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    Dat Manhunter speech Game of Thrones better get its shit together because this is quickly gaining traction as my go to show.
  2. I'm not really enjoying this all of a sudden Genuine question but does anyone else feel like these last 2 episodes have felt noticeably over directed? Theres something about the way its captured on film that I've found quite off putting. Where once two people speaking was still and intimate, the last episode for example had the camera start slightly behind one person and then gradually pan to the side to reveal more of the face of the second person. It was a noticeable quirk and something ive been noticing alot so far. An establishing shot of a forest, a crane shot leading down the surface of a tree in the foreground to the scene taking place below, its stuff like that thats trying a bit too hard to appear natural rather than awkward. Game of Thrones is like my favourite thing and i honestly don't know why im being so bothered by what can only be termed as knit picking and i know how inconsequential it sounds, so if it is just me please let me know whats wrong with me as honestly i don't quite know how to explain it. The way its been put together - despite its grander, larger scale, feels quite underwhelming because of this over cooked feeling i've been getting. There was a bit where two characters walk down a corridor approaching a turn - its filmed in a crane shot going down to their feet as they walk closer to the turn, the cut is them emerging from round the bend, with a crane shot going up to reveal the next room. Down then up. Theres a stink of a bbc drama to it all of a sudden. I had read the first few chapters from each character from Storm of Swords before deciding to watch the tv series before hand and so far everything i've seen i've felt unable to conjure much excitement over.
  3. I cant belive its the last one next week. Im not ready to let this go yet! Wasnt there some chat about a potential Rome spin off?
  4. Quite glad its over now - it was clearly struggling to keep things fresh right up to the end. I'll tune in for the next one but sheesh, they had barely enough content to make it to 16 episodes there. The bombastic and captivating way the season started, its weird to think the last few episodes were part of the same story.
  5. Yeah that was wonderful, wasn't it?. Really powerful acting and storytelling. A slow burner of an episode but so good for it. More of that please.
  6. I want this to be on again. Fuck this awesome, slightly extended trailer countdown lark!
  7. Bullets over Broadway is one Woody Allen film I actually like. Set in the 20s with John Cusack as a struggling playwright trying to get a play off the ground, he and his crew have to go along with a local gangsters insistence that he cast his girlfriend to play the lead - who obviously cant act for shit. Worth checking
  8. This has been a lovely wee page, cheers to everyone
  9. That was a wee slice of wonderful there.Really liked the whole structure you've got going, plus each segment was really enjoyable. On another note, I need that Sword and Sworcery game in my life!
  10. Oh! Was that Sulaco scene only in the special edition? Yeah I loved that stillness and all. Along with that wee perpetual motion office toy thing you see sitting on the table as the camera pans across My memory is obviously shot, I totally need to see both versions again soon
  11. Aye you're probably correct in that. And like you said, all the new footage is directed and edited together so well, you could easily say its simply more Aliens, it adds further dimension and tension, be happy! I actually cant truly remember the last time I saw the normal version cut so Monday will be extra interesting.
  12. The scene from the special edition that I thought added well to the overall film was Ripley sitting in that computer generated park when she was still awaiting to hear news from her daughter. Its been a while since ive seen it but I remember thinking it sat well with the bond she developed later with Newt over the course of the film. Also im in agreement over the turret section, in that it did seam mostly unneeded. Also the fact it looked obvious that they didn't have enough new footage to make use of in order to do what they wanted to do with it properly. Im pretty sure thats the same alien that gets blown apart everytime the guns fire, its just the specific time frame that changes but its obvious its the same 2-3 second clip - and its taken from a scene we've already seen - that of the first encounter when Vasquez accidentally ends Drake. Im going to see Rabs review of Colonial Marines on Monday night and after that we're going to watch a 70mm print of the original theatrical version and on top of everything else im really glad its that specific version i'll be seeing.
  13. +1'd you before I even finishing that post. Good one edit @ Insideoutboy
  14. yeah was really looking forward to sitting down this morning to some killamajig action and all but sadly was not to be
  15. Not too shabby, acidbearboy! Thanks for taking the trouble
  16. Im almost sure this has been posted before but the reason for the repost is to ask if anyone could recomend anything similar to that type of sound. Im sort of in love with it, but dont want to wear out the one track too quickly! Cheers!
  17. This might be a good time to post this actually. Its an everything mod for Avp2000. Re textured, sounds re sampled to buggery. And you can play it at what ever resolution your monitor can handle. Its rather fucking awesome. Until that guy working on that Cryengine mod makes something playable, you could do worse http://www.moddb.com...r-classic-redux Be sure to check the addons aswell listed on the same page.
  18. boomeh

    Dredd 3D

    Ive only got one of them so far. The Auction with the insignia only ended Friday, but im dead chuffed so far. Dead Dreddy I'll find my camera lead and post a pic up later
  19. boomeh

    Dredd 3D

    I think this film has rendered me partially mental. See the Auction on Ebay just now? Picked up a few things This unlucky chap, bought his jacket for more than I care to remember. Part of the back is blown out by gun fire, so its got half the insignia with "Mega city one" at the bottom And Mexican Robert Downey Jr/The Judged guy running away and getting shot, his jacket came yesterday. Proper geekazoid stuff - a wee certificate of authenticity came with it aswell
  20. I really like how the crossing the umbilical scene looked. Im sure I heard something about Syd Mead being involved somewhere in the production and the architecture certainly rings true to the style hes known for. Infact I really wished they would have left out the need for it being for the sake of drama and have it blow up and decompress. Just so we could better take in that lovely silence and look of everything a bit longer. Maybe have it that the oxygen in the tunnel is compromised in someway so your guy could have a breathing apparatus on - so we could get the full claustrophobic breathing noise with the scene aswell. Make it really feel like this I just wish the marine chatter i've heard so far, "ooh its slippery", was a little less shite. I think its one of those "horror" games where you'l never be given a quiet moment to yourself. If something isnt jumping out at you, you're running, jumping and falling with things forever exploding around you. Just a shame is all. Ive put my pre-order in but at the same time I know its probably against my better judgment. Its the franchise thats made me as none of the videos so far have inspired much hope atall. id go so far to say that everything I saw in those demos that was good was pretty much strangled to death by every other design decision around it, to the point I was getting annoyed at nothing atall. "ohh the rains coming down too fast, whys the shotgun fire so fast, plus it look like a call of duty DLC, ooh that guy in the distance waiting for me to get walk up to him is a obvious event trigger, ooh why does the pulse rifle only have 40 rounds, oh why cant you toggle the smart gun screen on and off. I'll freely admit most of that isnt valid criticism what so ever, but the game just puts me in that mood, i cant explain it. Also maybe its just be the way the video was captured but the whole colour scheme looks really over saturated in parts. Compare this older, less colourised looking screen from years back to what we have today.
  21. boomeh

    Dredd 3D

    Ooh thtats interesting! my Aussie disk hasnt been shipped yet, I could swap it up again if theres better transfers out there.
  22. Thanks for the heads up, Musashi. Been meaning to see that.
  23. boomeh

    Dredd 3D

    Thats a far better trailer than we got. Id be along to the cinema in a jiffy on the strength of that.
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