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  1. It wasn't one I actually wanted, but I couldn't find another option for the physical game.
  2. I like that GTA V one. So many of them come with art books. I've never ever felt an interest in that whatsoever. Here are two of mine which I've posted on here before. I've also got a lot of Ace Attorney ones from the DS and 3DS.
  3. Some of mine off the top of my head. Zelda LA Switch Panty Party Switch Darius Cosmic Collection Switch Bubble Bobble Switch Capcom Belt Collection Switch / PS4 Streets of Rage 4 Switch Samurai Spirits PS4 Samurai Spirits Collection Switch Ace Attorney Switch / PS4 Toki Switch
  4. I'm not talking about those versions of games which come in a similar size of box to the standard editions, but which have a load of dlc as well. I'm talking about those editions which come in bigger boxes, sometimes huge, and may contain soundtracks, artbooks, posters, stickers, figures, keyrings or any other tat in addition to the game. Have you bought any this generation? And have you used any of the extra stuff? I've rarely bought these in the past, with just a PS2 Streetfighter 3 and a Megadrive Cotton being my lot. But this year, I've bought loads. Every single damn bit of extra stuff is still unused. Haven't opened anything at all. I'm really thinking of stopping, and sticking to just getting the game in future. Much easier to store too. Do you open or use the extra stuff in your Collectors' editions?
  5. Couple of Songbird puzzle games arrived today.
  6. There are two tables - Elvira and the Party Monsters, and Police Force. Seems they are based on real pinball tables. I haven't played it yet, but by all accounts this is OK, a bit floaty, with great sound, and good graphics but a bit too much going on to follow the action. I've bought it more to fill another hole in my Lynx collection than because I actually wanted to play it, although I'll certainly give it a go. Not that far off a complete collection now, although I'm certainly not going for the unreleased demos, prototypes and variations of games. Some collectors get all the box sizes and cart shapes for every game. I'll be happy with just one of every game released.
  7. A bit more scuffed than I hoped, but Pinball Jam is now with me. I'm in love with the woman in the artwork.
  8. No, I never did that. However, my Game and Watches, and later Game Boy went just about everywhere I went for many years.
  9. Tomcat

    Nintendo Switch

    If you ordered the Samurai Spirits Neo Geo Collection, here's what you get. Art book CD Game Sticker Couple of bits of plastic - one is kanji and one is a character presumably from the game. They're in the silver foil. AES-style case.
  10. I didn't actually find it played very much differently when I tried it years later, despite people telling me that it was basically a different game now. It just isn't my thing at all. Which is odd - I love most arcade racers.
  11. Drive Club was the game I bought with my PS4, and it was so shit, I wondered why I had bothered. Fortunately I'd picked it up used, not new. I was furious with myself for not plumping for the Bone and Forza Horizon 2.
  12. Nope. No game has ever been too violent for me. The more violence a game has, the more likely I am to purchase it.
  13. PS5, since I'm not sure Microsoft will even bother releasing theirs here in Japan. But I certainly won't be an early adopter.
  14. We certainly stumbled over the line. Hope someone very shit wins the play offs, or we'll be by some distance the crappest team in the Premier League next season. Still, I thought that last time we went up, and we ended up staying in it for a long time.
  15. For me, this is all more true of Man United than any other club, and that's why I hate them far more than any other team.
  16. Tomcat

    F1 2020

    No. I hate it. It doesn't help that I'm shit at it. Either I'm as slow as a snail on it, or I keep clipping the walls and mounting kerbs as if I'm making a drunken getaway. I particularly hate those downhill turns quite near the start of the lap. Real races on it are boring as fuck too. As you say, terrible track. The only one I don't enjoy.
  17. Didn't mind it in Skyrim, when blacksmiths and shopkeepers usually had the ingredients you needed, although that did render it rather pointless. Have hated it in pretty much every other game I've played with it.
  18. T-Tris isn't worth getting. It's an ok version of Tetris, but you can't just speed the drop for a second or two. Once you speed it up, you're committed. Also, one of the buttons speeds it up, which annoyed me at first as I tried to rotate, and sat helplessly as tetraminoes plunged to the bottom. But worst of all, no music at all, which really kills the atmosphere. Instead you get an annoying boing sound. It's cool to have Tetris on the Lynx, but puzzle fans should stick to Klax, and Tetris fans should get a Game Boy or DS.
  19. Alpine Games then. Well, let's start with the packaging. It comes in a normal Lynx game sized box, which rather nicely has some foam padding inside to protect the cart. The instruction booklet is marvellous. It's in full colour, has lots of pages, with screenshots, detailed instructions about the events and information about the characters. The cart itself is odd. There's orange plastic at the front, with a ridge of Lynx dark grey at the back to stop it going too far into the console. Despite its shape, it fits perfectly. It comes in a protective plastic bag. Loading the game up, you get two title screens, the second with some rather distorted music. Then the main menu is: Competition Practice Event World Records BLL Loader Credits BLL Loader takes you to a menu where you can select 2400, 9600, 31250 or 62500. Not knowing what these are, I leave it at the default 9,600. Maybe the manual explains it. I haven't done Competition yet, and I assume that's where the characters are hanging out, because I haven't seen them yet. What I have done is practice the events. They are: Biathlon Snowboard Run Freestyle Aerial Speed Skating Slalom Snowboard Halfpipe Ski Jump Bobsleigh Figure Skating The only one I haven't thought much of is Biathlon, whose skiing part was rather tedious. The others range from OK to great fun. I got nowhere at all on California Games half pipe, but Snowboard Half pipe is much more accessible. Snowboard Run provides quite a challenge and a great sense of speed, and the snow effect is excellent in Slalom. The best graphics for me were in Speed Skating, although I'm rubbish at it. A couple of events, like Freestyle Aerial, feel like filler, and are nothing special, but overall this is a great set of mini-games. Graphics are always good, and can be very impressive indeed. After the title screen, there was no more distorted music. The tunes were not exactly catchy, but they and the sound effects were perfectly adequate. Worth playing? Definitely. Worth the money? Not sure.
  20. Do you know if the Game freak plays Brian Lara correctly? Something about the frequency means that the Nomad and other knock offs load it ok but with the picture constantly jumping upwards.
  21. One nice thing - it plays my Brian Lara Megadrive perfectly, unlike the Nomad and another knock-off handheld.
  22. Pong (well, Ponx) arrived today. It was in a CD jewel case, but that was a bit smashed, so I'll look for a better one.
  23. It certainly is. I already had a cart-only version, so I haven't opened this yet, but it's nice to have a boxed one too.
  24. Got this, for when Alpine Games gets too frustrating. I'm much better at Tetris than I am at winter sports games.
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