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  1. chris on the moon

    Socketeer: My New Game Inspired By Paradroid and Spelunky

    Glitch report! (Steam version). When you pick up an item from a chest, and you need to press a to pick it up with the a button... You can press the a button repeatedly for infinite of whatever was in the bag. To be clear I open a chest, receive a bomb bag I press a to pick it up , I keep pressing a and I keep getting bomb bags. It stops when something else prompts me to press a , but until then it's infinite bombbags
  2. chris on the moon

    Best New Music of 2018

    Hey, don't know what month these came out in but there aren't any posts talking about my favourite albums of the year so far Rival consoles - super-synth, with rich soundscapes but also structure. A little bit like boards of canada and similar, but I think he does have a pretty unique sound Nils Frahm - All Melody- This is one of those where someone has spent a lot of time exploring the textures of sounds rather than being super melodic. I can understand how people would find this a bit boring, but personally I find it enchanting
  3. chris on the moon

    Are games fun?

    I just bought the witness, so I can tell you that, no, games are not fun.
  4. chris on the moon


    Thinking of getting one major game and one puzzler type thing. So how overrated and pretentious Is the witness in the scheme of things? And is it fairly self contained or is it a bit "Oh you need to keep notes and decipher a new language I invented and cross reference that with the autobiography of a biologist who my ex girlfriend really admired to truly appreciate the vision of my arty game"?
  5. chris on the moon


    Posting in here because people get upset when I bump old threads to call the games they're about shit : Borderlands?? I'm two hours in and is this it? Receive quest from cardboard cut-out character, shoot enemies until their HP bar runs out, collect weapons, walk around a featureless arid wasteland, shake my head at developer's piss-poor juvenile attempts at humour? So far very confused at how this got good reviews and became popular. It's like PSO minus the nice visuals, story, setting, and music.
  6. chris on the moon

    West of Loathing

  7. chris on the moon

    West of Loathing

    Hey does it also bother you that there's now a serious drama series called "sneaky pete" and nobody seems to mention that?
  8. chris on the moon

    Audio Club

    Does anyone use synthmaster and make your own voices with it? I am finding the presets absolutely great but if I want to do anything with them it's totally incomprehensible to me.
  9. chris on the moon

    We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    Like, not really? I still want to do all the government/lab missions and try out episode 4, but I wasn't enjoying doing it alone.
  10. chris on the moon

    Player usernames that have tickled you

    I played a game of Banjo kazooie nuts and bolts with "bakery lotion" once. That always stuck with me.
  11. chris on the moon

    We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    Whoops. this was two weeks ago. I think, from now on, anybody interested in playing PSO online please PM me.
  12. chris on the moon

    We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    Will anyone be available to play this weekend? I think I'd like to make a start on Episode 2
  13. chris on the moon

    Are SEGA back/Are they doing well this year?

    I have come up with a new idea for sega but I don't know where to put it see attached please send money for my idea
  14. chris on the moon

    We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    What?! Yes.
  15. chris on the moon

    We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    How's about tomorrow (Thursday) night around 8? And then maybe something next week and other weekends?

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