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  1. Zelda Skyward Sword is my 275th Switch game, not counting digital games.
  2. DW7 or 8 if you have a PS3 or XB360. I've never liked the ones set in Japan.
  3. Thanks. I'd completely forgotten that I'd ordered it, with these physical versions taking so long. It was a surprise when it arrived today. I'm looking forward to giving it a whirl.
  4. Bump. Did anyone play this? Mine was delivered today. Is it any good?
  5. I'm bored of all my modern cricket games. Haven't touched any for months. These days it's all Super International Cricket and Brian Lara on SNES and Megadrive for me.
  6. I've never played Skyward Sword. Very much looking forward to Friday.
  7. I'm trying to keep to one Switch game a week. PS and Xbox games I can stick to one a month on average, helped by the fact that I can get hold of the latest consoles. Can't limit myself on retro games.
  8. I'll stick to PS4 if it's digital only on Switch.
  9. I prefer gaming to consumption of other media. I can read or watch TV/films at work. So I want to spend my free time at home gaming. Gaming is more of an investment than films or books. It requires expensive hardware, and no piece of hardware by itself is enough to play all the best games. Also books and films don't have performance issues depending on hardware (certainly not to the extent that games do), and don't ship full of bugs that need patches. So there's less need to follow reviews and news for those media. There's more physical stuff to collect for games than other media. And I enjoy collecting what I want. That said, this year I'm getting back into other hobbies. I've been on a few Japanese countryside railways to take photos and videos. I'm also learning Indonesian. I hope gaming can remain my late evening hobby.
  10. Just played a leisurely round of normal golf against Wario, and thrashed him. Why? Because his putting was game-breakingly shite. With putts of between four to ten feet, more often than not he'd aim at about forty-five degrees to the hole. Really ruined the fun. I am enjoying rush mode very much.
  11. I'll have a look. I don't live in Tokyo or Osaka, but there's one quite good shop for all things geeky in my city.
  12. It's about £50 (equivalent). Thanks for that. I'll probably grab it if the disk is in good condition then. I don't much like gaming on my computer unless it's an RTS, in which case I prefer it.
  13. Brill, thanks for the heads-up. Snapped up. Any Raiden players have opinions on Raiden III? There's a copy in my local, but it's pricey for a PS2 game.
  14. Am I misunderstanding? That wealth isn't concentrated in one place. It's held by numerous stockholders, many of which will probably be pension funds and charities. Some will certainly be obscenely wealthy professional investors, but it's not somebody just sitting on two trillion dollars.
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