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  1. What the bloody hell is going on with this game? Just looked on Amazon JP, and the western version is about 55,000 yen. The Jp version, with English and other major languages, is about 3000.
  2. I don't know what Dudley is on about, but you don't need the cart to play the digital games if you buy Borderlands Collection. You're effectively buying Borderlands 1 on a car, and the digital versions of the other two games. So you only need the cart to play the first game.
  3. Cool, tanks, that price is cheap enough for me (3000 yen on Amazon JP but your post made me have a look).
  4. I've snapped up a copy of Spartan X 2. Love Kung Fu Master - never played this. Hope it's OK.
  5. This can be played offline, right, after the initial download?
  6. Taiko no Tatsujin RPG is out now. Got mine today.
  7. Few more games and a box for the Cyber Virus extra missions cart. Lynx Casino is the only vintage game, and it's surprisingly fun, with loads of personality.
  8. This is so charming. Love the way the clock numbers change. Mine is on a little wooden bench, designed as a cellphone stand.
  9. If we include handhelds, the PSP is Sony's best console for launch-day games. Ridge Racers, Lumines, Everybody's Golf - three must-haves is pretty good.
  10. Few more. I already had a battered copy of Batman
  11. With a few exceptions, if it isn't a game I played at the time, I don't really enjoy it. Take the SNES Turtles game - it was well-regarded and it's a genre I love, but for some reason I didn't play it in its heyday. I finally got it about three years ago and soon got bored.
  12. This would never affect my decision in the slightest.
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