earnest effort can produce." which describes it brilliantly. It might be thunderbirds models for some of it but its got some great wee bits. On the Canadian netflix if you crazy enough.
  2. I liked Barbershop 1 and 2 and I aint even sorry.
  3. I'm with you, i'm not fixating on it, Its just an example of things im noticing that don't matter but people are choosing to care about here.
  4. I think Redlettermedias review - that of looking at the 3rd film through the lens "like a fairly tale" is nicely apt for how this film chooses focus over the framework that puts these characters together and more about the emotional journey of those characters instead.
  5. ha yeah I saw the same one. The teaser trailer sets an excellent tone to the whole thing but the full one playing at theaters just now is that realistic tone but alongside a pantomime of fist fights on tops of trains and everything else. Just an opinion but there is a line you set with that decision for more realism, so you cant really have those Bronson moments anymore.
  6. The trailer I saw when I went to see Batman, it looked like the same thing we've all grown accustomed to with modern Bond. If you weren't into it before I didnt see anything that would change your mind.
  7. Agree 100% When I was leaving the theater I was so excited to talk about this with other people and to see what was online and honestly these so called concerns about it have me feeling slightly dumbstruck. People are talking like Brett Ratner made this or something. Were people just wanting one last nerdgasm of watching a day in the life of Batman? How he got back into the city wasn't important or part of the story Nolan was interested in telling. The point was "hes back" and that's all that was needed. You know when something is just so good and you're so emotionally overloaded from it that you cant stop yourself from crying? Yeah, I did that more than once during Batman on Sunday. It was an incredible thing to watch and im saddened that alot of people here just didnt get that.
  8. Ive just desovered The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack is all on youtube. Yeah im a bit slow, but boy criminy is it good stuff http://youtu.be/NQYFedk8EBQ
  9. Just got back from it and the warm glow of watching something truly earth shattering hasn't left me yet. I don't mind admitting that there were moments where I was crying with joy at how astonishing things were. Something that could engage you at an emotional aswell as an intellectual level, along with this degree of spectacle is something magical. Kermodes thoughts that this owes a thanks to Inception with its interpretation of memory and dreams was bang on aswell and I left the theater with a huge smile on my face. There are things that will divide people, with a nagging doubt of imperfection here or there, but it honestly feels like you're in the hands of someone who loves cinema, is at their peek of potential and wants nothing more than to invite you in and enjoy everything as much as he. I'll make a deal to watch it again before it leaves the cinema.
  10. This is just a shot in the dark here but is anyone having punkbuster problems? Specifically the Disallowed Program/Driver [119005] error. Ive sent a request through punkbusters support page but they're yet to get back to me and im pretty much out of ideas. So far ive deleted and reinstalled the service umpteen times in all kinds of different ways according to suggestions of workarounds posted by folks on Origin but im yet to hit upon anything thats worked. I haven't been able to play for nearly a month now and now with this latest release of the Armoured Kill trailer has reignighted my search for a fix. If anyones heard of this or can make any suggestions on what I could try to fix it, im all ears. Thanks guys
  11. I think for such a new tv show, 4 episodes in and they've already got a soap opera of a love triangle going, inbetween talking about Don Quixote and gun rights that is. The "will they, wont they" plot device is actually the centerpiece of 5 of the main characters just now. You've got Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimers characters obviously but on the side lines you also got the same exact thing with Alison Pill and the boyfriend and then the other one who she really obviously loves. Its boilerplate stuff for such an acclaimed writer of Sorkins weight and that's even before you get into the rest of the criticism leveled at this show. The only conclusion I can come to is that characters feel like windowdressing for what is essentially a mouthpiece. A mouthpiece from one source and one source only. How we roar and feel a sense of elation as Jeff Daniels knocks down and destroys strawman after strawman. From the obvious evil overlords, fanatics and naive simpletons he has on his show to the women obsessed with gospip magazines to bigfoot its the politcal equivalent of laughing at the contestants on xfactor. Nothing is lost or gained from easy victories like this, its just the writer spinning his wheels. Its less a tv show than a cult of personality and worst of all i'll probably keep watching it.
  12. The Tony Stark spring loaded extendo bow made my eyes role a bit but it was in a loving parent seeing their teenage child trying to rap kind of way. Just glad theres another thief on its way
  13. Id never seen the original tv teaser the guy linked to in the description before, so just for comparison
  14. Cheers and yeah it is a tough game to capture from even at the best of times, plus if you're holding a weapon then the UI is constantly on with its huge crosshair of two vertical lines in the middle of the screen so in order to remove them, the "turn your head sideways" key needs to be pressed the whole time - thats why the players body is always at an angle in those shots. And @ Morrius I was kind of trying for one of those naturalistic "In country" photos soldiers snap while on the march. I wasn't really trying to show emphasis or call attention to the clarity of any one specific thing, just the contours of the landscape with the soldiers marching down the middle. Like a shitter version of that. I'll have another crack at it sometime when Ive got the game figured out more for screenshots as it can be incredibly atmospheric at times.
  15. Looks much better and none of the "previously on" stuff aswell.
  16. So it IS down to taste then, i.e. it's subjective, yes? I like looking at this thread, and while I don't particularly care for everything that gets posted I admire the effort people put in to presenting these things. I'm not about to passive aggressively scorn the posts I dont like with no input other than negging. Whats wrong with the odd shot of lorry inbetween the Ferraris and Lamborghinis anyway, If for nothing but simple verity .
  17. Exactly. Its a question of somebodys taste. All the screens on this page are most likely rendered at high detail, uncompressed and at a respectable resolution, but its not like all games are created equal. i'll freely admit that the Unsung mod I was capturing from isnt exactly Crysis and in motion it chunters pretty hard, but I thought it looked well enough for a few quick snaps in its current form. Folk should be encouraged to do so otherwise you just get the same titles over and over. (no disrespect to the Niki Laudas here )
  18. Is someone negging posts of games they dont like? Guy up top got hit for his fun with lorries game and now me. Rllmuk
  19. Good shout! Thoroughly enjoyed that! It was like a warm hearted version of Rollerball "Banzai motherfucker!"
  20. Arma 2 - Vietnam Unsung Mod Click for fullsize Just larking about with the editor. Fun fun fun
  21. I know this is a confession thread, but a line has to be drawn here
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