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  1. That 55m midwicket boundary should have been punished by NZ like Pakistan are doing.
  2. This is gettable. NZ in the game but they didn't find the short side boundary anything like often enough.
  3. Williamson needs to stay in through the spin overs.
  4. This is anyone's game after the powerplay. Excellent start from Pakistan but the NZ middle order could take the game away.
  5. That has to be the game. 2 wickets in 3 balls for Shadab, both set batsman, and just after SA had got ahead of the DLS score.
  6. India in trouble. Can see SKY and DK at least digging in but there's no finisher to follow them. What they'd give for Jadeja still to bat.
  7. Both NZ openers gone in the first three overs. Need a rebuild job now.
  8. Yep wasn't exactly a big ask to stay ahead of the DLS score. But guess the last wicket skewed it and Moeen was trying to bring it back. Bowling the spinner in the final over could have cost Ireland.
  9. Poor all round. Ireland weren't brilliant but showed a lot of nerve.
  10. Literally 50 people in the MCG for England vs Ireland.
  11. Leipzig just had a goal farcically ruled out by VAR and then 30 seconds later Joe Hart gives the ball away to let them score and take the lead.
  12. It's obvious he hates Liverpool FC but this is disgusting and being allowed to brush it off as a slip of the tongue is appalling. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/aug/05/martin-tyler-apologises-after-appearing-to-link-hillsborough-with-hooliganism
  13. I stopped eating bacon after reading the first Guardian article in 2018. The evidence then was not conclusive but the weight of it linking nitrites to cancer was enough to convince me. I have been pescatarian since the start of last year as I wasn't able to eliminate just cured meats from my diet so a new broom was needed.
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