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  1. I love sandbox games - sunk a lot of time into Fable 2 and Sid Meier's Pirates. But I don't think that's the way to go for every type of game. I think, say, Call of Duty 4 would have been a worse game had it not been totally linear.
  2. Do you have to pay to download the Wii Internet channel now?
  3. His next sentence began "All you wannabe Del Boys should...".
  4. Strictly speaking, I suppose you have to buy a PSP to use all the PS3's features if you include remote play.
  5. In the late 80s and early 90s popular media in the UK passed me by completely. I started a thread about it on ntsc-uk a while ago. Watching MTV in Moscow with some friends in 1994 I asked which band we were watching. Cue odd glances and laughter, as if I was joking. Finally someone told me it was U2. I didn't watch much TV or listen to much music in my teens or twenties, and even less now that I live in Japan.
  6. Never heard of Violet Berlin. Well worth a squirt, from that picture. Women who have colours as first names usually are - see Scarlett Johansen.
  7. Do film DVDs not get cheaper and cheaper as time passes? Obviously not as quickly as games do, but I thought older films were cheap to pick up on DVD. A good post. I suppose the difference between games and other media is that with, say, a DVD the enjoyment you get is not affected in the least by whether the whole world is watching the same thing as you, or nobody in the world is. Whereas if you are the only person playing a game, then obviously the multiplayer online part, if any, is not going to be much fun. I know that has already been mentioned in the thread, but seeing as you compared games and DVDs, I thought it worth mentioning once again.
  8. No. I prefer non-gaming girls. It's probably for the best that my attempts to teach the wife failed. Gaming is my down-time. I'd hate to have to share it with the trouble and strife.
  9. A year or so ago GamesTM's collector's corner had a woman gamer. Very pretty she was too. Had a huge Shining Force collection and lots of JP Saturn games. That was my epiphany - there are attractive girl gamers out, just not many, so the trawlers get far more attention than they deserve from the teenage male gamers. Look at Jennifer Tsao - average at best and a munter IMHO but when she left 1up.com bang went the dreams of thousands of geeky virgins.
  10. For people playing with a male hero, did anyone have any luck fucking Hammer? She certainly wasn't interested in any of the lezzer action my ostensibly very attractive heroine offered her: It's as if Molyneux was following me around, taking notes, when I was a teenager.
  11. Nothing beats the excitement of playing a new game or getting new hardware when it is just released. I see it in the same vein as my wife forever buying new clothes despite having wardrobes full of perfectly adequate atire.
  12. I loved Lords of the Realm 2 back in the day. It's probably shite now, but turn-based strategy with real time battles was great. Didn't play the sequel released a few years ago.
  13. I am not Calzaghe's biggest fan, but to win rounds 2-12 on the cards of all three judges is incredible.
  14. Quite a few. On another, unrelated thread I read "Have you tried hitting her?". It didn't seem to help.
  15. I don't mind you saying, but I think Mario Kart would be more difficult. Wave Race has a warm up track (dolphin park) and a simple oval shaped first track (sunny beach). OK there is the matter of the coloured buoys to negotiate, but that takes less explanation than the weapons in Mario Kart. Maybe it was too subtle for a non-gamer though, I take your point. Perhaps I'll try Ridge Racer 6 when she calms down in a few months, and just not bother to explain about the nitrous boost.
  16. No, I would be willing to let her win a few games, to get the hang of it.
  17. I thought that too. The chase view is something that Phoenix games never seem to master - in the London taxi game the arrow blocks off some of what little chance there is to avoid other vehicles.
  18. I lost my temper last night trying to teach the wife how to play Wave Race. The games she plays are limited to Wii Sports tennis, Tetris and Zoo Keeper. I realise playing games doesn't come instinctively to someone who hasn't been doing it for decades but honestly, I've never seen gaming incompetence like hers. She went staight out to sea and was disqualified the first time, not realising that you had to steer the damn jetski. The second time she held to stick to the left and wondered why she kept going around in circles. I teach Japanese Junior High School students, who are notorious for their lack of interest and general crapness at speaking English, so I thought I would hae developed some patience. But trying to show the wife how to play games quickly drives me up the wall! I've tried Super Mario Bros, Elite Beat Agents and Marble Madness as well, with no luck. I was hoping to try her on LBP, but neither of us want to now. How have you got on with trying to teach non-gamers? Is it just harder to teach one's partner in general. Or am I just a total cunt?
  19. Shogun Empires on the DS is the worst game I own at the moment. It has no redeeming features at all.
  20. Agree with the poster who said the graphics on Ridge Racers PSP. The first time I saw them I was stunned. Several parts of Call of Duty 4 - . That was one of the tensest moments I've had in gaming. And near the end, I had to reload and and an enemy was just taking aim at me, when the rest of my squad (this was one player, so presumably Gaz or Captain Price) just blew him away. The first time I played Wii Sports tennis.
  21. I like owning the disks. Hopefully all digital is a long way off yet. That said, I would like a system where you can rent games digitally but most of them are sold physically.
  22. Does the first Time Splitter have a level editor, or just the sequel?
  23. Great - thanks for that link, Omizzay. As long as it isn't too rare and it got a Japanese release (I know the first one did, hopefully the sequel did too) I should be able to find it easily enough. Did anyone have any success with the Tenchu level editors? The second PS game was panned on release, and it was much worse than the first, but the level editor was awesome fun. I created a few fortresses that would have given James Bond villains wet dreams, with guards on every corner. The PSP game also has a level editor.
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