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  1. boomeh

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Just got out the cinema from a 3:30 showing. You know you're in trouble when you're stiffing a laugh at sequences intended to be dramatic and emotionally fulfilling or cringing with embarrassment at moments of earnestness a second later. Its tonally all over the place, the story comes from the school of just throwing everything you can think of at the wall and seeing what sticks attitude, it feels like a movie made by committee with no clear goal or objective in mind other than doing a literal translation of wars that happen to be in space. Ultimately its just boring. Disappointing and heartbreakingly boring. Seriously there was moments when I was reminded of the prequels.
  2. boomeh

    All hail the synth!

    Thanks for the mention of Glitch Mob! Beasting drums! Track 2 was a neighbour killer! The vids one big massive tribute to the same director, his most famous one was called Gonin so I started there. Its where most of the shootouts and club scenes are from - plus its got a bit part from Beat Takashi I really want to find out where the Cronenbergesk stuff with the pistol melting through the guys head comes from but im not there yet
  3. boomeh

    All hail the synth!

    I absolutely adore everything about this one. Insanely energetic and the videos so well put together - and not even remotely safe for work. Early 90s, late 80s Japanese films, man Edit A related track Miami Vice vibes up the swanny! edit Oh shit, part of this album is actually on the Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack
  4. boomeh

    Black Sails (aka Assassin's Creed 4 the TV Series)

    This is as Stars show so it follows there should be every kind of debauchery on show but I feel Michael Bays influence is looming too large for this to be read as anything but fodder quite honestly. Unlike Spartacus, the setting and environment atleast permitted for this kind of hedonism; well bred upper class rulers indulging themselves in every kind of whim was atleast in keeping with what the story was setting out to tell, but Black Sails is trying to do the same but for low life pirates. In my mind it just doesn't follow how the female bar owner on this island of thieves and murders is practically running the show. Sexy female 20 something models getting together with other sexy female 20 something models, perhaps initially intended as a progressive comment on the freedom of expression life on the high seas allows but visually its blatantly only for express purpose of us seeing them getting together. Specific camera shots making sure to draw attention to their naked bodies as they writhe about, and its making this whole setup seem laughable. Just as the male leads here, not brutalised into a life of exhibition and sport, who must adhere to certain atheistic, but are all the same still ripped to hell and back. There was a wide shot from the last episode where everyone was standing around and you could instantly tell them apart from the slovenly looking extras (who are actually more suited to the life styles they're portraying) is making this look a bit silly. Its basically Pirates, that porn movie with Stoya and company but somehow with more even tits.
  5. Ive just finished episode 3 and 4s extracting for me just now - that ending monologue leading up to that freeze frame followed by those thunderous and dark war drums - this show's just turned from fascinating to fucking awesome.
  6. boomeh

    Knights of Badassdom - Trailer

    yeah was excited to see it available finally. Hmm, maybe it just caught me on an off day.
  7. Quite a modest teaser trailer for such a extravagant series. Personally, Expendables 2 made the original, a mixed experience at best into something approaching flipping Shakespeare. I don’t see how a third outing and all those who sail with her is going to get anything but pelters honestly. There are plenty of older actors out there who still give each role their best but the expendables series seems adept in rounding up all those who just don't give one solitary shit any more. The premise of seeing everyones favourite action stars together to shoot bad guys and invoke the care free times of yesteryear is an awesome one but if nothing else The Expendables serve to highlight just how well the earlier films they're trying so desperately to emulate were made. Why be an ageing and famous movie star if you’re phoning in every performance you give? To paraphrase Redletter Medias Mike Stoklasa for a sec, “what do you need more money for? Buying a more expensive head stone?” Ben Kingsley for example in IronMan 3 was brilliant fun, puts a big smile on my face every time I watch it. A true testament to making the most of a relatively throwaway role, but if Fords latest output is anything to go by, last seen bored off his nut in Endersgame, his appearance in this is just going to serve as further damage to his reputation. These films bring out the cynic in me and serve to make me question why I liked these actors in the first place. It turns into a bunch of whoring pensioners after a while and just makes me sad.
  8. boomeh

    vinyl lovers

    After so much mucking around, buying pre-amps and analog to digital converters to fit my shitty amp, ive finally hooked my deck up so I can sit and actually listen to some music. By jove it was worth it. Call me converted to this vinyl lark. Listening to Tears for Fears - Songs from the big chair just now on my pair of headphones I practically emptied my bank account to afford. A little slice of heaven. Such a great album, practically jam packed with one incredible track after the next. I just want to sit and listen for hours. Also thanks to this thread I ended up buying the 2013 reissue of the Bladerunner soundtrack. Its a red bin lid. Its such a mad thing that you can get music of this. Ah its like Christmas I didn't know I could smile this wide.
  9. boomeh

    Neill Blomkamp's Elysium

    I just want to add to the praises getting sung about this gem. Such a rare thing, an enjoyable blockbuster. God it's been a while. Not since Dredd have I seen such a believable and beutifully presented "lived in" future. Blomkamp is such a talent, giving him free reign and having something important like the Alien franchise, the bladerunner sequel or hell, even the star wars franchise under his control id be so happy to see. I will say it is bit sledgehammer with its political perspective but it's such a believable presentation it almost doesn't matter. Before the main story kicks in and youwatching characters living and interacting in this world, it's almost enough to make a whole movie out of. The space opera nods and the guns and drama could never appear and you'd still be in love with it. Also you could argue it "borrows" a lot of themes and possiblly even some scenes from District 9, but whose caring when there was such a treasure trove of themes to take from in that. I excitedly look forward to his next project.
  10. boomeh

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    We're just going to get our little hearts broken all over again.
  11. boomeh

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    Ah this is great news. I hope that's Carmack upped sticks and moved properly for this. Oculus are so promising, their product is maybe even my most anticipated development in gaming as a whole today. Honestly its got me excited again and having the brain of ID Software come into their fold is just nothing but good vibes as i see it. Especially after the rumoured distancing both parties had over the strife with Oculus Rifts Doom 3 BFG support. Also I can finally stop torturing myself with trying to make up seemingly endless, blindly but well intentioned excuses on why I should keep looking forward to more and more Dooms and Quakes now. Feeling slight freedom is over me after reading this
  12. boomeh

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    I just watched Escape from New York on this thing with a program called VR Cinema 3D. I was just going to watch 5 minutes of it for the sake of seeing what it would look like, plus since the program can only take avi files at the moment and the devkit doesnt exactly lend much clarity to the image I was expecting to be somewhat repulsed by it. But it was magnificent. Its hard to describe but its basically you in an empty cinema with your favourite movie on a giant cinema screen. The level of immersion was something i've not seen before, this shitty avi transformed from a thing on a computer to me standing on the other side of the street watching Snake Pliskin mowing down bums and hobos - the thing had a certain degree of three dimensionalism! I totally forgot i was sitting with my feet up, in my pajamas next to my computer and just got lost in it. Watched the whole thing Obviously the 1080p will serve amazingly well with opening up the clarity of what you're seeing but honestly, i wasn't minding I had that screendoor effect over it.
  13. boomeh

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    Mine arrived the other day and honestly this shit is just incredible. I tried a demo called Titans of Space - its a simulation of a cockpit view, watching the various planets orbit the sun. Before the thing had even fully started up I was stuck staring at the menu and just being excited at the fact that there i was - in the middle of space looking at a menu in a cockpit. Then I looked down, saw my legs and lost the plot. Believe the hype with this thing!
  14. I see Japanese square enix contingent still stuck in 1996 there. Thank fuck for their western counterparts.
  15. I guess they got to do a bit of tv stuff -since microsoft went so strongly in that direction.

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