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  1. Seems that's a US style date. Capcom said yesterday was her birthday. I didn't know - for me, it was Monday. One of the best characters ever. Looking good for 53. Happy birthday, Chunners. You're still my best fighter in SF2.
  2. From Forza I really like: Bernesse Alps Rio de Janeiro Mountain Circuit Prague I love the whopping two in Sega Manx TT Superbike The Canyon in Out Run 2 There's a track in Gran Turismo 5 that I love playing, but I can't remember the name. It's quite long and has you driving in quite a tight circle towards the end. Edit - Cape Ring.
  3. Tomcat


    Darius Cozmic Collection Special Edition arrived today. I didn't realise how many Darius titles I'd been missing out on for two years with just basic Cozmic Collection.
  4. How is Crazy Taxi 3? I have it but don't have an Xbox on which to play it.
  5. It's quite a long running series, if dormant recently. It has been on MD, SFC, PS, Saturn and Dreamcast, and had a portable release on NGPC. There's also a PC Engine one, which I don't have. You're a witch, shooting from her broom stick. Many of them go for high prices now. Avoid the DC one - it's not very good. The series is quite good, bit never quite established itself. Cotton Boomerang, on Saturn is the best, I would say.
  6. Here are today's arrivals. Here's what's in the Cotton box. And Darius contains the following. Bit disappointing that it couldn't all fit in the main box, but there you go.
  7. Shooting action for me tonight. Cotton and Darius have been delivered.
  8. Damn. I've ordered this physical, as I live taxi games. Oh well. Can't be much worse than the simple series Taxi games on PS2 and PSP
  9. Finally completed as much as I'm going to in Ass Creed Odyssey. Loved it, but I've had enough after the cult, the family, the legendary beast hunt and the four mythical creatures. Next is Yakuza 7 as my main game.
  10. There's a US copy of Ass Creed Valhalla in my local game shop. Here in Japan, Xbox One games are like rocking horse shit. If I pick it up, can I later buy dlc from the UK online Xbox store which works with my physical US game? That was my point / question. Thank you Marlew
  11. Is Xbox One and Series X dlc region-free? For example if I own Ass Creed Valhalla US version, will dlc from the UK store work with it?
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