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  1. Good things - apart from the 3DS and the Wii U, it has been ages since a region-locked console has been released. It would now be seen as a massive step back if another one was released.
  2. I like it to be specific games / series. I think the thread would be LESS (edited) interesting if we were all playing completely different games. And hopefully something that hasn't already been discussed to death, so, say, not Final Fight. But that's just me. My nomination for next month - Drill Dozer (GBA)
  3. Has anyone tried the Switch version of this?
  4. I'm on holiday, so not playing many games this month. Will have a quick play on this back in Japan at the end of August. I have it on Saturn, Dreamcast and PS3. I'm utterly shit at it though, so it will probably be a fleeting play.
  5. This game is quite good. Such a stupid decision to ruin the release of it by adding plastic crap, which is helpful but not completely necessary to finish the game.
  6. Played the Super Famicom ones. Love Parodius da, but I'm so familiar with it now. It's like a TV comedy which I love, but can say every phrase in time with the actors. Not quite so keen on Oshaberi. It's good, but not quite as much as the others. Gokujou is brilliant and hilarious. Keep swapping between that and Sexy as my favourite.
  7. Parodius. Don't have any versions of the first game apart from the PSP compilation.
  8. Got some time tonight, so going to get stuck into different versions of these games. Tonight, Matthew...
  9. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    Have you had your fill of Skyrim on other consoles? If not, get that.
  10. I've sold all those compilations this year. I like them, but didn't play them much on PSP. Prefer them on TV. I kept one copy of Parodius Portable, as I'm trying to collect all the versions of the game.
  11. Just about. I'm not talking about their net spend, though. I just think that price for a player with one decent but not outstanding season behind him is ludicrous.
  12. Reading about Trippier lead me to research Atletico's other signings. £113 million for Joao Felix! Fucking mental.
  13. Jesus. What a nerve-wracking match. Surely no other sport can cause such prolonged anxiety. I was tense all through the England innings.
  14. bum

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    Hyrule Warriors was much much better on a new 3DS.
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