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  1. First quick and dirty attempt. Sane, Muller and Adama all on 8 but everyone else on 10 and 100 team chemistry. I just used the basic versions of the cards as I didn't see your images until after I started. https://www.futbin.com//20/squad/12829212
  2. It's a yellow only if the defender makes a genuine attempt to win the ball. Luis categorically didn't do that. The div.
  3. Off-league rare silvers selling very high ATM due to the daily SBC.
  4. Just packed Depay and IF Azpilicueta in the same regular gold upgrade pack. Never had one close to as good as that.
  5. Lala looks very good but I have Aguirregaray and Piszczek so would rather another position. I'll grind it a bit more today to try for Bernardo Silva.
  6. Done a few more, just got Keylor and Ousmane in the same pack. Edit: has the base icon SBC expired?
  7. There's a new upgrade SBC. 11 rare golds at 50 chem for two guaranteed 81+ rare golds. I've done a few, not amazing returns but maybe icon crafting is back on the menu for a bit.
  8. Is base Hierro an upgrade on Ramos? Or Militao? I've got 6 tokens and won't be going for any more this season so don't want to wait for next to get Koeman. Edit: got him so I'll try and report back.
  9. Pléa objective maybe. But yes, no way you could have anticipated it.
  10. Tip if you haven't done the Ligue 1 first owner icon swaps challenge yet. Sub on a Bundes striker after you take the lead. Instant quits from the opponent as they think you're trying to do the Pléa objective.
  11. What was your investment then Timmo? Guess it must have paid off.
  12. Requirements not much higher than last time either.
  13. With your luck you'll probably sell him. I got the 100 rivals wins milestone today. Saving the pack for Headliners tonight but don't really know what to expect other than not packing one. I also have all the La Liga SBC packs and yesterday's marquee matchup packs to add to the eventual disappointment.
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