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  1. PS3 also had Motorstorm, which wasn't bad. That was all that grabbed me at launch, and although nothing special I didn't buy any other PS3 games for several months.
  2. It was quite good, but I don't think the 3DS library of games is anything like as good as the DS. My 3DS has more time with DS games in its records than 3DS. Loved Mario 3D Land, Ocarina in portable form, the Airport Hero series, Mario and Luigi and Luigi's Mansion. Hope region-locking dies with the 3DS.
  3. Dive Alert turned up last night. Becky's version. I don't know anything about it. Hope it's not too bad.
  4. Neither at launch. But I waited a year for Bone and PS4. Will pick up PS4 games I missed for a while and survive on those, Switch and retro for now.
  5. You need to have purchased the current one to be eligible to purchase this one.
  6. Pre-ordered. Will probably double dip when it comes out on Switch.
  7. Really can't wait for this. A huge choice of Mazza platforming on my commute. Would love a NSMB All Stars.
  8. Got this Alpine Games bonus cart today.
  9. Just three more days! I've pre-ordered twice, to be safe. Same with the Game and Watch.
  10. Tomcat

    Nintendo Switch

    I don't know if there are any differences - I've only used the JP version. I doubt there are.
  11. Tomcat

    Nintendo Switch

    It's been out in Japan for ages.
  12. Tomcat

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes. I bought it a couple of years ago. I quite enjoy completing games, but it comes from the satisfaction of working out how to get it to do what I want, rather than people actually playing my creations. Haven't used it for a while, having said that, as I'm trying to finish a very complex one on 3DS, which I started back in 2017!
  13. The first Silent Service game arrived here yesterday, on NES. Haven't played it for over 30 years.
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