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  1. This is just such a lovely and wholesome thing for them to do. Hope Albert enjoys this. Cyborg is the shit!
  2. boomeh

    Dredd 3D

    Ha! off to buy milk in my post apocalyptic wear
  3. boomeh

    Dredd 3D

    Id just like to post this scene just to remind folk of how awesome this film is. I had a mild obsession with this movie when it came out. I also bought this for way too much money when the movie did a prop sale in order to try and claw back some of the money it didn't make. It can be seen during the scene above when one of the gang members gets shot the fuck up. Also yeah 10 years later i still don't know quite what to do with it. Maybe display it like this if I ever go fully insane.
  4. Perhaps it was all the English accents from all the officials but I was reminded of some of the depictions ive seen of Northern Ireland during The Troubles in the 1970s, especially Yann Demange's '71. Not just the fact that both depict an ongoing occupation but also how the occupying forces (especially the Agent Cooper guy) refer to their place there not as policing people but under siege everywhere from potential enemies. There's also a really similar scene were in both where seemingly the whole town sends out an early warning of the approaching forces by rattling on random pieces of metal. Its house wifes banging on dusbin lids in one rather than star warsey wind chimes and the like but I got similar vibes from both. Also I can see why some are a bit cold on this as its almost completely different, especially tonally to the a lot of the other star wars stuff. Theres no cute green Muppet baby or any other assortment of cookie and crazy characters for that matter to really endear you to anything, its all a rather grey and ambiguous world so far but its also alot more interesting and mature for it and I cant honestly wait for more.
  5. This is so hilariously better to every other Star Wars thing, including the movie its based on.
  6. Probably quite a fitting conclusion to an underwhelming season of TV quite frankly. Don't know if I can be bothered talking about much of it in any great detail as it all felt rather pedestrian, despite a lot happening. Too much really, despite the running time. To the degree it felt rushed, poorly executed and consequently underwhelming. Thankfully they can lean on the screen presence of Joel Kinnaman because without that, i don't know, man. Honestly I thought this was laughably bad. From Reddit Overall, no question about it, despite bits of enjoyment here and there, the weakest season yet, and now it's more clear to me than ever before that the show won't hesitate to stoop into soap opera levels of schlock when ever they feel they need to stir up drama. I'll probably still tune in for the next season because i'm a fucking arsehole.
  7. There's a very good doggo in this.
  8. Yeah that was much better. Aleidas scene with her dad was heartbreaking. Ellen doing the right thing and the speech she gives and its following impact worldwide was such a good moment for this season. Seeing the marches, Will getting an award and his reaction was good shit too. Plus the talk about how in this universe, everyone has access to free, clean energy hurt so much to hear. Any day now i'm sure That ending though ffs. I should have suspected they'd pull something like that with both the American and Russian crews getting along so well. These writers, man. They really cant help themselves Less Danny too was good. He really needs to do a big gesture before the end of this season and sacrifice himself for the rest of the crew if we're going full rehabilitation of his character quite honestly.
  9. The John Wick movies are not good action movies. Sorry, the action sequences feel so overly and rigorously choreographed it all comes off as rather anaemic to me. Puts me in mind of the light sabre battles of the prequels.
  10. I was howling when Ed called Danny a motherfucker. The writers having some big laughs this season
  11. Definitely agree. It just serves as a backdrop to interpersonal squabbling now. It could be anywhere. Mars is just the excuse. It was far more science forward in the previous seasons. Now its Whether the season manages to turn itself around, the amount of time already spent on Danny and his ever growing array of personal problems has just been the most staggering miss by the creative team of this show.
  12. They really are doubling down on the worst part of the show now and depending on how this resolves next week, this show may be going down a few pegs in my estimate. Worst episode of the season.
  13. I hope its weirder than the trailer lets on. Eggers doesn't miss but not really feeling this.
  14. I don’t think I’d watch it again. Just so folk know where I’m coming from, I’m someone who’s seen the Lynch version probably half a dozen or so times and loved it enough to seek out fan edits of more complete versions which in turn was what finally pushed me into reading and adoring the book. To sum it up in a sentence, I don’t think the story is very well suited for an action forward approach. Imagine the sci-fi version of game of thrones writ large on an imax screen, but where there might have been scenes of careful political manoeuvring, cloak and dagger palace intrigue and perhaps a few plain old quiet moments of thoughtful introspection, in its place is now the all mighty and near overwhelming pomp and bombast of a modern blockbusters expectations. Perhaps this was always going to be the case, it being a movie as expensive and as risky but this was an exhausting movie to sit through. It felt like it hardly ever let up in its pace, just to give me a moment to breathe or to simply enjoy and get properly invested in what ever was going on at any one time. As soon as one story beat had started it’s over and we’re on to the next thing and it got to the point where I honesty started to get quite bored about half way through. By jamming more of the book into its running time than ever before, I felt it’s eyes were too big for its stomach because it ultimately lacked what it needed for these moments to feel anyway significant to the developing story. It’s a failing of the screenplay ultimately because as much as the movie is beautiful, both visually and audibly engrossing, the plotting is very much from the school of “and then, and then, and then” way of story telling. Sitting there watching characters I’ve known and loved in multiple iterations from both the book and the previous 1984 movie, whose motivations, inner thoughts, fears and desires are now all either removed or heavily cut down and mentioned in a brief moment before all hell breaks loose again, it was hugely disappointing. Id say also that as the depth of all the characters are reduced down to make way for the action to take centre stage, despite how much death, havoc and destruction is brought down on everyone the whole experience still felt anaemic to me. It also wasn’t helped that the main cast (minus Jason Mamoa - who felt like he was in a different movie) were all wet blankets. The actor who plays Paul is mostly just there in his scenes. There is very little for him to do here, mostly a passive observer to the movies great juggernaut of machinery to find time to act like a human and emote a little. Say what you want about the lynch movie but he really nailed the brief and touching moments of humanity in his characters. Paul greats his friends with a warmth and humanity that feels completely natural and charismatic. The scene where Thurfir Hawat, the Atreides master of spies meets Paul before they leave for Arakis there is palpable warmth to their interaction, they share friendly banter and while the main reason they need to talk is a serious one, it never escapes your attention that these two characters see one another as their close and dear friend. I really missed this closeness of characters in this movie which I think was the movies main reason why it failed for me. They were nearly entirely lacking in personality. Also no offence to Stephen McKinley but he’s no Freddie Jones. I also couldn’t shake the fact that the soundtrack got pretty generic as the movie marched relentlessly on and while it sounded better in the movie than in the trailers it’s used in, the all too familiar ethnic moans and yells felt like they were on a loop for most of it, it just rubbed me the wrong way. Sorry for the dump I think this is Villeneuves weakest film to date and while I’ve not seen Incendies yet it would have to do a hell of a lot of things wrong to outshine this for the top position.
  15. Great trailer! As much as I want Dune to succeed, their efforts with trailers have been so god damned pedestrian by comparison. Totally up for a new Matrix movie where I don’t think I even bothered with the last one.
  16. Perhaps this was in part a reaction by the studio to Bladerunners 2049s disappointing box office returns but this trailer looks like it is trying its best to cover up for an incredibly generic and broad looking movie to me. To quote Mechagameszillas review of the 1984 version "Dune is a 1960s novel based around "mind expanding" spice. Either you go weird with it, or you strip everything interesting about it away and do the guy saves the day in space by being The One story. Ho hum." and that is all I can see being here quite honestly. Also i'm starting to think Hans Zimmer has been going back to the same well a few too many times now to put it lightly. It is such a shame we lost Jóhann Jóhannsson. His music with Hildur Guðnadóttir gave movies like Sicario and Arrival something incredibly powerful and unique to its worlds.
  17. Well that was great. Totally redeemed and made sense of the last few wishy washy episodes to my eyes.
  18. This has turned into complete schlock and i'm here for it
  19. I gave up after episode 3. Its frustrating because it really starts itself off with an air of Season 1 of True Detective but in actual fact, its clearly far closer to an episode of Goosebumps. Its hard to write that because True Detective s1 is a hard summit to even get near let alone achieve. Everyone involved in this show should be congratulated. It was something where everything worked perfectly. The music, the acting the directing, the cop endlessly orbiting round some of the worst human instincts imaginable, but is then propelled into a mystery of uncovering the truth of the crime itself. It all here. Until its not. I don't get it quite honestly. I don't get Stephen Kings story telling or having the elements hes chosen to run together, run together to be frank. I've not read The Outsider but i'm guessing it reads like a stream of consciousness where if at any point he writes himself into a corner there can always be a spooky thing to pop up and throw all the pieces in the air again. I don't get the thought process. Its just "and then, and then, and then" type storytelling, it wastes the viewers time and when the story plot points finally do start to come together, in this utterly grounded and realistic world of investigative police methodology and procedure, it ultimately defeats itself to serve as nothing more than interesting backdrop in the face of Disappointing and disingenuous to the subject matter but really at the end of the day its just boring.
  20. I guess films like this serves to getting more people interested in ww1? Thats perhaps one positive I think of. If it creates more people to read about the conflict and to watch more documentaries and so forth, then that's great, but what the film itself doesn't perhaps do that well is depicting the true reality of the conflict which was basically a time when the individual was reduced to absolute meaninglessness.
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