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  1. Less than two weeks to go now. Has anyone else pre-ordered one?
  2. Top 3 1. Race around beautiful locations. 2. Beat people up. 3. Build bases from which I can Sally forth and kill people.
  3. Battle Axe was a bit rubbish, on Switch certainly. I'll probably get this Final Vendetta.
  4. Collector's edition has: CD Art book Neo Geo AES style box. A couple of sponges PS4 game (which, annoyingly, doesn't fit into the AES style box)
  5. I've also got Alpine games on Lynx, which is great but I've played it to death. Curling Switch is on the way.
  6. Anyone got any winter Olympics games recommendations? I've got the Mario and Sonic games, and Nagano 98 on N64, which isn't much good. What better ones are there on old consoles?
  7. Interesting bit on Yahoo about transfer fees in and out of major clubs in the last ten years. https://uk.yahoo.com/sports/news/chelsea-rack-1billion-transfer-sales-135450667.html United have spent £909 million more than they made from selling players in that time.
  8. Phil Neville? No wonder she fucked off.
  9. Olli Olli and Dying Light 2 I'll snap up. GT 7 I'll get on release unless it's online only, in which case I'll skip it.
  10. I'm more interested in the Egret Mini and Triangle Strategy Game than any of that lot.
  11. Good. Fuck off, Collins.
  12. No, it's limited time, not limited number.
  13. Physical copy of GTA trilogy now out. If anyone was wondering if they were all on the cart, here's your answer. All three games immediately prompt you to download an update. GTA 3 and SA will start even if you don't download an update. Wether later missions are unavailable without an update I don't know, but you can at least get started. Vice City will not even start if you don't download an update. But when you do download it, it isn't tied to that account forever, like several of the Borderlands games are. If you sell the cart on, the buyer can still play all three games.
  14. I think I'm going to email some pictures of my collection to Sony Customer Services.
  15. This comes out about two days after the Egret Mini. Evenings will be brilliant that week.
  16. I hope the keep the name. Rubbish though it is, it has somehow made me look forward to it even more. I'm not watching any videos or playing any demos of it, so I'll go in totally fresh.
  17. I really hate the long wait for LRG and especially SLG releases. It's coming up to a year since I ordered Turrican.
  18. Most of mine was purchased for market price, some was dirt cheap and some was expensive. I can't deny that much of the appeal is looking round second-hand shops and trying to find old games I want at a reasonable price. And some of it is that feel of a real cart or disk in real hardware. I'm just one game away from a complete Lynx collection now, apart from one game that was a homebrew and only ever had about a dozen copies. I have all the original releases bar one. Sometimes I'll just decide to have a Saturn night, a Dreamcast night, a Game Gear night, or something else, and I do enjoy looking through my collection to see what I fancy playing. The Lynx apart, I am not looking for complete console collections. I have some series I collect - actually made a thread about that. There are other mini collections I'm adding to - games about trains, games about the law, medicine and hospital games, cooking games. A few of those I bought just for the sake of adding to the collection. There is a DS game about being a police negotiator, which is beyond my level of Japanese, but I picked it up anyway. I never pay much for that sort of game - if it's pricey, I go without.
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