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  1. c'mon Benny don't keep me waiting! I'm getting withdrawal symptoms.
  2. omg omg omg I remember this from like a literal decade ago. So much has changed, I am a totally different person in so many ways and this man is still out there, still doing the exact same thing and still getting the exact same response. At this point I feel compassion for him more than anything else. I mean what would happen in his mind were he now, by some miracle, to enter the reality everyone else shares? He’d be devastated!
  3. Do we know if there’s speed diff between an ultra and an extreme? I remember seeing benchmarks that showed maybe 1s diff in a 15s load time.
  4. Current model for 2k (docked). New model for 4K plus sexy graphical upgrades.
  5. well this thread descended quickly!
  6. my deck arrived this morning. but between being too busy at work and needing to replace stuff in my house, I can't justify keeping it. so i'm going to have to wait until late 2023 to get one
  7. Jesus, that says a lot of it’s about a classic sonic rerelease.
  8. why do people buy cards? i'm so confused.
  9. oh shit I no idea this was being redone! I always wanted to play it as a kid!
  10. All I know is that switch 2 better be backward compatible with switch 1 accounts. No way I’m rebuying owt.
  11. can't you stream from PS5? I'd heard you could.
  12. Portable Super Mario Galaxies, am I dreaming?
  13. just imagine what the Switch will be running in 2 decades' time
  14. Just run H2Testw, job done.
  15. once it's in your machine you won't be able to tell the difference between an official card and any other rated at least at the same speed.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ultra-HD-Premium-Memory-Microsdxc-Integral/dp/B07FC7W32H/
  16. Also, all white men are alike in that they share just one personality (steal steal steal). Ergo your point holds. (/s for those that need it.)
  17. They made a total of 4 of them: their marketing strat being creating a desperate craving among their Faithful so that they jump at the chance (the very honour) of buying anything that issues forth from the Loins of the Source of All Miracles (Nintendo). Despite feeling this way, I will buy anything that issus forth from Ninty's loving Loins.
  18. Myshkin


    where do we find the superplays? youtube? can't find any
  19. i use it for PS5 & PS4 controllers on switch and PC and they work fine. i've never had the issue you describe. are you in the right mode? there's a switch on the side and you hav to cycle to the right colour to match the Switch. I forget which colour it is.
  20. I think Gabe said that the price point of the 64GB was painful but necessary. I assume they want to be able to say ‘starting from £350’, while massively disincentivising anyone from buying that model.
  21. The entire vid played as an advert against thinking “I’ll save money by buying the 64GB and popping my own drive there”.
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