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  1. Huffington post reviewed this as "more of the same". Thats either a good or a bad thing I suppose but personally I found the last season a huge cop out considering how much they changed and ultimately was enough for me to not want anymore. It seams less and less about themes and more about plot "stuff" unfolding. Honestly it never really got over Henry Rollins not being in it anymore. Oh?! Thats an...interesting choice!
  2. Sorry, citation needed I guess http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2012/09/07/mark-of-the-ninja-and-the-business-of-stealth-how-klei-entertainment-set-out-to-make-the-perfect-stealth-game/4/ No release date but soon i'm hoping
  3. There's word that the team are hard at work with a pc version which im definitely getting. Giant Bombs quick look pretty much won me over - got me thinking that this plays like a perfect platformer version of Chaos Theory somewhat - and for those who hate the look of the upcoming Spinter Cell, this looks like it's got everything you'd want
  4. That keyboard layout...how hasn't that been a thing with the consoles? Its so elegant! <3
  5. Enjoying this Counted three folk from Teachers aswell
  6. Aye Edinburghs one isnt bad atall. Saves a trip to Glasgow everytime something decent gets shown thats for sure.
  7. These last few have certainly made for less than essential viewing honestly. I'll still keep watching but yeah, hmm.
  8. Thank you for Top Gun, sir Terrible news. RIP
  9. I thought Mila Kunasis work pals were terrifying. "hes still a car salesman? Its been 4 years gurrrl." Who talks like that? Like alot here, I found It about as enjoyable as your average episode of Family guy. Really doesn't warrant anything further to say about it honestly. The party was spectacular though.
  10. Tom Selleck versus killer spider robots, aye? I think Community mentioned that in one their episodes
  11. I recon things like the Arma series were made for something like this. John Carmack and the rift creator seam really enthusiastic that a more consumer friendly version will be available as early as next year aswell. Honestly cant wait. It'll be good not just for cutting edge games but also it'll make revisiting older games a really unique and tempting thing. Imagine Hollywood Holocaust from Duke 3d in VR or freekin Redneck Rampage, or Doom 1 for that matter. Sure these games were never 3d anyway but for the sheer field of view that wraps around you, it would be like playing them all anew
  12. The guys still taking money on his kickstarter by the way. 300 bucks get you one with a copy of doom bfg Im seriously tempted! The guys shooting for December this year to ship them all. Get one for Christmas!
  13. New ep! This is the best show on tv.
  14. I lightened up on her when I saw her in Goon Shes fucking atrocious in this mind but the same could probably be said for everything in this.
  15. Aye I thought Chronicle was rather excellent. One of the best films I saw last year and by last year, I obviously meant February. Fuck.
  16. I think this was when I started actively hating this. All the previously cutesy characters now all running around, almost excitedly telling everyone that "shes been shot - IN THE HEAD" like in the the best/worst tabloid journalist fashion ever. Its supposed to be a reaction of heartfelt sorrow and surprise but just comes off as cynical opportunity. The tone turns super serious when just before it was buffoonish and ditsy, Coldplay starts mashing his keyboards and everyone's earnest to report the news, motherfucker. Aaron Sorkin makes sure to include enough shots of pissed off corporate dick heads in suits frowning at Jeff Daniels. Then where does The Newsroom direct the audiences emotions to? Is it of the tragedy itself? Is it the tragedy and the bureaucracy of reporting the news? I think that's what it was trying to do, but all it amounted to was an opportunity to say "we were right, you were wrong, so there". Its childish and boresome and kind of disrespectful to the whole scenario its painting. Cant seam to find it on YouTube but remember a similar scene from West Wing where the president of Kundu is informed he cant go back to his country since a state of civil war has broken out? Its the same type of setup but one thats far more efficient at keeping the tragedy at the forfront of whats happening, and alongside is the plot device and motivations for characters to respond to but its so excellently woven in there it never feels manipulated for that single purpose. Its far and above what Sorkin is doing nowerdays, an obvious sign that he needs someone else to reign him in.
  17. Hurray a proper non fake versions doing the rounds.
  18. Was that the Miami ep? If so then aye, agree. Generally though, I've loved his story telling more than his jokes this season. That said, I cracked up at his daughters Gorilla joke
  19. Yeah im at a complete loss. It aired 10:30pm over there
  20. Im scratching my head here. It aired, Louie CK's twitter, wikipedia article, plus the random "omg that was amaze" chatter from Neogaf all confirmed it. Plus online reviews of it are out already but it doesn't seam to be...about..anywhere
  21. and I thought I was the only one!
  22. another triffic episode! Also
  23. Its hard not to love it for that
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