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  1. I played Tobal very differently. I backed up into a corner rather than battling for the center and most of my wins were on a ring out.
  2. Got mine. Game, CD, art book and sticker in a nice AES style box. Oddly, the CD doesn't fit in the box. It came outside it.
  3. I might join in next month, but with Mario Maker 2 out I'm not sure I'll get a lot of retro gaming done.
  4. Yep. I'm putting 20 on this.
  5. Endurance mode, like in Gran Turismo. 4, 9 and 24-hour races, although you can save during pitstops. Pitstops required every 20 laps or so. You can choose a couple of weapons while you're there.
  6. Bit of a damp squib this month's thread. I've unlocked Mufu, and my God, is he good to play with. Not many enemies in arcade or quest mode can do anything against his high kicks.
  7. It was 70. Shadows of the Empire and Mario 64 were 60, and Pilotwings was 50. Daniels in Windsor charged 90 for Streetfighter 2 on SNES when it first came out.
  8. I only ever play in solo mode. It's not like there are no other cars, but I used to love driving on the wrong side of the highway in FH2 and weaving in and out of cars. I've never quite had the same sensation in FH4.
  9. The Gameboy Advance one, which is available on the Wii U. It's a sorr of RPG as well as tennis game, but it's by far the best Mario Tennis entry.
  10. I love FH4, but it feels as if there are far fewer cars on the roads in free roam than there were in its predecessors.
  11. In the past, there was the annoying kid who used to "goal hang" in a kickabout in the park. Now there's this.
  12. Actually I think I've got Super Off Road, on Lynx. Will check out Supercars. Thanks
  13. Don't suppose any of those got console ports, did they?
  14. I decided to go to the Quest mode last night. I went straight to mission 2, not bothering with the tutorial or mission 1. Played with Chuji. The controls are very difficult until you get used to them. You move either by running or inching your way forward. While running, it's very easy to forget how to stop, and charge off a ledge, which, fortunately, is only fatal if your health is low. I didn't get far - drank a bottle of poison and was killed by a rolling log. Not exactly a glorious adventure. According to wiki, if you get to the end of the longest dungeon, you unlock Toriyama Robo.
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