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  1. Ha - "the yarred version". I like that Just put in my steam pre-order. Can't wait, but aye a mate who's also been playing with it has been saying it runs silky smooth. Granted he hasn't been able to run it on full but his computers not exactly new, so I'm no worrying too much.
  2. I'm hearing exactly the opposite. Where's your apparently originate from?
  3. It's odd to think when Ridley Scott shot Alien, there was nothing to think about other than trying to create the best film possible with what resources he was given.Now if he decides to come back to it after all this time, even if he's on top form, it's now a massive franchise with probably a ton of interested parties craning over what he's doing now. The closed set idea of making his own little universe of props and models is simply impossible now. Considering he was there at the beginning, it's dammed shame the film business is what it is now. Also the fact that Ridley really doesn't know how to make films anymore.
  4. Ooh I like the look of aliens. Looks great and it's still in keeping with a sufficient amount of film grain. Bring that on
  5. Its like the Borne films but where you can actually see whats going on. Seriously I cannot praise the camera work and direction enough. I hope they get this guy to do what ever horrendous Bond film comes next as im sure what ever daft story the writers can concoct wont take anything away from how utterly awesome the finished product will be. Like Angelina's still lovely self, the narrative's tight as anything, and everything the film throws at you is presented effortlessly as the stories events twist and turns. Its actually genuinly uplifting when a straight foward spy thriller (like this quite obviously is) can be this engaging. edit Oh fuck, same director as Patriot Games
  6. Its on gog for 5 bucks or something similar
  7. I just want to say I love this thread Oh and and a Paths of Glory HD transfer would be loveleh
  8. That review Elmo wrote up was spot on - especially the part with how in the early levels, you're having to shoot down the lengh of an entire street in order to hit most of your targets - all the while you're contending with nothing but shitty pistols and submachine guns that hit fuck all. Any cheats? or trainers, mods or hacks or something where you can get your hands on that light machine gun near the end of the game? Something like that would suit these early levels so much more. Im finding it somewhat tedious having to empty most of a clip at just one guy at a time on the off chance a few of my measly bullets are enough to kill him. Having said that, this is me replaying it now, so it must have some allure to it all.
  9. Saving Private Ryan Once upon a time in the west Highlander Ninja Terminator
  10. :lol: Oh my, that was awesome
  11. Sorry, I thought this was an anouncment of some sort of super mod for the original flashpoint, not an add on for that monstrosity of a follow up. I got it for free and still felt cheated.
  12. For an episode of only 20 minutes, that was terrific. Honestly so.
  13. As something that was supposed to make me laugh, and considering how good last weeks episode was, that was bloody awfull. Nope, dont think I even cracked a smile.
  14. The scene where you see Dr Manhattan's back story unfold with that philip glass soundtrack from Koyaanisqatsi. Wow aswell
  15. I certainly hope it doesnt effect his career as he's capaple of making some really good films. Even when they're battshit insane like Braveheart, you cant deny it isnt bloody good entertainment. And Apocalypto. Heck yeah.
  16. I watched From Beyond las night. [yt]HShvj7Y6NGo[/yt] dont watch this
  17. Dang! Well aint that some shit Got to admire the scale Apocalpse Now played to but its mostly bloated waffle. A few extraordinarly, never to be repeated again, definitivly epic moments aside, its not really that engaging as a whole. Its just trying to do too much and just runs out of steam about half way through. Fucking 3 hours aswell. Michael Herr was consulted and did some of the screenplay but to my mind, Full Metal Jacket, his other Vietnam film is far stronger than Apocalypse Now, which is just a really good director going mental with a small countries military budget. Which is nice, but gets old pretty fast. Probably wont see its like ever again, but it is all over the place as a film. The extended Redux version even more so. Anyway, enough bitching. To films I like Barry Lyndon Not exactly something you can ever take for granted is how this film looks. Its quite honestly spell binding from begining to end. You take notice of the simple scenes right away and how everything looks like an oil painting. The scene where they're playing cards and the only light in the scene is the candle light on the table, as Barry Lyndon and the soon to be Lady Lyndon gaze at each other from across the table it's just amazing. Some exelent scenes and Kubricks eye for detail shines through in everything on the screen. The slow zoom out shot of Barry Lyndon as a soldier to the entire marching company as they traverse into enemy fire, all filmed in one shot, thats got to have something of a classic about it? Good music too. Theres an HD rip of it floating around. Try and grab that if you can. My Name is Joe Brutally honest, and thoroughly entertaining. Just simple stories tied together with great acting and brilliantly written charachters. A Clockwork Orange Absolute manic glee of a film. It relishes amorality with all the energy of a kid with a new toy. The thing just wouldnt work without Kubric and Mcdowell though. Custom made for their tallents. The Seventh Seal Id really like to see this again - maybe when im less chilled to the bone about it. Also another one of his films called Wild Strawberries which ive only caught a glipse of but looked astoundingly good. Something about the mans camera work is just so damn involving. Also on another note, Id really like to get into A Space Oddesy, but I honestly find it very difficult film to get through. The pace just kills me, but I do recognise some great stuff on screen. Anyone else find that about this or other films? You can recognise something astounding but for what ever reason the product as a whole just seams impenetrable?
  18. I like you Gorf, you're a good man, but you fail to see that the bottom part of the poster looks too much like a Birdseye potato waffle
  19. What? Oh come on, its totally Sunday afternoon tv material. I see no reason to have it as a classic film just on account of its age and the obvious star tallent on board. Theres nothing about it thats either amazingly good or horrendously bad, its a fair and competant representation of two people going up a river on a boat. Sorry. It may have an interesting backdrop on how ww1 suddenly created large divisions on territory they had to navigate through but its just about a boat trip at the end of the day. Yes they dont like each other to begin with but in pulling together they descover they actually love each other, but again its not really that interesting. Lovely stuff to watch with your gran.
  20. I saw that not so long ago. I thought that was pretty standard stuff really. Straight foward, down the middle ok. Clints fictional film about its production White Hunter Black Heart I felt much was far more interesting and entertaining tbh, but what do I know, I thought Casablanca was pish and all
  21. So many good bits. Christ it had me shouting at the screen it was so good. This
  22. I love how all these wee incidental stories seam to just so slot into place with previous ones you'd nearly forgotten about. Its a very awesome way to tell a story. Like the cigarette with the lipstick in Jessies car and then again at the end there.
  23. Some great wee bits in this one and
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