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  1. Sky captain knows the score. A boring, convoluted mess. It didn't even look all that good. Hundreds of extras, swathes of soldiers having a big bloody fight, all of it seamed wasted on old Ridley. Desturated colour when it was blatantly the middle of the day, poor camera work, dodgy editing and just soooo boring! Long way from stuff like The Duelists or Gladiator now I recon.
  2. Why do we have to watch someone watching someone esle shooting some unlucky fanny all the time? its just so melodramatic. Slow motion, poniant music, isnt the fact that a guy just got shot while running away (and on fire) enough of emotional pang without the need of singling it out with all this post production crap? Theres nothing of what made Band of Brothers/saving private ryan so involving. Id be pushed to say the way every battle insists on having sad bastard music over everything, absolutely ruins any tension or momentary terror you're supposed to be feeling. Aye totally. Why they feel the need of recapping each episodes events after the vets have just explained whats been happening - along with that exelent footage, I really dont know. I just skip the intro now. nearly bloody 5 minutes long!
  3. To me, episode 5 is where this series should have started. First proper segment in my opinion. Also I swear that was Spears on the boat when hingme looks to the back. The dude who grins?
  4. That was like, almost completly awfull. I dont care if its 100 percent historically accurate, its just horrendous story telling.
  5. And the "Previously on The Pacific" bit. In gods name why? You just had n exelent bit from the vets talking about it with some exelent black and white footage and Tom Hanks's usual narration.. Its like you're telling me the same information twice. Episode 2 is much better though. Had me thinking they could have made it the first episode and lost absolutely nothing in the story telling tbh. It still suffers from too much of a contemplative mood, with the all too intrusive music and way too much reverential dialog in place of a more realisitc tone, but the episode is well put together. Mostly. Death from Bill and Ted as the commander Also the bad guy in Die Hard 2
  6. Kids on tv. It shouldnt be allowed tbh.
  7. You know the short amount of dialog BobaFett has in that movie? "Hes no good to me dead..."? They got that fucker who played bobafett in the prequals to rerecord that line in his horrendoues and quite clearly Australian accent. Presumably to tie in the lineage that’s hinted at on the clone wars movie, but why bother quite honestly. Plus it’s horrendous. Thank Christ they didn’t stoop to dubbing over James Earl Jones's voice with a raspy Hayden Christensen. FU Lucas! I bet you thought about it! They cut 'round the edges of scenes, snipping off or cutting short little things, to speed stuff along, they replace sound effects with more up to date wizardry and splice in super smooth 3d goings on in nearly every scene. I hated some of Cloud city.
  8. The BBC made documentary on The Iranian Embasy Siege is really worth checking out. Umpteen docs made on this since and pretty much all of them play it out like the real life version of Die Hard, and athough this one isnt so differnt, this was the first time some of the people involved talk candidly about it. The amount of information on display, the interviews, alongside the dark and forboding reconstruction footage really hit home. The direction is superb and some of the footage is amazing. Also One Day in September, the doc about the Munich massacre is worth checking out. edit 102 minutes that changed the world is insanly powerfull aswell. It takes the incident on september 11 2001 and plays it out in real time, combining footage from all differnt perspectives. Its very powerfull. Utterly heart rending
  9. Been making my way though the first season again. Put pretty much the entire day aside for it. The episode were Donna's killed is almost unbearable to watch now - knowing exactly how the fallout from the incident plays out makes it even more of a standout episode imo. Watching just how reckless Stahl plays with Opi's situation makes you wonder why he totally didnt end up just shooting her in the chest when he had the chance. Great tv. Music was awesome aswell
  10. I need to watch that stuff again actually..
  11. *approves of this thread* Alien Lovely jubley Chronicles of Riddick
  12. Have to say I didnt enjoy it much really Lot of bike action, and some good stuff with the nazi and his kid but after the last episode of posturing and fights being broken up, I was up for a more confrontational finale, rather than a whole load of new threads popping up for the next season. The stuff thats been building up since the begining is treated with a kind of secondry importance. Really did think they were going to wrap it all up with this episode aswell. Ach, im off to watch the first season again.
  13. Oh god dammit. But seriously thats a hell of alot of averts :/ Is that normal for over there?
  14. Apparantly the last episode is going to be a 90 minute special! Hope theres a 3rd season.
  15. Episode 11 by the way. What absolutely brilliant tv
  16. Yeah it was enough for me to walk out. A few funny moments wasnt enough to hold me from twiddling my thumbs for most of it.
  17. Just Keep nodding and smiling. Nodding and smiling like Gaddafi's psychoanalyst.
  18. Terminator. Nothing like it. Desolate waste land except for the blackened shells of buildings and charred remains of skulls and bones. And then to zoom out back to our time, into a dark and dingy alley without any kind of explanation other than a rather crypitic message of doom - Totally hooked. Left so much answered and so much to get through. Then arnie kills everyone.
  19. Holy fuck, this is actually an amazing film. Like actually properly brilliant actually The amount of venom in the nearly everything this film sets out to do is absolutely staggering. Its filmed astonishingly well (excellent move to have Peter Jackson as the creative force behind the scenes but also get someone who knows how to frame everything correctly on board) I love how it shifts from starting out quite interesting but quite withdrawn, addressing the premise with a certain degree of apathy or same old same old, with everything being done in fake news footage and people being interviewed about their recollections, but then it shifts and with that shift comes a flood of emotion. Without spoiling anything (and I mean anything - don't read anything approaching spoilers - just go see it) once we get to grips with the setting it twists the knife and the whole thing shifts into a terrifying nightmare - but then it just goes full tilt into the land of fucking awesome. With some scenes I was compelled to stand up from my seat and shout "fuck yeah!" - damn I wanted to rent out a whole cinema just to myself for this Especially when everyone else is sitting in a stoney silence. FFS I think I might go see it again, and in retrospect I said Inglorious Basterds was quite enjoyable - I was being fucking generous. Haven't seen a proper film like District 9 in a hell of a long time. A properly brilliant science fiction film aswell. To paraphrase Consolevania, its a turning cartwheels around the room, pulling off your trousers, swinging them around your head, whipping each other with belts, screaming with excitement, blood all up the walls kind of film. The only thing im worried about was see if I came to rewatch it a week, a month down the line - knowing what I know now will I still have the same enthusiasm for it? I certainly fucking hope so. Right, spoilers
  20. It really is all about him - be it about a race issue he brings up or going on and on about Alien 3 being unintelligible becuase its got people from Britain in it, its always seams to come off as self indulgent ballocks on his part. He really wanted to go into the fanbase he'd collected aswell untill shawn mini exploded and changed the subject to games. Oh god yeah. It was right at the begining aswell, it felt like all the enthusiasm id built up on seeing there was new podcast to begin with just drained out of me. Good times
  21. Anyone heard the latest Out of the game podcast? His near endless spiel on 24 actually got me a bit angry. President Palmer got the US into the idea of Obama as president? Fuck sake Few good moments where shawn calls him on it, but jesus god
  22. I think im regressing to my 12 year old self with this thread. Just seeing all these painted models really reignited something in me again. Even searched out my old box of stuff with all those half painted models bought at great expense all those years ago. Couldn't be bothered playing the games - and tbh, even back then I couldn't be bothered, but the whole spectacle of it really got me going. Id really like to make a set piece or something. Like a table top recreation of something awesome - like Omaha Beach but with Imperial Guard as the allies and Chaos Marines as the nazis or something . Creating all the terrain of the battle ground in painstaking detail, going over every little detail, from bullet strikes on the buildings, the spent cartridges lying on the ground and all the different poses of each guy in one snap shot of this massive battle with some people dead, dying, trying to surrender, people shooting, running what ever. Would take probably years to do properly but heck, would be so worth it. I've got no confidence with doing something like that right away though but id love to put some effort into painting a single figure to begin with. Can anyone recommend something that might be good to start with? Also all the different paint colours and paintbrushes I'll need - I've completely forgotten all of that!
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