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  1. Myshkin

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    so many memories, so so many. someone just brought one to school one day and - bam - these things were a thing that suddenly existed in my world. whole worlds inside a little grey brick. and the music! i immediately fell in deep love and to this day, no technological advance has a hope of displacing this thing from the core of my heart. of course, that's a sign of aging but also of the huge leap it was at the time. not iteration, not evolution - but revolution. nintendo had a massive vision and they realised it fully. made from pure love, and it still shows.
  2. Myshkin

    Playstation Vita

    so the card is more like "64GB" than 64GB
  3. Myshkin

    Playstation Vita

    Do you run mame on the switch OS or via its own OS? I heard a while back that there wwas no audio out using the mame OS or something...
  4. googled him. makes me feel sad that I have to actually work whilst this guy gets paid for spouting what he spouts.
  5. I'm very much living under a rock re Gunn's hounder. Who is this Nazi lover?
  6. Myshkin

    Streets of Rage IV

    I mean that track is better, but IMO still OK. doesn't reach the heights of hardcoreness in SOR1-3. It's like SOR ultralite or SOR tunes made for elevators. Or maybe I'm old now and can no longer feel anything :-) I think maybe a bit of both.
  7. Myshkin

    Streets of Rage IV

    Would be amazing if they did actually release retro versions of SOR4 on retro platforms, each being different and making the most of the respective hardware.
  8. Myshkin

    Streets of Rage IV

    that music makes me feel so sad. especially since the rest of the game looks pretty good IMO.
  9. Myshkin

    Star Trek Discovery

    God that would be great.
  10. Myshkin

    Streets of Rage IV

    well, can't fault a man for liking his pies. in other news, I hear this won't be released until the New Year, which is depressing me.
  11. Myshkin


    imagine explaining that thing to a date you've brought over for the first. "No - really - I'm perfectly normal. Why are you running away?!"
  12. Myshkin

    Neo Geo Mini

    true. evidently he's a level beyond contemporary SNK too...
  13. Myshkin

    Neo Geo Mini

    goddamn that's sexy. madness that a hacker can make a mini version that is far better than the official one
  14. Myshkin

    Playstation Vita

    i've always thought top 10 (or any other fixed number) is a bit arbitrary. 'list of all the games i've loved on the system' seems closer to what i'm actually interested in
  15. Myshkin

    Neo Geo Mini

    how to completely f up a 'mini' launch by pissing off all your loyal fans. it's like they don't know their customers. makes me feel like I too could run an international company. because I sure as shit wouldn't make harsh decisions like this.

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