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  1. I've only just realised that Yoren from Game of thrones is also the Orgazoid
  2. Ive been having a bit of an 80s film splurge of late. Only just caught Tom Cruises break out film, Risky Business for the first time yesterday. Pretty unfortunate that its only mark left on popular culture is the bit with him skiting about without his trousers on, as there's a really good film in there aswell. Plus a rather great Tangerine Dream soundtrack. I may be wrong but was this used in one of the quieter scenes in Drive? Something very similar if not. And from a rather bizarre if interesting film, The Bounty. Soundtrack by Vangelis One of my faves by him And also a rather melancholic faux 80s track thats been on my playlist of late. http://youtu.be/YutNQwMDogo
  3. I'm at a loss with this now, not because there was anything perticularly wrong with what happened in the latest epidode but I cant see how they're going to spin this out for another 3 episodes. It's just a question of who makes it and who doesn't now and I can't say if I really care
  4. In so much that you will never see an early review for these big games with less than 8/10. Ever.
  5. This season has been friggen amazing. Fucking hell what a rollercoaster the latest was. It had everything. Cant believe this is the same show now honestly. From what was the utter grind that came before it, wow. Fucking wow. Best episode so far? Very well maybe. edit please spoiler any chat about the teaser for the next ep. I've given up watching those.
  6. I never thought i'd say this but I think i've had enough of Buscemi. That whole character and juggling his family with his business storyline has just run out of steam for me, nay, its fallen completely flat on its arse now. My only hope is they all get shot in the head quick smart so we can move on already from the part neighbours episode treatment of the prohibition era .Its already more interesting watching the surrounding characters at play, lets get some proper human drama play out. Or they need to give Harrow a mini series.
  7. I honestly wouldn't expect them to unfortunately. Most of these guys are just small producers with bandcamp profiles/itunes accounts, but never say never
  8. Glad folk are liking some of the tunes I posted on the previous page. Theres just so many to choose from, they all just stink of the 1980s they're hard not to love Heres a few more of my faves Id hoped to find the version with clips of The Hidden but this Predator ones still pretty smart Glad And on that note, check this vid some fan made up for one of the signature tracks. Its pretty bloody good http://youtu.be/SRQY9UAIqgU
  9. I adore this thread. Been keeping me in good music for hours now. Ive been listening to alot of modern synthesized music lately. Not too sure what genre you'd call it but music from the Rosa Corsa label aswell as similar stuff. Usually done with a deep sense of nostalgia and melancholica for the pop culture of the 1980s and other stuff. Think music from the movie Drive, Kavinsky type stuff. Try these and see what you think http://youtu.be/o3fboc04oZQ Put these on, loud, and try not to grimace with pure pleasure or something
  10. yeah I agree actually. Armstrong came off as a bullys subordinate more than anything. He knew he was in a safe environment with Hislop already laying into him so heavily and the audience apparently laughing along with it, so felt like he could safely give Black a quick kicking during almost every question. Victoria Coren and Paul Merton rescued it though edit aye womblingfree edit anyone who wants to see properly funny jibes at people on the show, the episode where Angus Deaton shows up after his face has been on the front of every tabloid newspaper still holds up incredibly well.
  11. Conrad Blacks full interview with Paxman is pretty awesome actually
  12. Dang I see what you mean.Not even 10 minutes in and the show nearly hit a break wall thanks to all that.
  13. Cheers. tuned it, tuned out. Good larks but what a horrid game. Oh well. We still got battlefield
  14. boomeh

    The Valve Thread

    That was unbelievably good
  15. rewatching this on iplayer. That abu hamza being flown to new york "joke"...fuck sake, well done who ever wrote that particular gem.
  16. I get what you're saying, Crispin. Its a character trait usually reserved for more pulpy, over the top adaptations of gangsters and I agree that it clashes with the grounding the show usually excels at. I'm not saying someone wouldn't set someone of fire over some perceived slight in that line of work and in that situation but thats all that characters been about so far that its starting to feel a little gratuitous. Great episode overall though. If I could offer one final criticism is that they really need to tie Margaret's storyline into the main plotlines more than they're doing because at the moment all that stuff at the hospital is just hanging there, seemingly just for something for her to do. I think the intention is for her to slowly sabotage Nuckys public image and for her to have something to rebel against since her marriage stinks but its all a bit meaningless at the moment.
  17. boomeh

    Dredd 3D

    Ha and I thought I was doing well with three. The cinema was so empty the second time, I went back the next day with a full curry. Naan bread and everything
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