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  1. Well, to each his own. I bought Shinobi earlier this year, and was horrified when the opening scene was ninjas flying down a valley. The Bruce Lee films are amazing. I like Fist of Fury best. If only he'd been born later, and been in a film with Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li. Are you Chinese, by the way?
  2. Another film I have to see. I like a good kung fu film, as long it's not the running up walls shite, with catching arrows and flying through the air. Couldn't stand House of the flying daggers for that reason, and never been able to watch Crouching Tiger. Love the Bruce Lee films though. Well, the fighting - the rest is good in a laugh-at-the-acting way.
  3. Honestly, you need no more than that. First and second page of yahoo image searches. I'm now typing one handed. Haven't you noticed the quality and quantity of my posts falling through the floor in the last few minutes?
  4. You're on line aren't you? Get a box of tissues, put some Level 42 on, and type "Gong Li" into yahoo image search. The pictures thrown up are enough to make Graham Norton turn his nose up at a room full of of ladyboys.
  5. That isn't a glowing recommendation necessarily, it was a genuine interest in your opinion. You need a long afternoon to watch it. There are many great things about it, but somehow I felt it was only a very ood movie, not a great one. But I can't put my finger on why. No more info, off you go and watch it. I really want to see Lantern - hopefully a DVD will come my way one day.
  6. It's no oscar winner, but it is a very good film. More an intriguing plot than an action fest. Any director who makes a film with Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li in it should never be let near a studio again if the film is anything less than very good.
  7. They certainly are. It's very frustrating. Lesser films, like Zhou Yu's Train, for example, are easy to find. RTRL is also in my must-see list. Have you seen The Emperor And The Assassin? What did you think of it?
  8. Well, she was supposed to be speaking with a Spanish accent, wasn't she. But yeah, that film is probably all round the low point of her acting career. In Memoirs of a Geisha, her performance and the lovely face of Zhang Ziyi managed to salvage an otherwise crap film, but Miami Vice was beyond saving. In any event, she can't actually speak English, apparently.
  9. Anyone else like this fantastic actress? She was Hatsumomo in Memoirs of a Geisha, and despite it being shite and the English dialogue further stripping any feeling of involvement, she was superb in it. Also, Isabella in Miami Vice. tNaturally, she's best in Chinese films. Some good ones to start with are The Emperor and The Assassin and The Curse of the Golden Flower. Sadly I've never seen her most famous one, Farewell My Concubine. She's over 40 now, but still an absolute stunner. Makes you wonder what the fuck goes through the minds of these twats who vote the likes of Angelina Jolie as the most beautiful woman in the world. Seen any of her films?
  10. What, like Rush scoring, them drawing 3-3 in 94, beating you 5 times in the trot. Yep, well out of order, what cunts! you are an idiot.
  11. Very good. Any more who have won it as PLAYERS?
  12. Am I right in thinking that only two players have won the Premiership and played for Liverpool? are the only ones I can think of.
  13. Theme Brothel. Keep the punters happy. Do you do you a regular quick shag shop, or a dungeon with dominatrices in it? Hire maids to clean up and delivery boys to go round putting your signs up in phone boothes. Research comfier beds, sexier outfits etc if you're doing the standard knockingshop and better chastity devices, buttplugs, cages etc for the dungeon. I couldn't give a toss about downloadable sackman costumes, but I think new outfit packs for this game would sell well.
  14. I'm not faithful to them. They serve me. I don't serve them. Right now I'm seeing Fifa behind Fallout's back, and neither of them know that I'm also doing Age of Empires 3, while occasionally getting it on with Civilization DS.
  15. I enjoy the PS2 ports and the games which aren't on PS2. Parodius Collection, Pirates, Field Commander for example. And better than PS2 ports of Minna no golf and Ridge Racer But I agree with you. The PSP has been doomed by the myth that there are no games for it. Every time one comes out, the gamine world goes "finally, a reason to get a PSP", then forgets about it until the next game comes around, when the cycle repeats itself.
  16. It's my favourite console ever. I have a long commute each day to work, and would go crazy without it. I just can't get into the DS games. I have over 100, but that's a sort of compulsive buying sickness, not because I really like playing them. I can see the quality of them, but I just never want to put time into them. A bit like Dickens' works, I suppose - I have no doubt that they're fantastic, but I'd rather read fat girl magazines.
  17. Did that rather inappropriate poster of a white woman terrifying the crap out of a black girl to announce the white PSP make it to the UK?
  18. Right, I see the problem perhaps - I've been in Japan for eight years, and know from the destination whether it's international or not. I didn't think of the fact that some of the more obscure places might not be known to players who've never been here. I've looked at the PSP games, but I love the touch screen control too much. When they go budget I'll almost certainly pick a PSP game up. In fact, I'd love an in depth sim-Airport game. It might sound tedious or unworkable, but if prisons can be simme, surely an airport can be made fun too, even if it would have to be on PC not DS.
  19. Ah, I see what you mean. I'll load it up again. Can't remember off the top of my head.
  20. That's the one where international flights and domestics have different runways is it? I think it only gives you the option of landing them at and dispatching them from the appropriate runways.
  21. I see your point, but for me the fact that an order is followed blindly and can't be changed, even if it means a mid-air collision, made it much less realistic and stripped away some of the feeling of involvement. I think the game would be better allowing this to happen once or maybe even twice, but very much reducing your score each time. Third time and you get sacked for incompetence. A DSi version, where you download new airports, would be great.
  22. It is fun, but the lack of the free play mode and not having an option to cancel an order issued are serious flaws, in my opinion. The latter seems especially silly when pilot stress is one of the measures of how well you are doing. Surely it would have been better to have this option and let it send the stress level up a bit. A few times I have realised I ordered the wrong plane to speed up, and have had to sit and watch it catch up with and crash into the plane immediately in front of it in the stack. 7/10 to me is fun but with a few flaws.
  23. One of my favourite games of last year, but it's shocking that it doesn't have a game and watch mode, where it just continues getting gradually faster and faster until a cock up becomes inevitable. As it is, you can only play for sessions of two virtual hours, and it's so frustrating not getting points for a landing plane when the session is over and it's inches away from landing. Great fun, though, despite its flaws. 7/10.
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