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  1. ? I was giving a possible reason why he is struggling.
  2. Coady is a converted midfielder so has only ever played as one of three CBs, rather than a traditional defender who would have grown up playing mostly as part of a back four and would be more easily able to revert to it.
  3. The hunts are absolutely awful filler content, don't bother with them.
  4. According to the Guardian article swapping the home and away legs isn't being considered as the quarantine requirements aren't workable for Leipzig.
  5. Destiny Item Manager (app or website) has a curated list of top tier rolls. Worth looking through that first and keeping anything with a thumbs up. Otherwise get rid of everything from year 1 as these are static rolls and can be taken from your collection if needed. Get rid of all armour rolls of less than 55 total stats unless they're currently your highest power level in that slot.
  6. Did you do it solo? What are the rewards like?
  7. Shocked this thread isn't full of indignation from Wolves fans. I'll get a brew on for their inevitable arrival if this match stays as it is.
  8. Yes, clearly daft! Silly woman, that's why they should never be in command. And what about her stupid hair?
  9. I've just found my old Japanese Wii in the loft. No PSU or controllers and the FLAP is broken but thought it might be of use to someone for modding? PM me if you want it for the cost of delivery. I'll put it in the for free topic if noone claims it.
  10. Twas just a joke. But all my rechargeables are several years old and still give 2-3 weeks of Xbox controller use so the cost of replacing them hasn't ever come to mind.
  11. Oooh, you pay way too much for batteries, man. Who's your battery guy?
  12. Does anyone on Xbox want to go through Beyond Light with alts this evening?
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