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  1. I was planning on double dipping on this, but it's been FIFTEEN days and N still haven't sorted this out. So I'm gonna stick to Steam.
  2. https://www.amazon.com/2230-NVMe-Compatible-Microsoft-Surface/dp/B093GG6X3S/ 1TB 2230 nvme for $220 plus shipping. I know they said it’s not meant to be changed, but if it can be without too much hassle - then the 64GB is looking like a winner for me.
  3. just bought it on the strength of your post. no pressure tho!
  4. quite likely also under something like wine / proton under linux too
  5. Soooo I’ve been thinking about this and: I WANT ONE NOW!!! Not Q2 next year
  6. It driving me mad. What a basic, uneecessary, avoidable fuck up. I've got it on steeam but I've never been able to get bluetooth controllers to work reliably. They work for a bit and then it goes crazy, with characters walking left and right when I'm not pressing anything and button presses being executed several seconds late. It's such a tease!
  7. To be nit picky it has a very 2017-era chunky bezel around the screen. But that’s being nit picky. Otherwise it’s literally the first 30 odd years of gaming in a handheld, made by people who should by now (hopefully) know what they’re doing. and it looks like a game gear or lynx!!!
  8. That’s my experience too. It suddenly showed two of the preorders in my cart! So I deleted one and proceeded to pay
  9. I still can’t seem to preorder one. Anyone managed to place their preorder? edit: I can click on ‘Reserve now for £4’ and the button goes black. But then nothing happens. The button goes white again after a while. Am on iPhone....
  10. This sucks so much. I’ve bought it on steam already but that’s not the point! I really wanna play it on Switch.
  11. The only things missing for me are changeable faceplates and changeable slide-in controllers. I want to pay more for different colours of exactly the same controller and faceplate. You know - like I did with nintendo.
  12. on the plus side, all this waiting is making time go by slowly. like when I was young and a week felt like FOREVER.
  13. jesus. that review is .... personally savage. it's basically telling the game to go kill itself.
  14. to show my iritation, I might not buy it. (for at least one whole minute.) i hate how they know we will wait as long as they say, perhaps because we waited a quarter of a century already.
  15. 8 days later and still nothing. it's not right to release teasers so far in advance.
  16. Has anyone gotten this to work in Tate mode? I got the screen to rotate but the controls were still in horizontal mode
  17. Both surely. Both are awesome. At least we have one.
  18. can someone who understand Japanese tell me when Esp 2 is coming out and how much it'll be?
  19. There should be a max time limit set in law between announcement of a dlc and its release.
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