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  1. Here are my recent purchases Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat 2 Aleste and Aleste 2 - Aleste 2 was released as Power Strike 2 in Europe. Gambare Gorby - released as Factory Panic in the west, but not starring Gorbachev GP Rider The Berlin Wall Panzer Dragoon Mini (not very good, but a rare item) Smash TV Bare Knuckle 2 (SoR 2) Magical Tarurutkun (slow but fun shooter) Aerial Assault Space Harrier Galaga 91 Unboxed - Shinobi 2, Ninja Gaiden
  2. Once money trees have produced bags, they never do so again, correct?
  3. Got this today. Not a vintage game, but sounds quite good. The modern releases make it hard to get an accurate idea of how many Lynx games there are exactly.
  4. Not in the more recent ones, you don't. I finished the campaign years ago so it's just the free play mode for me now, but unless I cause someone to slow down and move off the racing line while overtaking, the computer cars will just drive in formation, like a convoy. That said, I also prefer 3 and 4. Loved Fujimi Kaido. Best track they've ever made.
  5. Yes, I've mostly been going there for iron and even weeds but it's nice to get a different fruit, as I don't play online, so I've been stuck with the original two plus coconuts. I missed whatever you posted earlier - usually wake up to the thread having moved along multiple pages.
  6. Finally got a different fruit on a Nook Miles trip. It's about the 20th trip I've taken.
  7. Tried the Master System version, but wasn't very entertained. Think I'll stick to Bubble Bobble.
  8. This might get longer than the Twinbee thread on its first day.
  9. I've only got the Master System version, which I've never played, so I'll have a quick go on that. Unless this appeared on any compilation packs on more recent consoles. Edit: seems I also have it on PS2.
  10. Tomcat

    Nintendo Switch

    If you didn't play Space Invaders Extreme on DS or PSP, then that game alone makes Invincible Collection worth the money. Great fun. The full list is: Space Invaders b/w Space Invaders in colour Space Invaders Part 3 Majestic 12 Super Space Invaders 91 Space Invaders Extreme Super Invaders Gigamax Arkanoid Vs Invaders Menus are partially in English
  11. I wouldn't give a toss if it didn't have Ferraris in it.
  12. Tomcat

    Nintendo Switch

    Had a quick play of Arkanoid Vs Space Invaders on the way to work. You control the Arkanoid paddle at the bottom of the screen (portrait mode) and move it with your finger to block and return the aliens' fire. Doesn't seem to be an option to use the normal controls, unless I haven't found it yet. Quite fun, but has that mobile phone port feeling.
  13. Tomcat

    Nintendo Switch

    The Space Invaders collection is pretty cool, especially Arkanoid Vs Space Invaders, which has to be downloaded - the other 7 games are on the cart.
  14. The advice from the prefectural govenor here is just not to go to Tokyo. All shops are open, and people are still going to work on packed rush hour trains. I'm lucky I can cycle to work. Having been off for all of March, children are back in school in April - 2nd of April at my school. Restaurants etc are still open, although many are not doing buffets at the moment.
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