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  1. It's all right. I much preferred the PSP games personally. This was the game I got with my 3DS at launch, and I don't think I ever played it again after getting a second game later. The DS game is a total shit stain. Almost as bad as Burnout DS.
  2. Anyone playing #drive? Despite the crap name, it looks really nice and is very addictive. Great for short bursts.
  3. Now that I come to think of it, no, I don't remember having any rain delays or anything. The temperature, cloud cover and humidity is announced before the game, but I haven't noticed the slightest effect on gameplay. Haven't received the Switch version yet.
  4. I haven't bothered with the gym workouts since doing it the first time. I sometimes check in for the sauna, massage or retreat away, presuming that it reduces my chances of having to retire hurt. It's annoying as it just wastes a bit of time before I can start playing, but so far I haven't had any injuries at all.
  5. Won the Sri Lankan league today, which is rather boring as there are only three teams, for Women anyway. They play each other time and time again and the top two play in the final. Once I'd won, I faced my first press conference. The only question was about what I felt after losing the final.
  6. Depends how many are sitting on multiple consoles. I have an OG, Lite and OLED, but only one copy of Mario Kart.
  7. I haven't bothered with bowling since Don Bradman 14. Gave it up because the career mode, which is already a huge time sink, takes much longer if you're bowling as well as batting. As in real cricket, batting is much more fun. That didn't stop the AI as Captain sometimes bringing me on to bowl an over or too, even though I was a batting specialist. A few one-day games got away from me when the ball was handed to me to start the 48th over. I haven't tried keeping wicket in Cricket 22 yet. It's probably not that much fun, but worth a try for the novelty value.
  8. I tell a lie, Ighalo was actually a year earlier. Pity.
  9. Seems yesterday was Brighton's biggest ever top flight win. United tried to sign Moises Caicedo, who scored against them in the game, a year and a half ago, but were unable to complete the negotiations. So instead they spent 10 million in total on a loan for Ighalo. Brighton eventually signed the player for 4.5 million.
  10. Yep. PL goals scored by Brighton at Home this season: 0 - nine times 1 - four times 2 - four times 3 - zero times 4 - once (Today vs Man Utd)
  11. I've got one with about five games. Never use it. It's rubbish.
  12. Yep. I'll be getting this on release day.
  13. Highlights from the official Everton FC channel. The video description "Everton suffered an underserved defeat in the 240th Merseyside derby, a game that had more than a few controversial decisions."
  14. The partnership of Mane and Salah really is amazing. They're obviously great players, but seeing their assists to each other and finishes in a compilation is mind-blowing.
  15. I'm really struggling on the robotics club story. I finished the first few matches easily by just building to the enemy base as soon as possible, not caring about number of blocks, but now I get hammered. The enemy robots are much faster and slicing my robots up easily. Any recommended upgrades?
  16. Bet Klopp's heart skipped a beat watching this turn.
  17. Indeed. I enjoyed the original films but have no interest in this series. I'll get the game for the location, but I'd prefer it to have the original Harry Potter characters.
  18. I think I'm ready for some dlc for this. I've done all the races and that's pretty much all I'm interested in. I still have a quick play a few times a week and so some of the races in the Mercedes truck, which is great fun to drive, but I could do with a new place.
  19. It's quite amusing reading United fans' reactions when the possible signing of Mane was first discussed back in 2015. Some describe him as a good squad player - lightning quick, with a good work rate but an average finisher, who is too inconsistent. The majority view is that he isn't quite good enough, and they'd be better off signing the older Pedro instead of the 23-year-old Mane. A couple would even prefer Berahino. A few are furious that such a mediocre signing is being considered, and that not being able to do any better than Mane is a sign of how much the club has declined. https://www.redcafe.net/threads/sadio-mané.408248/
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