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  1. Thanks. GT5 had a mid-race save, although it needed it with some races being 24 hours. Oh well.
  2. Is it possible to save the game in the middle of a single-player race? I had a look at the endurance races today, and don't really fancy 60 laps of the nurburgring all in one sitting.
  3. Looks like I'm doomed to be crap at this forever then. I don't like any of the other characters.
  4. Rise of the Robots is probably the game with worst quality in proportion to its hype. Rollercoaster Tycoon 3DS was unplayable.
  5. Same here. I'm much better at Tekken and DoA6 than I am at this. I only ever use Ivy - is she supposed to be a difficult character to use?
  6. I actually prefer the art on the cover of the cd to the game boxart.
  7. This has finally arrived. Loving it so far - I enjoyed it right from the off when the principal ordered the other students in detention to beat up the two girls trying to leave. I also like the music very much. I got two soundtrack cds - will keep one and stick the other in trading. A great companion to the Kunio Kun Collection.
  8. Please post your thoughts - I've never tried those versions. As you say, Mindscape are turd, so my expectations are low. Hardcoregaming implies that the block only works on projectile attacks. Next time I try, I'll be armed with that knowledge.
  9. I'd like to try it as a curiosity. Unfortunately it never seems to come up on amazon. Same with the Game Gear one. The black and white graphics on the Game Boy probably strip away the feeling of involvement in the Marvel universe completely though, as they did with the Spiderman game, which was also arse.
  10. It is. Looks nice, plays like arse. Try the Megadrive or, better still, arcade versions.
  11. That's what I thought - good but not consistent in the shooting bits and usually useless in the fighting bits. Hope someone tried the Game Boy and Game Gear ones and posts their thoughts.
  12. Does blocking in the melee levels work for you, @spanky debrest?
  13. I see. Zelda didn't get that many replies in the end, which is surprising as it's the longest game we've had but not one that people will have trouble finishing nowadays with the guides available. I can't see myself ever finishing Captain America and the Avengers. I never get very far into the Moon Laser level. If the block worked better, I'd be fine. That said, I forgot to use the dash attack last night, as I was thinking about blocking too much. Is Mame fairly easy to download and set up? I'd like to play this to the end. It's not a bad game - the whole game is somehow a bit better than the sum of its parts. That said, there are far better beat em ups out there, and I think this would be totally forgotten about now if it hadn't used the Avengers characters. The genre was quite crowded in those days. Then again, it wouldn't have any licensing issues, so maybe it would have crawled onto a few Megadrive collections for PS3 etc.
  14. Ah, that's why I couldn't find it - I was looking in the list of threads which you had started. Didn't realise someone else had started that one. Like @Alexlotl, I've always been a bit perplexed by the enemies - they look like things which didn't make the cut for Megaman games. But I suppose you can't have real people. If they had super powers, they'd already be Marvel characters, and would be bosses, and if they were just ordinary thugs, without superpowers, they wouldn't have a chance against Iron Man et al, and it would be rather against the hero ethics to pulverise everyday thugs anyway. I wonder why this game was never released in Japan, when it seems (from the bad translations) to have been developed there. I don't think I'll ever tire of the exchange between the hero and the first sub boss. Him: Do not disturb us! You: Why should it go well?
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