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  1. That's a fair point Gorf. I had a pained expression on my face when I heard that Kermode interview with Scott describing it as a suit. Still havent seen it, and im quickly loosing the need to tbh. Anyone who has seen it, you think theres any room for a Kingdom of Heaven style directors cut solving some of these glaring issues? Or atleast lessening their impact.
  2. Jeezo we surly are in an oddity of post modern times these days. From Hitmans thoroughly medieval and laddish trailer of latex assassins - is it irony and knowingly kitsch in the tone of that Robert Rodriguez wanker or is it just sexualised violence trussed up as such, to the polar opposite of this, every boys gaming dream from the 90s now transformed before those now adult players into a half starved, battered and bruised individual whose fighting for their very survival. Extra points to having those same players seeing their character they play be subjected to potential rape scenarios. Cant we all just have a cup of tea and go hunting dinosaurs again?
  3. yeah, still seams like you really need to disconnect yourself from any kind of allusions that it'll connect dots with the first Alien film and just take it on its own merit. Also looking at seeing what he thought of the 3d
  4. Listening to Ridley Scott on Kermode just now is the weirdest experience. Is this the same guy? Also I loved the thing about what he was saying about the space jockey and the initial idea for the film - "I was concerned about the question of where it came from...no one else was....so I brought it up" edit Glad hes going to go ahead with a directors cut and I think the reason Kermode asked it was a hint on what he thought about it.
  5. "What do you mean the pizza shop's been blown up by M People?!" Oh god I miss these guys
  6. I think you caught a glimpse of the Lanister Lion banner during the cavalry charge aswell as the knight of flowers with the Baratheon antler crown fighting alongside. I guess with Stannis having already renounced the stag and adopted the different house sigil (the ham), is this to mean the Tyrells wish to seek the thrown under Renlys old banner? Knight of Flower's sister spoke as much to Little Finger, saying she wanted to be THE queen, and Baeilsh seamed receptive to the idea, so maybe a deal was struck with Tywin if the Tyrels fought with him to help defend the red keep? Shits getting real yo
  7. Freaking incredible. Imagine if John Carpenter from the 80s, after making Assault on Precinct 13 turns his hand to making the best action/ martial arts movie ever, and you get The Raid. Throughout all the amazingly impressive battles and fight scenes, I especially admired the way the director gave a sense of space, even in the most claustrophobic scenes, you as a viewer knew exactly where everyone was and what was happening. Id imagine its an incredible thing to do as I honestly couldn't give many recent, even massively budgeted action films any credit what so ever for what seamed practically like second nature to Gareth Evans here. You never felt bewildered or left confused as what just happened, in Kermodes review, he makes reference to Paul Greengrasses techniques, which have somewhat become the defacto norm in many of todays action films - made famous in films like The Bourne Identity and the like that while visually impressive, the viewer isn't privy to how one thing led to the next as everything is lost in a flurry of editing and shakey camera effects - none of this is in The Raid, its a thing of beauty. So glad I caught it before it left my local cinema.
  8. Surly seeing it in the IMAX, albeit in 3D is the best compromise for the best picture? Is the picture as dark on those screens as seeing a 3d film on a "normal" screen? I've never seen a 3d film at the IMAX but I'd imagine the extra clarity is worth putting up with the 3d gubbins? For those that don't suffer from headaches that is!
  9. They really need to borrow a leaf from Rockstars approach to how the players enemies react realistically to damage in Red Dead/LA Noir and Max payne 3 (and hopefully GTA5). Seriously, every single game concerning itself with shooting at something needs to do this. In my opinion I think Rockstar and action games knit so perfectly together and they've shown time and time again that animation and physics is the future of shooting shit up. There's really no question thier real time reactions to bullets and damage beats pre-rendered static movements of previous technology and if Colonial Marines must follow a linear, Rhino Alien infested path, they'd do well to incorporate this type of physics into the combat. Such a straight forward device suddenly makes everything feel electric and raw and brutal, maybe throw some dismemberment in there and wammo, no amount of bad writing, poor voice acting, set pieces and linear gameplay would spoil the sheer amazing sight of blowing the head off a xenomorph and see it collapse to the floor in a entirely realistic and unpredictable way.
  10. And I see the screenplay is actually written by George RR Martin himself ^___^ I'm thinking of holding off on next weeks episode and watching the last two back to back, but I know that will probably require having a complete internet blackout for a whole week incase for accidently running into spoilers.
  11. Good call on the delay tbh. Everytime I see it I end up hating it a little less. Obviously enough folk who're developing and overseeing it are realizing it still needs a ton of work and are willing to keep on trying. On the new trailer, I liked the moment an alien clawed open the automatic door infront of you. Felt like a nice nod without seeming like it being too obvious. Also just going to put this here... http://i.imgur.com/98tfu.jpg
  12. Spoiler for episode 8 - don't read until its finished! Preview of episode 9
  13. dammit 2 weeks until pc version comes! Must resist clicking spoilers!
  14. Yeah that was quite heartwarming. Mighty heart broke
  15. Thanks again, tronied! seams to be working fine now
  16. Could someone help me? Ive been given a guest pass but for the life of me i cant work out how to get it rolling. Ive tried to activate it through Battlenets Add Game section, but imputing the code Im presented with "The game key you entered cannot be claimed. Please check the key and try again. Alternatively, you can enter this key for a different region by changing the leading part of the www.battle.net URL (ex. "eu.battle.net") in your web browser, or for a different Battle.net account." Now its a uk pass, but am I imputing it in the wrong section? The only thing I can think of is this section is expecting a full game pass key, but since ive got no Blizzard games what so ever, im shut out of the Beta Profile Settings on the right hand side. Ive downloaded both the 7 gig installer but that crashes each time, and quick google found the beta download (the starter edition doesnt seam available through battlenets Download Game Clients section) but that crashes aswell. Ach
  17. Sorry to disrupt the chat but I really really like this.
  18. Danaerys's scenes are getting weirder. Its almost a completely separate series of events at the moment. The imminent threat posed by big Carl and his warrior tribes organizing to overthrow the seven kingdoms did seam appropriate in season one but since his abrupt demise and their tribe being mostly scattered to the wind theres nothing to really connect anything of whats happening back in Westeros to whats happening in Quarth. The potential threat from her dragons the size of cats and the omen in the sky that Bran saw offers potential but there's hardly anything palpable just yet. As amaze as these episodes are, i'm uncertain in how to interpret her events and can feel myself turning off when it roles around to the Quarth scenes again. Obviously more will reveal itself but I cant understand it as part of the whole just now.
  19. Just wanted to recommend this woman's recap column. http://www.huffingto..._b_1513588.html Only discussing the tv ep - no book spoilers. Its only this weeks ep that i've caught sight of it but its made me go back on previous episodes as its so damned interesting reading. Not only that but it gives that thud to the stomach feeling I get after an episode ends and realize i'll have another week to wait a nice digestion, less so on the possible things yet to come but meditating on the themes and drawing parallels with earlier scenes and seasons (and also other tv shows - Mad Men seemingly) that I overlooked, I can enjoy it all over again. For instance I only just realized that the name Kingslayer given to Jamie is not just an insult to throw at a sworn knight who killed the king he swore to protect but serves as an uncomfortable truth that everyone is hiding from, wielded more often to justify their own participation in than just to insult him, Latest tv ep spoiler. No book. ALL you book fuckers take note - that above is what a spoiler is supposed to be in this thread. Everything contained above is all about what everybody here has already seen and a discussion upon that. Not "I really like that character. Shame he gets eaten by a goblin in a bit."
  20. Ah good old Sorkin. I've missed being spoken at.
  21. This never fails to make me laugh. I caught a billboard advertising this out at Asda car park this morning and I was pretty much reenacting that fake Danny Elfman track the entire time I was shopping
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