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  1. What you would lose is that: A handful of games play better on the new models. Hyrule Warriors is one such game. At least one game - Xenoblade - will not run on an original 3DS. I'm not sure if there are any others. The original 3DS cannot play downloaded SNES games.
  2. Indeed. I won't be doing that personally, but it's impressive to think that it's possible. The Lynx is a bit lacking when it comes to racers. Think overall the Game Gear was better in that particular genre.
  3. I agree. Blue Storm has poor controls, boring track design, a commentator who sounds as bored as a sulky teenager and unbelievably bland graphics. When I picked up my launch-day GameCube, Blue Storm was the game I got with it, having put hundreds of hours into Wave Race 64. I traded it in less than a day later. I've since bought it back for about a hundred yen, but it's still crap.
  4. Wave Race 64 - my all time favourite racer. Burnout Legends. Apparently Revenge is better, but this on PSP was my introduction to Burnout, and I love it. Wipeout 2006. An incredible update of a classic. RC Pro Am. Has aged amazingly well. Ridge Racers PSP. Jaw-dropping. Made the DS seem like a disappointment. Still brilliant. Wreckfest. Pure fun. Forza Motorsport 4. Much as I love Prague, Rio and Dubai, this one has the best tracks. Metropolis Street Racer. This introduced so many things that are now common place, and was such fun to play. Mario Kart 8 DX. Forza Horizon 2. Might not look as nice as its sequels, but it's the best in the series for me for concentrating mostly on racing. Plus, it's my favourite location of all of them. Honourable mentions: Sega Rally, Manx TT, Wipeout 2097, Ridge Racer 4, Project Gotham 4, Racing Gears Advance. Up yours award - Driveclub, which I will always think is a shitstain. Never played Rallisport Challenge.
  5. I grabbed Kirby Block Bowl, apparently brand new. I've now got every Kirby game apart from the SNES game that didn't get a Japanese release.
  6. If you want to race on your Lynx, Songbird Productions have released 8-bit Slicks. It's a top-down racer against three AI opponents over 20 tracks. A bit like Championship Rally.
  7. More than a year after I originally ordered, some limited edition company has finally sent me the triple pack of Neo Cab, Paradise Killer and Eternal Radiance. They've actually sent me two copies of Neo Cab. It's been so long since I ordered that I've lost interest in playing them. Oh well, back to Kirby.
  8. Sweet. I'll be grabbing this then on Series X. Thanks.
  9. Does this have any single player content, and can it be played without Xbox Live? Looks intriguing.
  10. My local Geo had the Mario one for just 3000 yen. I snapped it up to go with my Luigi one.
  11. Looks like an exciting final day between Pakistan and Australia.
  12. I'd forgotten this was out. Ordered it from Amazon on the way to work. After Mario, Kirby is probably my favourite Nintendo series.
  13. What the fuck? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-60843870 Barty is retiring at the age of 25.
  14. They're not that hard to come across in Japan. My local has several at about 30,000 yen each. There are a few common games for about 4,000 yen, and a handful locked in the cabinet for about 100,000 yen each. I bought one a few years ago out of curiosity - now all the games I have for it are on the Switch!
  15. THE SWITCH HAS FOLDERS Albeit known as groups. Finally. Disclaimer - I haven't tried this out yet - I read it on Famiboards.
  16. Hermione had nothing to do with freeing Dobby. It was Harry who did so by tricking Lucius Malfoy into presenting him with a sock (clothes).
  17. The new tracks are a bit easy. I'm rubbish at Mario Kart 8 and have very few 3-star championships at 150cc but I did these two on my first try. Sky Garden is maybe my favourite of the new tracks.
  18. I'm not bothered about the Amiga mini but the cotton and pgr features interest me very much.
  19. The voice acting was a bit shit. I liked the environments but not convinced by the character models. It will be made or broken in the combat for me. It looked fun, but I can't be bothered with games which are basically memory tests any more. I'm amazed this is getting a Switch port. So I'll be reading reviews. If it reviews well, I'll get it on Series X and Switch. If not, I'll wait until it's cheap and then pick it up on Series X only.
  20. Didn't know that. Anyway, I've ordered the PS4 and Switch ones from Amazon.
  21. This looks absolutely excellent. Plenty of stuff which has already featured in god alone knows how many collections, but some good stuff too, like Pac n Roll, which as far as I know has only been on DS. As well as playing the games, you can also customise your virtual arcade with coins you earn by playing the games and completng missions. This second video shows that particular feature. May 26th on Switch and PS4. May 27th on Xbox, including Gamepass, and Windows. May 28th on Steam. Physical versions on PS4 and Switch are on Amazon Japan. Hope they're actual carts and disks, and not just codes in boxes. Quite cheap at just 2640 yen. Looks like a great package.
  22. Yes, I spent many a lockdown meeting at home with the TV on behind my laptop just doing circuits of the oval track in the fastest car the game had to get that one. I don't play online, so it's rare that a game allows me to get a platinum. I think I've only got Ashes 99, Grid, Ace Attorney and WRC4 (in which I had to take part in a few online races, but didn't have to do well, and that was on PS3 so it was free to play online). GAA will be my fifth eventually, I guess.
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