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  1. Ach I fancied another shot of this on iplayer. Is it not playing for anyone else aye? edit Ah its just the mobile version thats knackered. Peaches and Cream! Peaches and Cream!Peaches and Cream! :lol:
  2. The perils of amazon Market place. Bought a us import of American psycho, region a blu-ray. Arrived a couple of days ago, in a fucking Blockbusters box with the dodgy photocopy of the front cover. Same shit with the disc. He's just burnt a copy and got a label maker, to print out a picture. And see I wouldn't have minded all that but the discs completely knackered. Can't even get to the menu. Crock of shite. Now I know why it was only 7 quid. Tested it with 2 different players too
  3. Last nights show wasn't...brilliant unfortunately. Deedee was amazing though. The panic at the hair dressers
  4. I was quite willing to give this a go - new rezi, 3D without specs, I could already invision the scenario of playing it under my bed sheets at 2 in the morning, but you know that reaction you have all of a sudden? Kind of like an acid reflux but in this case my "FUCK OFF!!" reaction to the pricing overrode all my other sences. Plus no new rezi title at launch. Mercs doesn't count.
  5. Is the version of Robocop in the thilogy release a better print than the earlier version they released on its own? Cause i'll buy that shit again. With two crap films attached. Just say the word. edit also I cant belive you saw it in the cinema, you lucky bam edit reviews say its the same one. nay mind
  6. Skeletor - Masters of the Universe Shredder - Teenage mutant ninja turtles When hes fighting the turtles on the roof, its one of the best bits of the entire franchise. The ultimate badass The Terminator - The Terminator I always had a problem seeing arnie as a good guy in t2. It just wasnt why I liked T1 so, so much. Walking past a bouncer and breaking his hand when he tries to stop you - badass. Think you're safe in a cop station full of cops, think again. When I was wee, my fav part of T2 was when arnie was still in killer robot mode, shooting security gaurds in the knees and throwing peoples faces into walls full pelt. Jack Lint - Brazil Hey its Michael Palin! Your pal! Your old school buddy! Also the fella about to brutaly torture you to death. The only thing that worrys him is if he can finish up early on fridays. Bolo - Enter the Dragon Pure terror. All round neck breaker.
  7. Saving Private Ryan Its seams oddly schizophrenic when its tries to have its cake and eat it. From the perspective of my soft human brain, the battle scenes invoke both the horror of the real thing but also the childhood glee of action movies. The same memory that triggers when I watch the end battle at the bridge was oddly enough the countless games I played in my garden as a child. The ones where I gleefully pretended to machine gun my best friend in the face while he did his best "riddled with bullets" acting. Running around with a stick while making retarded sound effects was my summer - Jamie from down the street WAS the Third Reich. Spielberg did this when he was a kid aswell, filming his mates playing at soldiers, designing make shift special effects for explosions and overlaying gun shot sounds, SPR is this wide eyed, constantly excited state, crossed with a hyper realistic and brutal anesthetic and stitched together into a multimillion dollar blockbuster. Ofcourse when I say all this, I'm easily forgetting the bookended parts where old Ryan breaks down at his old comrades grave and also when people don't die immediately and make a bit of a fuss - all that is very much from the serious face, The Word at War part of the movie, but you just cant deny how friggin enjoyable the battles are. I love Spielberg for that special line he can dance across so seamlessly. Pure entertainment crossed with pure drama. So many war movies get the mixtures of these things so wrong aswell, it amazes me how few good ones there are. Take The Thin Red Line as one example. Beautiful cinematography (made even more so by the recent criterion release, listed as one of the top tier reference Blu-rays over on the AVforums for PQ) but the film itself seams determined never to let you get caught up in a scene, always trying to let it unfold like you're just a neutral observer. I know some people here will adore its film making, but its use of voice overs, extending the actions of the soldiers not simply as fighting and dying but parts of an existentialist dream, honestly drew me out of what was happening. Apocalypse Now, again, seamed more concerned with trying to batter itself out of conscious thought by constantly throwing books at you, drowning you in metaphor and references you'll never care about for a film sitting at well over 3 hours. I'm not saying any of that as a negative point on its own, but as a film, those choices and how they were woven in drew me out of what was happening rather then in, so the end result is you're always left out in the cold when something as dramatic like a battle takes place. Imparting a deep notion of honour and respect for the dead, along with portraying the unimaginable horror and pain is a totally responsible thing to do, but what I feel SPR does so excellently is actually make you feel complicit in the nasty bits by making it as exciting and involving as possible, pausing briefly to pull the rug from under your feet with scenes like where Mellish and a German soldier brutaly fight to the death. Countless others. The Blu-ray is absolutely superb, at times its able to give the 2D image a three dimensional effect with its clarity. It retains its film grain but at the same time you can peer past it and take in the depth of field on screen like its taking place in your livingroom. The sound clarity of the DTS HD audio channel doesn't fuck about when something wants to explode in your face. Everything feels electric and utterly mind blowing, keeping your attention in a hyper charged state throughout the proceedings. It's the first time I've seen Saving Private Ryan on my new Oppo BDP 83 Blu-ray player and I feel now I've finally seen it (and heard it) like it was intended. The depth of field and other words of wankery, the near total immersion of the razor edged sound design made this already impressive disk truly sing. To quote Hot Shots! Part Deux, "War. Its faaanTASTIC!"
  8. This is brilliant, nick. Im on part 6 just now and they've only just arrived at the bar edit Ha, that's amazing - the sound of a tie fighter is a slowed down elephant yell and a car driving through a puddle! I love stuff like that!
  9. Just finished it and while im half starved of sleep, I just don't know if i'm adequately able to say if this would be a film worth watching - if it wasnt for Portmans genuinely jaw dropping hotness. Duck feet included. Her performance was amazing but without someone as talented at the centre of it all, the story's quite basic premise (coupled with some quite retarded choices for classic horror cues), I really couldn't say if it would be worth watching. Given that its a movie about a show based entirely on one individual, you'd expect everything to play to that - and while everything about the production was solid, solidly directed, produced, cast, I got the impression none of it would matter a damn if the the main character wasn't as engaging as she was. I'm not explaining it very well, and I probably need to see it again but in all honestly, it was a pretty standard film with an excellent lead performance.* *Prepares to be shot in the head from multiple angles
  10. I can't think of the last time a single episode of anything contained so much undulterated win. Too numerous to name but Chang introducing his charchter "The Magician" had me in fits of laughter. Also "what form do you choose?" "Faaaaaaaaat" :lol:
  11. , I maybe looked into that too much though. I loved the last scene in the final episode. Regarding final episode. SPOILERS! DONT READ!
  12. The debate on the revised terrorism laws was an ever so slightly more serious version of this. Pure car crash
  13. Yeah I was looking at this oppo 83 for about 350 quid. What? Yeah I do realise how daft that is for a slightly better version of the same thing I just bought for 70 quid but hey, apparently they're supposed to be really really good. Like given the choice, most folk on the av forums would most likely trade in their ps3s for one, if games wearnt an issue. The search continues
  14. That's the most retarded thing I've ever seen. It's like something out of a hardcore version of the naked gun. I was half expecting someone to interrupt the two of them, breaking in through the window while brandishing a concrete dildo or something. At least! Totally need to sit down and finally watch this show. Hope there's more stuff like that
  15. boomeh


    Man that movement mod looked so natural when the player was scrambling about the dirt, shooting and ducking round corners, hurriedly zooming in through the scope and out again - cept when he was running in a straight line near the end - then it seamed a bit too similar to how Mr Blobby might run Amazing though, utterly amazing
  16. This is looking terri-brill! Had given up on the mk games since I rented the 3rd one back in the day, but now this one seams to have returned to the fun as hell mode! Loving the reimaged classic stages like the pit, the courtyard (now a gladtorium), the woods and that one from mk2 with the acid pool Also wasn't there a feature film in the works like a mortal kombat meets the real world cross over deal? Is that still a thing? Cerainly hope so
  17. boomeh


    Wow! Thanks for that. Damn, I forgot I can barely run crysis as it is! Worth a tinker though!
  18. Novice question but if the consoles that cheap over the water, and the games aswell probably, would it be too much of a hastle to just import everything? I for 1 hardly ever buy games from actual shops anymore and wouldn't mind waiting an extra week or so if there's going to be such a big price difference.
  19. Thanks mate, yeah, I should have a few more test runs and appreciate what I'm getting for my money before I start raving and jabbering. Also I paid the full 70, wasn't fortunate enough to get it for 50, but that's still dammed good for what you get I suppose I am noticing that with the advent of 3d compatible players, there does seam to be a few advertisements that list multi region capability as an added feature now. Are more players coming round to this as opposed to 6 months ago? Still seams quite a rarity however. Also just ordered Ong-Bak It never got a release over here on BR for some daft reason. Can't wait
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