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  1. It won't work unless the Chromecast/TV is on the VPN too (unless you're doing something like screen mirroring).
  2. EA are touting "hypermotion" for the next gen versions of FIFA 22. PC, Xbox One and PS4 are not getting the new engine.
  3. The Atal objectives are really good, even his 87 is a more than usable card and they can be done in both rivals or squad battles. Contrast with the Arsenal duo objectives, they can only be completed in a specific friendlies playlist where you'll come across the sweatiest players going. I completed them both last night and then gave away goals and wins to try and save others from some of the pain.
  4. This can be preloaded using the Xbox Game Pass app. Can't seem to do it on console. Sorry if this has been covered
  5. Is TOTS AWB better than 93 Tavernier do you think? Obviously he's easier to link.
  6. Objective Atal looks crazy good, decent objectives too. Wish I hadn't sold my 87 FUT Birthday card for 27k earlier today though. He's shot up in price as people try to shortcut the objective.
  7. Futties team 1 is in packs for 2 weeks.
  8. Subs always have 5 chem. I tend to sub those on 7 or below.
  9. I packed that Reus when I started playing. His stamina is an issue now.
  10. It's a combination of a good selection of old promo players back in packs, preview packs continuing when they were expected to have ended, and the repeatable Futties player pick SBC.
  11. Just got Birthday Sané from a PP, will give him a go in place of Götze for a bit. edit: TOTY De Bruyne. Wow.
  12. That was a ridiculous crash. Added RTTF Alphonso Davies for 37k for my main team. I got What If Kanté and Headliners Son from the player picks to replace their gold versions in my Prem team.
  13. Enjoy yourself and stay safe.
  14. How many spectators are expected to be attending the race on Sunday?
  15. Fernando, I got him from the 5 token PIM pack.
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