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  1. The entire vid played as an advert against thinking “I’ll save money by buying the 64GB and popping my own drive there”.
  2. How hard is it to verify a source that wants to providee proof? Even if yo u know nothing about law surely you'd instinctively know that truth is a defence against libel. Othewise no-one would ever be able to print anything other than fluff pieces.
  3. I mean - i'd love to be able to somehow connect a 4k-capable dock to the existencee of a 4k Switch. Love to. Don't care how many hoops i have to embarrass myself through or how much reason/sanity I have to jettison. But, alas, so far even my fever dreams have failed to inspire hope. It's just cheaper to use HDMI 2 because why would anyone mass manufacture 1.4 anymore? Goddamn reason ruining all my fun.
  4. That had me until the last sentence: ”Perhaps – and this is the least exciting theory of them all – it's just harder to get HDMI 1.4 cables and controllers these days, so Nintendo has opted to use the more commonly-availably HDMI 2.0 versions”
  5. Myshkin


    I just remember that raw lag-free experience of playing NES SMB and how I literally could sense no delay at all. My DMG Gameboy is still amazing for this reason - zero lag tetris Going from that to modern Bluetooth/Processor/HDMI kinda sucked for a while, it’s better now but I’m still sensitive to lag. So personally I’d not touch anything with a whopping 10 frames. It’s also unnecessary...
  6. Myshkin


    Wow, 9 processors I think we’ve all learned that lesson now: keep it simple and standard or don’t bother! Maybe the software house will patch it after the criticism.
  7. Myshkin


    as someone with virtually no experience of coding (such things), to me it jusst screams of laazy coding
  8. Apparently these benches were done on OpenGL not Vulkan.
  9. to get the drop you want
  10. Wow. That’s explains why everyone is so pissed. So the 3080 has gone from ~£600ish to a grand at retail. And the 3090 is even higher for about 15% extra performance. https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-RTX-3090-vs-Nvidia-RTX-3080/4081vs4080 Might be time to try a new hobby for a few years then check in again. I mean the best part of two grand for a 2nd hand gpu.
  11. I’m completely out of the loop. Could some kind soul fill me in on 3090 RRP v current street price? Is it really silly due to these shortages?
  12. So I’m looking at a potentially 10 month wait before getting mine and it looks like we’ve run out of things to say about it.
  13. this dude seems to think the specs allow for playable PS3. time will tell.
  14. seems deliberate to drive people to the larger SKUs.
  15. TIL that a standard sandisk saturates the Deck's SD slot. Guess it's best to leave the emu and smaller stuff on the card.
  16. how much do i regret half-assing my preorder, and only doing it when i remembered at 9:30 that night. gah.
  17. god, it's going to be tough waiting 6 months after reading all about how much people love their new Decks.
  18. How hard is this game? I’m a filthy casual who loves me some epic, point any, sci-fi emotional philosophical stories and concepts. I hadn’t played a metroidvania in ages until I picked up shovel knight (then put it down because it was too hard!). The last before that might have actually been Super Metroid lol. How does this compare to eg ori or hollow knight or even shovel knight? I really wanna get it after watching all this but am not sure I’m good enough.
  19. this thread is dangerous. now I badly want an analogue pocket
  20. I cancelled my OLED order in favour of a deck because the deck does so so so much more.
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