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  1. I just watched Escape from New York on this thing with a program called VR Cinema 3D. I was just going to watch 5 minutes of it for the sake of seeing what it would look like, plus since the program can only take avi files at the moment and the devkit doesnt exactly lend much clarity to the image I was expecting to be somewhat repulsed by it. But it was magnificent. Its hard to describe but its basically you in an empty cinema with your favourite movie on a giant cinema screen. The level of immersion was something i've not seen before, this shitty avi transformed from a thing on a computer to me standing on the other side of the street watching Snake Pliskin mowing down bums and hobos - the thing had a certain degree of three dimensionalism! I totally forgot i was sitting with my feet up, in my pajamas next to my computer and just got lost in it. Watched the whole thing Obviously the 1080p will serve amazingly well with opening up the clarity of what you're seeing but honestly, i wasn't minding I had that screendoor effect over it.
  2. Mine arrived the other day and honestly this shit is just incredible. I tried a demo called Titans of Space - its a simulation of a cockpit view, watching the various planets orbit the sun. Before the thing had even fully started up I was stuck staring at the menu and just being excited at the fact that there i was - in the middle of space looking at a menu in a cockpit. Then I looked down, saw my legs and lost the plot. Believe the hype with this thing!
  3. I see Japanese square enix contingent still stuck in 1996 there. Thank fuck for their western counterparts.
  4. I guess they got to do a bit of tv stuff -since microsoft went so strongly in that direction.
  5. Loved the shooting in The Division, looked great aswell. The business like chat the characters were giving each other was very natural sounding - just as if shooting and killing a bunch of stangers in a parking lot was just another day in the office. Weird. Very Tom Clancy I guess.
  6. I think there needs to be a support group for viewers. Like one of those "if you've been affected by the events portrayed here..." type phone ins you get after something horrible on tv happens
  7. Im willing to have faith for this. I so enjoyed the 3D Realm game, one of those endlessly replayable games you just cant bring yourself to part with. I wonder if they can get the original voice actor in for this
  8. http://youtu.be/UoZLccr28IE 720p it, but I thoroughly recommend buying the flac of this.
  9. Ok. That was a friggen awesome thing I just saw. Wow.
  10. Oh heck yeah The Rob/Arya/Dance scenes are the stuff im sticking around and sometimes loving so far. That mans just so entertaining
  11. Game of thrones has been overdue for a critical cooling off lately. This season so far ive felt has been incredibly patchy, perhaps its due to more of the fantasy elements coming to the fore than in previous seasons, but, and I say this with full appreciation that George RR Martin adapted this latest episode for the tv himself but honestly its just not very engaging story telling anymore. And for all the ground they're needing to cover, theres alot of what seams like wheel spinning this season. Stop with the ruddy Theon scenes already.
  12. Hey just asking now, if any good guy has more than one of these fandangled beta keys for the upcoming Rising Storm, id be in their debt forever if I could get one Media!
  13. shiieeeet, thats a nice wee thing
  14. Scarface Good movie, just overhyped for all the wrong reasons. I wanted to rewatch it after id sat through the brutal real life events retold in the documentary Cocaine Cowboys, which quite frankly runs alongside this movie uncomfortably closely at times. In fact theres a haunting moment during one of the interviews where an ex gunman is retelling the time he was watching a scene where Tony Montana is shot at in a club and laughing along with his associates that they would have killed him for sure had they been there instead. And for a movie released in 82, these drug wars Scarface was retelling were still very much ongoing and its just fascinating to see how much of this has been translated into a slick and enticing drama of the time period. I watched the Blu-ray and taking in the sheer colour of the setting, in any other age it would look garish and unsightly but it works with this ages aggressive and gleeful fascination with power and money and it must be said - it is alluring. The city lights and flash are the landscape of the time, the billboards of sunsets and palm trees are the disguises of a near entirely man made and unreal world built arguably from the ground up with drugs and violence. Seriously, watch Cocaine Cowboys. If you allow me to put on the proverbial wank hat for a sec I see this more of a western or an anti western in many respects over a straight up gangster flick. Individualism and self reliance are certainly things both genres take from but in Scarface its landscape isnt just a backdrop but used to explore its enticing effect on the movies characters. The myth and romanticised notion of coming to America, playing by the rules and being prosperous is lost on Tony. We see his mother and sister living in what can only be described as sparse living conditions and so by contrast we too acknowledge his loss of faith in this and the casual brutalism of the alternative. And like films before it such as Sam Pekempahs The Wild Bunch, Depalma knew that if you make the violence exciting and thrilling rather than turning the audience away you make them complicit in it and its with this and many other sights that youre swept through an incredibly brutal and vicarious world of excess with hubris and scant regard for morality. In order for Tony to prosper, its morality thats the first to go. The nod to the classic Western genre with its values on individualism and its triumph over encroachment is turned on its head as Montanas power grows, and so with it does his characters humanity (as little as he had to begin with) gets stripped away even further. By the end I dont think its a spoiler to say hes a raging lunatic by the end. One thing I should mention about the Blu-ray I saw was that the sound has been remastered, and retinkered. Gunshots aren't the same as you might have heard in previous versions and purists might be a bit annoyed. Certainly it feels like alot of the new soundeffects for the weapons have been taken from different quality sources, some sounding noticeably different, perhaps recorded at different distances and the quality overall doesnt feel as consistent as in previous versions. That said, the sound as a whole is great but purists be warned.
  15. Yeah same although I think it was put up there purely for everyone to shake their heads at and point and laugh at how ridiculous it looked. Damn so much brill this has been. And I see Vengence is out on blurays now aswell
  16. Yeah, right im the feels. What a terrific episode. Staggering.
  17. boomeh


    Yeah, i do hope they're not doing a different mental each week but i'm liking the themes, im liking everyone in it and Mads is Brian Cox levels of intimidating.
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