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  1. Even Rob Schneider wasn't too bad in this! Send a maniac to catch a maniac....Phoeniiiiiiiiix Fuck yeah
  2. Merantau Ong Bak levels of enjoyment here, folks. But with less gymnastics and a better developed storyline! I really liked it How it started with reversing the classic scene you see in every martial arts film of the hero rescuing some poor peasant character getting beaten up by some rich dude, in Merantaus case it ended up making the situation much worse than anything else. The film is sprinkled with little homages and nods to the classic formula that make up martial arts movies but takes relish in subverting most of them for its own take and in doing so creates a much more realistic and engaging atmosphere. Even if the bad guys are straight out of Streets of Rage one second and Taken the next The hero isn't someone who can go room by room destroying everyone Neeson style, but hes got that dogged determination that brings to mind scenes like Bruce Willis going back for Marsellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction or Ken loaches Sweet Sixteen character. But with more kicking consequences. I also liked the dual nature of the brothers relationship. Its just a wee thing but you could see the director was hinting at something. Respect for the principles bestowed on his younger sibling twinned against the bad guys kinship and the empire they built through gang reprisals for any perceived slight. Like alot of the films good points, its a nice little touch that puts it above the usual fair. I really recommend folk track this wee gem down. You can see the same attention to choreography that made both the main actor and director famous in The Raid. Theres a deep admiration here, for history of martial art films but is also strong enough to stand ammongst the best of them. Some of the improvised weapons and direction feels like an early Jackie Chan film. ^__^ Also from one of the interviews from The Raid I see the main actor, before he was discovered was apparently a truck driver who just did some martial arts in his spare time. Pretty neat
  3. All due respect to you Gorf but i'm inclined to disagree. From my perspective the film was trying to show (in none linear time) how one thing ultimately leads to another. From the main characters actions and the effect, direct or indirect can have or those around you, to how his childhood made him the man who ended up in Tokyo, his attachment with his sister and wanting to fuck his pals mother, and how all that ultimately spirals out of control after hes gone and then the transformation at the end - In that respect it was alot like Brad Pitts Babel, but some how even more naive and ill thought out. The visuals were different enough that it stood out, the disembodied camera roaming about the place certainly was different from the norm, and you do feel a sense of detachment as the viewer, watching peoples lives play out but in terms of a film you watch it was an utter chore to get through. The director obviously taking pointers from the extended cut of Return of the King, it was just the same themes done over and over and over again. All this talk of the intro titles, like everything else in its gigantic scope, there was nothing about it to enjoy, no deeper layers to tap into, it was loud, bright and annoying - the basic premise for that tv show the simposns watch when they go to japan that gives them all epileptic fits. On a cinema screen that completely envelops your view it was be close to unbearable. I'll give I stand alone and Irreversible a go eventually as ive seen some stonkingly good french things lately such as La Haine and Army of Shadows and want to keep that going but dang, im certainly not jumping at Noes films after this. Something like 2001 I can find endlessly fascinating while Enter the Void was simply endless.
  4. Yeah i'm inclined to agree it goes that far into bad you're really just watching shit after a while. You could feel the director perched on your chair as the film rolled constantly into another set of circumstances, him constantly asking me "do you get it, yeah?". There was some of it I liked such as when the windows 95 screensaver of the dmt experience finally (finally) finishes and the character is walking through the Tokyo streets, but that's nothing to really do with the film, I just love seeing Tokyo. Frankly it put me off the director entirely, but you recon Irreversible's worth a shot, Mentazm?
  5. I don't think I've ever been so bored watching people boning ever. Possibly the most tedious and pretentious thing i've cared to watch all the way through in quite a while - visually interesting camera work in a city I've personally visited and adored be dammed, I honestly don't know why I bothered. Every time the scene transitioned to yet another form of floating around in noclip about the skies to up someones nostril to an upclose shot of the director quite literally spunking in my face, i was constantly checking how long this had to go. Thanks to this film im no longer afraid of non existence as anything close to this after you die would do my fucking nut in quite frankly.
  6. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/emmys/la-en-breaking-bad-20120615,0,1547569.story Star Bryan Cranston, actor Giancarlo Esposito and series creator Vince Gilligan share their thoughts on what might be the AMC drama's finest hour — its Season 4 finish. Loving that pic ^__^ A month to go guys
  7. And a new season of futurama drops next week Plus Veep has really shaped up from the iffy few beginning episodes
  8. boomeh

    The Valve Thread

    Ha that was awesome
  9. Describing Prometheus as some sort of Kubrickican rubik's cube's is all fine and dandy. Im sure even Plan 9 from outer space had some fascinating depths hidden in its initial ideas that the director was filming towards but its the execution of the final product that counts, so it doesn't really escape the fact the thing up on screen is still a load of old bollocks. Regardless of a character named after a Dr Who sidekick or not.
  10. I'm really enjoying playing this and already thinking of replaying it on the higher difficulties, just for yucks. Can I ask though - is there a trainer or a cheat where I can choose a different from default weapon for the singleplayer? I really want to glock 18 every sucka in the club at the beginning or a 1911 also any word of a kung fu mod for this yet?
  11. The granny has no fucking clue
  12. Yeah it really seams like most titles are struggling to include the pad in any meaningfull way. I guess it could get rid of some of the clutter on the main screen though
  13. Ach it's target renders. Aye Red Steal o'clock
  14. B.A.T. Mode? Just say bat mode!
  15. Fuck your Harry potters! That's the game!
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