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  1. Holy hell that neck choke!
  2. I laughed probably more than I should.
  3. Is the reason we haven't seen the uncharted guys post apocalyptic game yet is so everyone has to sit through this pish first?
  4. Arf! The oddest sight for a floor show. People sitting on carpets playing with sex toys
  5. Ha someone audibly booed
  6. Christ its techno Vikings dad
  7. They should have opened with this!
  8. If there was a game just with this, I'd buy it day 1! Freekin master and commander!
  9. The sea captain walks about the deck like Eddie Izzards nan, Mrs Badcrumble
  10. Good to see its not just me who gets up at daft o'clock on a Monday for this
  11. Next ep. Honestly why go to the cinema when tv is this freekin good?
  12. Wishmaster? You'd have better luck on a star master!
  13. That's a fair point Gorf. I had a pained expression on my face when I heard that Kermode interview with Scott describing it as a suit. Still havent seen it, and im quickly loosing the need to tbh. Anyone who has seen it, you think theres any room for a Kingdom of Heaven style directors cut solving some of these glaring issues? Or atleast lessening their impact.
  14. Jeezo we surly are in an oddity of post modern times these days. From Hitmans thoroughly medieval and laddish trailer of latex assassins - is it irony and knowingly kitsch in the tone of that Robert Rodriguez wanker or is it just sexualised violence trussed up as such, to the polar opposite of this, every boys gaming dream from the 90s now transformed before those now adult players into a half starved, battered and bruised individual whose fighting for their very survival. Extra points to having those same players seeing their character they play be subjected to potential rape scenarios. Cant we all just have a cup of tea and go hunting dinosaurs again?
  15. yeah, still seams like you really need to disconnect yourself from any kind of allusions that it'll connect dots with the first Alien film and just take it on its own merit. Also looking at seeing what he thought of the 3d
  16. Listening to Ridley Scott on Kermode just now is the weirdest experience. Is this the same guy? Also I loved the thing about what he was saying about the space jockey and the initial idea for the film - "I was concerned about the question of where it came from...no one else was....so I brought it up" edit Glad hes going to go ahead with a directors cut and I think the reason Kermode asked it was a hint on what he thought about it.
  17. "What do you mean the pizza shop's been blown up by M People?!" Oh god I miss these guys
  18. I think you caught a glimpse of the Lanister Lion banner during the cavalry charge aswell as the knight of flowers with the Baratheon antler crown fighting alongside. I guess with Stannis having already renounced the stag and adopted the different house sigil (the ham), is this to mean the Tyrells wish to seek the thrown under Renlys old banner? Knight of Flower's sister spoke as much to Little Finger, saying she wanted to be THE queen, and Baeilsh seamed receptive to the idea, so maybe a deal was struck with Tywin if the Tyrels fought with him to help defend the red keep? Shits getting real yo
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