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  1. The Super Nintendo is my favorite console of all time. It still guts me that they included such an inadequate cpu which severely limited so many games. Anyway here's my list of games to play. Super Mario World Super Mario World 2 Yoshis Island Super Mario All-Stars Super Castlevania 4 Super Ghouls and Ghosts Super Aleste Super Mario Kart F-zero Contra 3 The Alien Wars R-Type 3 Pilot Wings Donkey Kong Country Super Metroid Zombies Ate My Neighbors Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time Gradius III Actraiser Axelay Batman Returns U.N. Squadron I'm sure i'll think of a few more to add in the next day or two.
  2. I managed to source a 60hz Atari in the Uk and then ordered and installed the Longhorn engineers s-video board. In a way the image quality is just too good, the image is so clear and sharp. I also bought a harmony cart as I didn't want to buy American cartridges. I agree about the C64, its better to have the Pal system. Moral of the story is get those Megadrive's modded, its the easiest mod you'll ever do.
  3. I first experienced 60hz about 20 years ago when I picked up a 2nd hand super famicom. I've never bought a system since that wasn't either native 60hz or couldn't be modded. I even have a 60hz Atari 2600 and yes it is better even though its so basic.
  4. Ah, yeah I guess if you're playing on a flat panel then a P.C with an emulator and retroarch is the best solution.
  5. Why not just get a standard megadrive, rgb lead and an everdrive cart? A bit more expensive but ultimately the better solution.
  6. I'm asking £50 but it is a VA4 board and I have widened the cartridge slot to allow Japanese games to be plugged in directly. It does come with controller, power supply and scart lead. Oh and Road Rash 2.
  7. I wish I'd known you were looking for a modded Megadrive 2, I have a really nice VA4 version on ebay at the moment
  8. The Megadrive has a number of security features but I would say 95% of games don't use them. The Uk version of Streets of Rage contains both Japanese & English language options and will work at either 50 or 60hz The Uk version of Streets of Rage 2 checks for a combination of either English and 50hz or Japanese and 60hz. If you have a modded machine you can start in the 60hz/jap and then flip the language switch to English on the title screen. That allows you to play in 60hz with the story/ending in English (If you care)
  9. What's a mega game cart? Is it one of the multicarts with 4 games on it?
  10. Well it is a specialist magazine and the information is freely available. I would have to agree with Ulala that it should have been better.
  11. Your wrong about the neo geo aes rgb output, that was originally believed to be true but there are now fixes for some of the revisions that weren't up to par. http://www.mmmonkey.co.uk/snk-neo-geo-aes-rgb-bypass/ http://www.mmmonkey.co.uk/snk-neo-geo-aes-rgb-neo-aes3-6-vertical-lines/ I can vouch for the aes3-6 fix since i've done this mod myself. I've also owned a few different Aes revisions including the earliest version with the daughter board and revision 3-6 has video output every bit as good after the mod.
  12. Did you check out what retro arch is and how it works? It doesn't use some crappy filter, its based on hlsl.
  13. snes 9x and retro arch will give you a near on crt experience. You will require a fairly decent graphics card though. As far as controllers are concerned, well, usb is really prone to latency but I have a usb Saturn pad which is actually very good. They may still be available on ebay but you need to search around as there were knock-offs produced that aren't in the same league.
  14. I'm still of the opinion that although the cpu's in the new consoles are weaker than anticipated we can still expect to see strides forward in the next few years. Nearly every game so far has been based on a last gen or modified last gen engine. Until new engines are made from the ground up i don't expect to see any great progress. I think it will take some serious multithreading and talent to get the best out of whats available this time around. Thoughts?
  15. As a 360 owner last gen i was ready to go with Microsoft again this gen. All i wanted was a powerful new console, no gimmicks. Then the rumours started, 24hr checkin,control of the 2nd hand market, 3rd party publishing for indie games,kinect bundled and required to play, less powerful than the PS4, maybe there was more than this, i can't remember. Next the reveal came, the less said the better. So E3 rolls round and now Microsoft don't have the answers to the questions that everyones asking. At this point i knew i wouldn't be buying an Xboxone and to date i have no regrets going PS4. Neither machine has any exclusives that i care about (Bloodborne may change my mind) and the best version of multiformat games have been on PS4. I still can't believe the utter mess Microsoft made, i think it even tops Sega's missteps which is saying something. IF there are some amazing exclusives on the Xboxone i'll pick one up in 3-4 years time but not until then. To conclude i will say that when the time rolls around and another generation looms what has happened this time won't affect my decision on what i buy next.
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