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  1. Ach my inner twat is having a say here regarding my new blu-ray player I blame gorf. Even though he went and bought one and all. But he and a few other avforum reviews have been saying the sounds a bit sharp and not as dynamic as it should be and the visuals aren't as good as the ps3. Tested it on the one region a title I have, swapping it between the ps3 and the tesco (we accidentally bought it so we bought a region b shortly after) and yeah it is quite noticeable. Sort of. It's behind enemy lines so it's not exactly the best use of blu-ray but it sounds alot more enjoyable on the ps3. Should I send it back and plump for the BDP-S370? It's double the price of the tesco one but it's reviews seem to suggest it's worth it. Multi region too I believe. Or should I just stfu? Edit Actually it's not multi region, and you'd have to import it Halp!
  2. Just brought back that tescos own Blu-ray player, and after a bit of tinkering and fiddling about with it (in the style of entering a cheat code into mortal kombat back in the old megadrive days), the thing magically became multi-region Looking to get all that lovely Criteron stuff now. I am excite. Twilight Zone Season 1 I hear is flipping unreal for a show made back in the late 50s/early 60s. I see The Third Man release through Criteron is going for 80 bloody quid on amazon market place though :/ That's a bit of a downer. But seriously folks, what's recommended?
  3. I'm my mind at least, the use of the word "dark" in the early previews implied a more serious overall tone, ipso-facto meaning there would be less to do with cartoon animals pratting about. In other news, I ended up buying the dvds with the theatrical versions on them. On one level, they're seriously annoying - a transfer from a laser disk, when you've got the HD versions on a harddrive is extreamly difficult to tollerate, but it made me realise just how much I love this shit. With the HD versions, complete with added bullshit all over the place, you've got your blinkers on for half of it. Disgusted that Boba fettt talks like Crocadile Dundee now and seemingly the arrival of the empire doesn't do much to persuade most of cloud citys commuters to take the day off, you're not really paying attention for half of it. It's still starwars but it's compromised and watching the originals, even if it's only slightly better than VHS quality, I found to be such a satisfying watch, I'd be inclined to skip the upcoming blu-ray release altogether. I won't like, but y'know
  4. That bit at the end in the lift where jeff quietly taunts Mark while his boss is standing on bemused was fucking brilliance. In any other age other than modern, it would have been perfectly fine to just deck the cunt. Peep show does that well. Without wearing the wank hat too firmly i do like how it rolls primal urges into the uniquely british incapicity to do anything about it.
  5. I've been starting to watch the first season again and fuck me, I forget its so good! Marks friendly but flirty "Swastika Love" cartoon :lol: I don't know what's worse, the fact I can totally identify with marks idiotic way of thinking or the fact i've done extremely similar things in the name of edginess or hipness or fuck knows what.
  6. That bit was actually brilliant in the English dubbed version "EGGS" "HUH!?" "EGGS" *Rolly eyes before bringing over about 10 bowls of soup for him*
  7. +1 sir, but I'm using the mobile version of the forum so it'll be in spirit only I'm afraid
  8. So it's just me who thought Battle Royal was just a bunch of arse then? The end "RUN!" Fuck off I refuse to believe the same forum that taught me the ways of so many awesome films come down on this stuff so positively. Yeah I know I too will watch literally anything if it's in HD but jeezo folks.
  9. Aww dude! You need to frap that shit up or something!
  10. I downloaded the first episode of Breaking Bad season 1 on Blu-ray just now. Its Us Import only - fuck me, this is maybe worth looking at a multi region player now. The PQ is astounding! Any ideas on what would be the cheapest? Thanks
  11. I've just sat down to it and holy shit, this looks fun! Also it's the wee Asian kid from temple of doom - in ANOTHER film!
  12. Aye, it's the polar opposite of things like Mad Men, where I ended up giving up on it once I'd finished the DVDs and had to do only with 1 ep a week. Boardwalk empires pacing feels much more in tune with an episodic format, I'm always left thinking about each episode I watch days afterwards. Glad it's getting a second season
  13. I'm still surprised at Having said all that, I did enjoy that episode.
  14. Anyone had a go with the Sharpe Blu-Ray release? I still remember the first release on DVD and this is one hell of an upgrade 30 quid for the entire set on amazon too
  15. id bet there's not even one 360 console out there that's 5 years old and still works. The things are like replicants
  16. Eeesh that seams like alot of hurt to go through just for 45 minutes of decent telly.
  17. Can I skip to end with this season then aye? I saw the first ep and I'd like to see this totally amazing finale you're all going about. Skim read the orish stuff with jax looking for his kid and all but I honestly wouldn't want to see 8 episodes of it :/
  18. I think it's fair to say most of the main charchters are people who've survived so far and know the perils of getting bit. Take the father and son from the first ep who had rick restrained and asking him how he was bleeding from his arm. Also, anyone else think the way the shows going, it would be great to have a whole episode where we follow Merle off the roof? That would be awesome. seriously he's the most watchable charachter so far Also
  19. Aye, the show seams to be filled full of extremely bad writing. I still can't forget that wee speach Rick gives infront of everyone when they need to cut a zombie up. It was so fucking ham fisted and out of fucking nowhere, it just came through as drivel rather than something heart felt. In the latest episode where the sister cradles her dying sister, how much better would it have been if she was denied that solace and dragged off for one the group to finish her off before she turns.
  20. Episode 4 On a side note, I'm not too sure the series should really try and accommodate a 45 minute episode format too much, by which I mean trying to make each segment be all inclusive, to have an obvious beginning, middle and end, but it does seam to like taking its time and I do love it for that. Just wish it could be a bit more like the wire in terms of pace though. Also comic to tv difference
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