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  1. Ha! Accidentally just bought that For those of you with 1 click purchasing on your iPhone app, watch out! It loads the "add to wish list" button before it loads "1 click purchase" so the buy button drops into the place of the wish list button if you're impatient and don't wait for page to fully load. So yeah I bought that
  2. Jesus that IS very dangerous! Got half my pay check winging it's way here in the form of bits of plastic and sleeves of paper. Even got the iPhone app too. Click click bang
  3. Ooh, that sounds very dangerous
  4. Yeah I know I'd just hoped shop prices would have changed with the times. Sure when buying stuff online was all new and sparkly, you'd expect to get a few bargins here and there, but nothings changed with regard to shop prices. Why would anyone buy anything from a shop cept for things you need right away? Grumble grumble
  5. Aye but did The Goonies have a pirate threatening another pirate that if they heard one more word in a manner that displeased them, they'd eat their liver for breakfast? edit Confession time. Ive never actually seen the Goonies
  6. This is obvious but it needs repeating. HMV are robbing bastards. High street stores in general take the piss with Blu-ray titles but HMV turns it into an art form. Psycho - 10 quid new on Amazon, 20 quid in HMV Shutter Island - 15 quid new on Amazon - 25 fookin quid in HMV. Same thing with the Spider-Man trilogy - 17 quid new on Amazon - 25 quid in HMV You wonder in the shop because you fancy a film and then wonder out again in disgust. 1tb external harddrive - 50 quid. Done and done
  7. Aye, don't I know it Best thing is either watch it all on youtube :/, download it or buy a vhs copy off of amazon market place/ebay for a stupidly inflated price. See here actually, I want to make more people aware of this hing so much so that I'll actually encourage piracy here (). I've got a copy of the laser disk I can put on a dvd disk. Anyone wanting a copy, give us a bell on PM - no charge, just enough to cover P+P Also id like to add the Bill and Ted movies in that list aswell!
  8. I find alot of supposed kid movies are ones adults select as being so on the simple standard that its got pretty colours and an inoffensive story line. Completely forgetting what they liked as children. Sometimes things like that do fit the bill and im not trying to take anything away from things like Toy Story or the Lion King, but all too often more "adult" films are ignored in place of - well not exactly fluff, but certainly some very good movies kids can watch are forgotten. To my mind, alot of films rated higher than PG still fit in the category of a kids film and if I ever had kids, Id love to take them to see Indiana Jones or Ghostbusters which are technically for more mature audiences, but fuck that tbh. So heres my list on what I think are some great treats kids can enjoy. Treasure Island (1990) Staring Charlton Heston as Long John Silver, a really young Christian Bale as Jim Hawkins, Oliver Reed as Billy Bones and Christopher Lee as the terrifying Blind Pew. Its also got Pete Postlewaite in it Quite possibly one of the darkest, thrilling and genuinely exciting movies ive ever seen. And thats including more recent films. I saw this when I was about 8 or 9, my dad brought it home after his work and we just sat there and watched it. A fully grown man and his young boy. Since then, our copy has become like a family heirloom. (I still keep a vhs player hooked up to my 50 inch plasma for movies like this) On a diet of Pirates of the Caribbean and Muppet treasure island, I think kids are missing out when this quality can exist in the same genre. Its brutal and its harsh and barely a PG, but I'm still transfixed with the same mixture of wonder, excitement and adventure as when I first saw it. Its quite honestly the best adaptation of this great book ive ever seen. I'm struggling on which clip I can show people who haven't seen it so they can get the best overview of it as possible. So heres two. One small scale and one massive Seriously, seek it out, watch it and come back to me and tell me if its not the best dammed kids flick you've ever seen Honourable mentions go to Time Bandits, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones (Dooms a bit too scary mind. I couldn't make it through my first watch), Wall-E, Basil the Great Mouse Detective, The Gene Wilder version of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory and Superman 1 + 2 (although mostly 2) I want to put Star Wars in there aswell, but feel thats a given really
  9. Just popped in to see if people are still bothering with this now. saw the first episode of season 3, but I honestly cant be bothered to keep watching now. Also lol@ the guy getting his face ran over with the truck. So that's that then :/
  10. One of the men sentenced to death in Paths of Glory (the guy who has to be propped up on his stretcher) is Dr Tyrell from Bladerunner
  11. Thanks pal I'll look out for that wee logo thing. Although for the record it would probably be easier but yet so unforgivable just to buy the Robin Hood bundle and avoid the detective work. That movie was terrible. I paid 7 quid to go see that at the cinema >_< Also just ordered Psycho and the pre-order of the masters of cinema version of Metropolis. Glee
  12. Is the updated Gladiator Blu-ray out yet? There seams to be quite a bit of confusion on which ones which. I take it the new one has the cover of Maximus Kneeling with sword and shield aye? :/
  13. Just got through episode 7. What wonderful stuff this is. The soldiers stories seamed to bring a great deal of horror into a war I know mostly only from murky, faded photos. I've been to the Somme and the endless grave yards on a history trip, I've seen many re-enactments and displays in museums but it always seamed too unreal to strike any cords with me. The matter of factly stories Jimmy and the marksman shared were fascinating, and utterly awesome tv. Honestly, the fact this is a prime time, large budget affair, and yet can be so well written, acted, doesn't shy away from sex, violence and all the rest of it just blows my mind.
  14. That was an awesome, awesome post there, gorf
  15. Thanks pal! I know exactly what you mean, I downloaded a 1080p rip of Bladerunner to watch on my computer monitor not so long ago. It was ok i suppose, but im currently watching it again on my plasma, and i just cant stop kicking myself I did it such a disservice. The depth and detailed black levels (and size of screen obviously) makes me seriously consider how I could ever enjoy watching anything on LCD technology ever again. Seriously, thanks for all your guidance in this. I had a wee peek at some rips of the aliens movies and I can say you've got some spectucular viewing ahead of you Also ironman 2s out tomorrow
  16. Ah so, thanks anyway by the way Gorf, love my new telly
  17. Might be a bit low brow considering some of the other examples already posted but I always thought the intro to The Terminator was truly something special. The nightmarish image of dozens of human skulls being crushed under the wheels of big killbot bulldozers, the skeletonised reminants of cities long gone, the bleak and endless night. And then that small amount of text laying this furure out at your feet - all the while that synth soundtrack is wrapping around you, just waiting to burst into action with those iconic thundering notes. Also "that sumbitch took my pants!" :lol:
  18. Thanks pal I see no option on the ps3 to change the resolution of the program being watched - just simply the play/pause feature. The article seams to imply they've improved the standard definition of programs to make them full screen and "almost broadcast quality" which isn't quite the same thing as their HD content but hey ho
  19. Quick question regarding the ps3 if I could See the iplayer feature, I can't work out how it view the program in HD. Is that feature locked out on the ps3 version because I know for a fact there's been programs I can watch in higher Rez on the pc? Cheers Oh aye, and here's an annoying thing. Tried to watch Transformers on the 360 HD-DVD add-on via hdmi, but it keeps losing the conection (handshake?) and then finding it again. Every 2-3 minutes this happens and it's bloody annoying. Has anyone managed to find a work around besides giving up and buying the flipping thing on blu-ray? Cheers again
  20. "Gimmie my fucking change!" :lol:
  21. Its just a shame the UK cover for the 4 films is a shitty cgi alien with a bit of lens flair. I mean ffs.
  22. Is it wrong to get a multiregion player just becuase the criteron covers are so spiffy?
  23. Holy hell Can we buy that? Please be a multiregion!
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