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  1. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    I played both of those yesterday, and had much more fun with Stunt Race than Unirally.
  2. It's such a pity that the toys nonsense has made this game such a flop commercially. The actual gameplay is great fun.
  3. bum

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Right. Thanks
  4. bum

    Do you cheat on games?

    Certainly for looking up the answers to puzzles - could never figure out the rotating pillars / claw puzzles in Skyrim without a walkthough. Apart from that, not really.
  5. bum

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Is there anyway to stay on Fortune Island? I'm playing that at the moment, having tired of the mainland, but every time I load the game up, I'm back outside my residence on the mainland, which is mildly irritating - seem to remember that in FH2 and 3, when I booted up the game I was still on Storm Island or Blizzard Mountain. Are there properties on Fortune, or is there some other way of staying there?
  6. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    Sorry, I don't know what you mean.
  7. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    Pervy pinball arrived today.
  8. bum

    Stuff that astonishes you about gaming

    That Farming SImulator exists, and apprarently sells well enough for annual updates, and even a Vita port or two.
  9. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    Smash Bros
  10. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    This arrived today
  11. I played an hour of this on the plane yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. There was plenty of shooting action, and I thought it controlled well. Certainly it was better than my first session on No Man's Sky, when I was looking around a practically empty planet and examining rocks for the elements I needed to blast off into an equally empty space.
  12. It's not that I can't see any advantages of digital games - they just don't outweigh the benefits of physical for me.
  13. Re-sale and trading it, as you mentioned, are important to me - I buy a lot of used games. There's also games being delisted. I understand that Forza Horizon 2 has been removed from the X-box online shop. If I were joining this generation late, and there was no physical version around, I would be unable to play it. Mainly, though, I believe my rights are made clearer with physical purchases. If I buy a disk and it doesn't work / develops a problem, then I can just take it back to the shop. With digital purchases, it's much less straightforward. I can't remember who it was (perhaps Pockets) who had a long-running dispute with Sony over his account being banned and all his purchases down the drain as a result. It was a long-running thread on here and neogaf.
  14. I'm all physical except where there is no English version of a game I want (for example the 3DS Ace Attorney games), or where obtaining a physical copy is ridiculously expensive compared to a disk (for example Harmful Park is 619yen on PSN, or about 15,000 yen at least for a disk. A digital only future means I'm out of this hobby. I hate talk of licences. Publishers only want that when it suits them. If I scratched my disk of a new release to the point that it didn't work, then I should be able to request a new disk cost, right? After all, I have purchased a licence to play the game. But will they give me one for the price of producing the disk? Will they buggery. They only want to talk about licences when they want to stop people lending / trading their games.
  15. bum

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Nope - that has nothing to do with why I'm saying it. There are many reasons why I prefer City to the other big clubs. Buying success has gone on since the Premiership began, Leicester aside. I'm no more bothered by City doing it than United, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool. If another small club happened to challenge for the league, I'd get behind them, but they aren't this season.

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