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  1. Never. I don't play 18-rated games when my nephews are here. But apart from that, nothing embarrasses me about the games I play.
  2. I assume it's to stop or reduce the chance of you having to retire hurt in the next game. There are six calendar days until the next match, so you have to balance upping your stats by training against staying fit by fatigue management. Each training session so far has taken one calendar day. If you played Virtua Tennis on PS3, it's a bit like that, although so far the training minigames have been much less fun in this.
  3. Did another game today. The batting really is fun. Definitely worth upgrading when this is a bit cheaper. It seems the training has temporary effects only. You can do your coach's recommended training, nets training, gym training which gives you a major boost for a few weeks or quick training, which gives you a minor boost for the next game. You can also do "fatigue management", which is a sauna, a massage or a fancy retreat, which take up one, two or four calendar days respectively. A bit like not getting burnt out in the Virtua Tennis games on PS3 and Vita. A sub menu in the Player menu gives sponsor options. Equipment sponsor, beverage endorsement, corporate endorsement and charity endorsement are all there but "not yet earned". I don't know if it will make any difference to anything except the equipment. There's more feedback about your batting, bowling and feedback stats that in the last game. They just seem to improve automatically - no more leveling up to unlock skill tiers.
  4. Fortunately it didn't last long. I'll wait and see what happens after my next match.
  5. After one match in career mode a variety of batting stats improved. They include physical, driving, cutting, pulling, and others. I'm not sure if it improves the skills you use more, depending on your batting. But anyway, there are more skills than I remember from Ashes 2019. When the game was over, the coach made me practice in the nets, which also improved some stats. After the second game, the coach made me go to the gym. You choose an exercise from about five, to improve the stat you want. I choose the treadmill, for physical, and was treated to a rather boring timing mini game. Honestly, the ones in Mario Tennis Advance were much more fun. There were three intensity levels to choose from, which I guess is difficulty level. The coach warned that if I didn't visit the gym enough he'd be on my case. Maybe this seemed fun in a game design meeting, but I certainly think it's going to be an annoying distraction. Hope the developers of the F1 games don't take any inspiration from this and have you taking your career driver for fitness and weight training.
  6. I haven't had as much time to play this yet as I hoped, but I've done a few matches. Playing on Series X, as opposed to PS4 Pro and Switch in particular, the loading times are mercifully shorter, and the camera no longer stutters as it pans around the stadium. So far I've done the batting tutorial, played the first two tests of the World Test Championship, and created my career character but she hasn't started playing yet, so I have yet to experience the dreaded training sessions. There's a huge download before you start, and once it has downloaded enough to be "ready to start", all you can do is some batting in the nets. The batting seems more in depth to me, but I didn't do the batting tutorials in the last game, so maybe these features were always there and I didn't know about them. But now there's a specific way to leave a ball (other than just ignoring it), and there's also a way for doing unconventional shots like the reverse sweep. Not that I use them at all - the basic shot, aggressive shot and defensive shots are more than enough. Graphics look quite a bit better than the last game, and the England men's team, which is whom I'm using in the WTC, certainly look like their real life counterparts. There aren't as many strange animations as before, such as when the bowler would suddenly hurl the ball to the wicketkeeper even though I wasn't going for a run. But there are still bugs. Sometimes I've hit the ball for a four and no fielder bothered to chase it. Even if it's a certain boundary, you'd think they'd go and get it, but instead it just warps back to the bowler for the next delivery. Occasionally I've seen fielders run alongside the ball, as if they're racing it to the rope, rather than fielding it, but those times are fe and far between. For the commentary, Gower sounds quite good. Not natural, but enthusiastic enough. Atherton sounds rubbish, as if he's reading something that's a few grades too difficult for him. Mel Jones sounds about the same as before. Can't remember much about the other two. It isn't always accurate. In particular, they are obsessed with telling me off for poor running. If I ever cancel a run, they'll always bang on about it, using the same phrases, without fail. And sometimes I'll take a single and not even start a second run, but they'll tell me I'm getting overexcited and reckless for even considering another run. The score updates are much smoother than before, which is good. No more of the England (pause) are (pause) three(pause) for (pause) one (pause) hundred (pause) and (pause) thirty-five. They've tried to make the player creation a bit more involved, in career mode, but it's extremely lame. Instead of just choosing from different options, your agent calls you, and checks that he's talking to the right person. Something along the lines of "you're that opening batter who bowls fast medium, right?". If that's what you want to be, you can choose "yep, that's me", and if you choose "no", you then select what you do want to be, and he'll say something like "Ah, yes, thought I was talking to someone else." I hope he won't be appearing much more throughout the career, and hopefully not at all. There are more options for player creation than I remember from the last game. You can now customise each of the four colours on your trainers, for example, and pretty much any colour is available for hair. As always, I've gone for a 7'3" woman (tallest available), this time from Sri Lanka. You can opt to be a specialist wicketkeeper, which I'll try at one point, as I've never ever done that in a game. So far I'm enjoying it. If you have a Series or PS5, it's worth it for the loading times alone. The batting doesn't feel too much different. I'll be getting the Switch version at the end of the month, and I'll post some thoughts about that too.
  7. This Onimusha 3 PS2 controller, which looks great, but unsurprisingly is very awkward when you try and use it.
  8. This PS2 one, which looks awesome but is unsurprisingly very awkward to put to actual use .
  9. I think the RX comes with a six button controller, which the R doesn't. But that controller isn't very good, from what I've read. Apart from that I don't think there's any difference in terms of performance.
  10. Well, my Xbox copy of this latest game has apparently been delivered. That's the weekend sorted. I bought the last three on PS4 and the two before that on PS3, but I thought I'd see how the Bone / Series controllers hold up. I'll be double dipping on a Switch copy when that gets a release.
  11. It also starts drifting faster than just about any other car in the game. Great acceleration too. Not at all realistic, but such fun.
  12. It was a tremendous year on the Switch. There are quite a few games on the other consoles I'm interested in, although not much in the way of PS5 exclusives. Just as well, seeing as how I can't get hold of one. Overall, a very good year.
  13. Did the performance of this on Switch improve from its initial release? I like the look of it, but it's the sort of game I'd only ever play on Switch, so it's basically that or leave it if it still doesn't play very well.
  14. Game of the Year A1. Forza Horizon 5 A2.Game Builder Garage A3.MS Flight Simulator A4.Shin Megami Tensei V A5. Super Arcade Football Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1.GTA trilogy quality Z2.Advance Wars slipping back Z3.Console scarcity Sound Design of the Year S1. S2. S3. Visual Design of the Year V1.Shin Megami Tensei V V2.The Art Of Rally V3. Writing of the Year W1. W2. W3. Format of the Year F1.Switch Publisher or Developer of the Year P1.Nintendo
  15. The Hoonigan Gymkhana goes up to 6, sorry, not 7, that was FH4. But it does go up in multiples of 0.5 which makes it rocket up. However, the truck is much more fun to drive.
  16. I've found by far the most fun vehicle to drive in the game. The Mercedes Benz truck. It's brilliant. Fast, controllable and starts drifting on a sixpence. Racks up the skill combos fast as lighting. Not quite as fast as the Hoonigan gymkhana whose multiplier goes up to 7, but this is much more fun to drive. Especially off a huge drop in a cross country race. Never noticed it in earlier FH games, but next time I play any the first thing I'll do is see if it can be bought. It's going to be strange playing this and watching the pennies (credits) as we don't get weekly handouts any more.
  17. They're the second-best team in the world, and there's no higher praise than that. Kevin Keegan
  18. Jesus, the installs and updates for this are going to take ages. Glad I'm not a one-console only gamer. Hopefully I'll be flying some time tomorrow.
  19. Well this is absolutely brilliant. What beautiful scenery. Didn't need my character to have a voice, but I can get over that.
  20. You're right. I've had a play on this now. It's all in English. It feels responsive enough to me, but no doubt more knowledgeable critics will specify exactly how many frames of input lag there are. It also looks lovely.
  21. Here's what's in the Cotton Rock n Roll collector's editions. One came with a Cotton tea cup, a little doll of her in her underwear, and a "tapestry". Here's a look inside the box. That tiny figure and tea cup weren't in the box. The other one came with no underwear figure, tapestry or tea cup, but did have an extra cd and some stickers. Here's that, and look at the back of the large doll box. I thought I'd ordered one PS4 version. Oh well.
  22. I thought I'd ordered each, but seems I ordered two Switch editions. Oh, well. One will end up in trading on here I guess.
  23. They were only dispatched yesterday, so I think that's likely. Did you go for the collector's edition?
  24. Anyone picking up Cotton Rock n Roll? Mine is arriving today.
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