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  1. Where can this be bought? Can't find it on Amazon.
  2. Wave Race 64 is still utterly fantastic, and one of the best racers ever.
  3. Japan, I'm afraid. It's not really worth sending. You may as well just get it from PlayAsia.
  4. If anyone missed out on Grandia physical, it's now available from PlayAsia. I actually bought two by mistake, but hopefully my local shop will give me a good trade in offer.
  5. It will be delisted when the car / music licences expire. Still available on disk, of course.
  6. That mod is probably the most highly-strung mod on the internet. Regularly goes insane. I'm staggered that resetera had an income of 700k per year, and 80% of that was profit. Does this forum make a tidy sum as well?
  7. A quick look on Amazon shows many at way below that, sometimes less than half.
  8. The docks are not interchangeable, right? This can't be put into an OG switch dock.
  9. I said on the first page that those blocks were the worst part of the game. I can usually avoid the long spears, and get an enemy or two skewered. I've now got all three GB games. Happy.
  10. That's DD3, right? I've picked up the Famicom and GB versions recently.
  11. I've given up on the Game Gear version for now. Master System version is on the playlist for the weekend.
  12. It probably isn't the fault of the actual commentators themselves, but they were inaccurate in their description (frequently describing sixes as "played nicely along the ground" for example), didn't have much variety in what they said, and had infuriating pauses almost every word when they're giving the score and far too often the rest of the time. England...are...three....for...one...hundred...and....thirty....one.
  13. Yes, Golding's thoughts on what goes through a bowler's mind after he's just been hit for six, Warner's musings on the hook shot and Greig's thoughtful picking his all-time 11 were excellent and really added to the experience. Even the PS1 Brian Lara had some funny snippets from Aggers and Boycott. The commentary on Big Ant games has just been unbelievable in its crapness.
  14. Cricket 22 coming for PC and all consoles, Switch a bit later. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/10/cricket-22-will-aim-to-bowl-us-over-on-switch-next-year Hope Switch gets a physical.
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