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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0017rhn Bbc 6music had radiohead's friend Nigel in for a "deep dive" where he talks a bit about recording every single song on ok computer and a bit more stuff
  2. I've listened to it four or five times, which I suppose is a handful, because I've got a hand full of four or five fingers. I don't find the album very handsome. There are a few really good bits, but when they happen it's like someone says "Whoah! This is really good! Quick, better stop playing it!"
  3. 1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. Pikmin 3 3. Resident Evil 4 4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 5. We Love Katamari 6. Ōkami 7. Dungeon Keeper 8. Super Metroid 9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 10. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 11. Outer Wilds 12. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts 13. Subnautica 14. WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames! 15. Jet Set Radio 16. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 17. Halo: Reach 18. Skies of Arcadia 19. Resident Evil 2 (2019 video game) 20. Final Fantasy VII
  4. I'm really enjoying Thermae Romae Novae, though I can't really say why. They should definitely make less anime about fighting boys, and more anime about naked men who travel through time to learn about bath time.
  5. Why start a new thread when you can bump one from 2006.
  6. I finished this today. I got 100% of items to make the last boss as easy as possible. I only died eighty six times! I really liked the way Samus moves to begin with. In the end though, the controls were a bit finicky and confusing. There were probably too many similar power-ups. The story was laughable. The bosses were too hard, and a total pain in the ass. Really didn't appreciate how often the mini-boss things were re-used. I didn't really understand the combat, and am a bit bemused by how combat-focused this series has become. It reminds me a bit of a fighting game or something rather than a shooter. QTE cutscenes still don't really make sense. Music was unremarkable but the ambient sound was brilliant. It sounded really organic and convincing. Graphics were nice for a switch game. I really didn't like the map/game structure. When I found out I wasn't getting instructions to go to a specific area I was very excited! But then it turned out that there's pretty much only one path that the game invisibly leads you through, and you just run into impassible obstacles if you try to explore. Hate stealth games, hated EMMIs. Yes, I know you're supposed to keep moving. I tried, I couldn't. Overall it was fine I guess.
  7. I completed the pokédex in this (except for the one you can only get if you have diamond/pearl), and did almost all the missions. I really enjoyed it even though it was a total grind and the rewards were all totally underwhelming. Which I guess is normal for a pokémon game. Also normal was that I devoured it and then suddenly and completely stopped playing. It was so good though. I've just checked and I don't have any magnemites, it looks like I had enough trouble myself and had to evolve them to fill the pokédex.
  8. I gave up on all fromsoft games, so haven't played it. That's similar, right?
  9. I'm so sick of that coors light advert
  10. I don't know if anyone here has liked any of my music in the past. But here's my new collection of songs anyway - https://chickenicarus.bandcamp.com/album/pure-and-ceaseless-joy For this one I was not concerned with whether anyone would want to listen to it, or how embarrassing it would sound, and I just did what I felt like. So I'd recommend headphones. Lots of synthesisers and misery.
  11. They should have made some music that sounded like it was from the 80s.
  12. I think, sadly, Louis is floundering off into irrelevance. He's not as carefree and open-minded as when he started. It feels to me as though he now believes he has a responsibility to be judgemental. Watching his last series, it often felt like someone was having a visit from a concerned dad.
  13. I bought the snes pad because you boys' excitement was so contagious. I like to look at it and hold it and play with it. I think I'll use it a lot for 2d games that don't need sticks.
  14. You should change your mind because the games aren't that great. Lol suck on that forum consensus! I'm so challenging!
  15. I've finished harmony of dissonance now. The game looks absolutely brilliant, except for the player character who looks like a bizzarre little santa blob. It's a shame as that's what you're looking at a lot of the time. He looks like he's going to shake hands when he jumps. The feeling of movement is great. The map design is absolutely awful. It's all straight corridors and annoying zig zag staircases that remind me of those nuisance rooms in Metroid prime that were cramped crooked little labyrinths designed to slow you down and give the game time to load. It's really difficult to find out where you're going next. At one point I went around the entire accessible map three or four times before I found the right room. A lot of the exploration is really annoying because there's three different kinds of doors that are just "locked" which is really unsatisfying in this kind of game. Much better to see an obstacle and then get an ability that lets you overcome that obstacle. And it's really easy to miss the save rooms when you're exploring for the first time. The luminous caverns music is probably the worst piece of music I've heard in a castlevania. The bosses look really great. Except most of them are really easy. They seem really familiar to me, I'm not sure if some of them were re-used in/from other games or I just played a lot of boss rush mode 20 years ago when this came out. The magic looks cool but is totally overpowered. Most of the game was a pushover because I was surrounded by a seemingly endless supply of spinny crucifixes. I mean I could have used my own self control to not constantly use magic, but it's there in the game, and it's not behind any kind of cheat wall so of course I'm going to do it even if it spoils it for me.
  16. I got it on ebay. Its similar prices on game and amazon etc. After playing half an hour I've decided that they should make a version for adults.
  17. I just got puyo puyo tetris 2 for about £12. Its very cheap a lot of places.
  18. I finished circle of the moon this week. It was so much fun than I remembered. Easy and straightforward without too much grinding... until I got to the end game. I probably spent half my total playtime at the endgame farming items and experience to get through the battle arena and Dracula. Balance was a bit crap I think. But it was nice to revisit the first castlevania I really played, and this time being able to see what was happening without sitting in direct sunlight or with a bright desklamp burning my hands.
  19. I think the reason I hate this is that bandcamp have always been invisible and benevolent. The platform has always appeared to be there purely for the benefit of artists. I've never heard a single thing about them being greedy or unreasonable. I can't think that epic are benevolent. Their narrative about their fight against the apple store was about fairness and freedom, but that always felt like a disingenuous excuse for them wanting more money. They sell shit that doesn't exist to kids. And they're a games company. I can't think of anything off the top of my head about how awfully they have behaved, but we've had so many stories about the games industry being full of horribly abusive people that it's difficult to remember which one did what, until one gets the impression that the whole industry is just full of sex criminals.
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