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  1. Fell through the floor in a boss battle the other day Overall I'm not too happy about the way this game progresses. It was about five hours before I got a real ability upgrade. Kept getting lost, going back and forth to all the different gaps on the map to try and find out where to go. At one point I managed to make progress because I was just speaking to all the characters for no real reason. Didn't make sense and didn't feel great!
  2. Ì got given this for Xmas, and I've just started this week. I'm really unhappy about how ugly this looks on the switch. Things look generally ok when they're still but as soon as they start moving it's a complete mess. Particularly the player character. The frame rate and resolution are just poor.
  3. Hello, My friend and I saw a folk singer recently. We thought maybe we should learn how to play in that sort of style. I play guitar, and am pretty fond if finger picking styles. Please?! Can you recommend? Me some folk traditional old music to learn to play on guitar? I'd like to incorporate that sort of style in my playing. My only "frames" of "reference" would be the pretty girl milking her cow and the wind that shook the barley (I know that's instrumental). Thanks and god bless.
  4. The switch was released in 2017, so I hope we don't find out very soon.
  5. I was playing this at the time. Took a load of stuff to trade in to get it a couple of weeks after it was released. Turned out it was GTA release day and lots of people got annoyed with me for holding up the queue. Lol.
  6. The Legend of Zelda: Breath o the wild: it's the same but everyone is talking in an Irish accent
  7. Hello. I've never bought biscuits for the office (10-15 people) but I feel the need to try. Does anyone have any suggestions? I live in England. Someone has been bringing in marks and Spencer's toffee shortbread biscuits, which are delightful and everyone loves. So there's a suggestion if any of you are having a similar issue.
  8. for those who are still confused -
  9. Sticks, not sticks. The sticks that the controller is on, not the sticks that are on the controller! I'm thinking about that skullpad, it looks good. I think I would prefer just sticks to stick on, but thinking about it that's probably not possible without replacing the joycons with something else (like the hori demons thing)
  10. Has anyone had any luck with grips for use in handheld mode? I'm finding Zelda really uncomfortable to play without sticks.
  11. I finished it tonight too! Went to the trouble of catching all the fish (fish suck) and dampes dungeon creator. Arranging the chambers was good even though it didn't quite work sometimes (stairs particularly). But playing the dungeons wasn't that great, and the end reward for finishing them all was disappointing. I think it was a really delightful remake. But it is a very faithful remake. It's the same game as 26 years ago
  12. bit weird, this seems to be available for the switch on eShop for £24.99, while the physical release is next month and costs about £40. Any ideas why? I'm thinking about getting it.
  13. I bought a switch on the way home from work. Never played one before. I got link's awakening with it. Questions: Can I play tetris 99 with the online free trial? For free? Is that seriously just a USB-C cable for the power adaptor? So I could charge it with my phone charger? with the stuff that came in the box, it won't be possible for me to play on the TV while charging the joy cons - correct? I want a pro controller but it's too expensive? ( not a question) Why is everything so expensive? (may not be a question, may be a question?)
  14. Thanks for your suggestions guys! Took a stab at it last night. While I haven't been able to get quite what I was looking for, the information was useful and helpful. The gorf king, I am delighted that you're making music again! Thematically it reminds me of the Pixies song "Make believe" . I think you could afford to make it more serious - that would make it sillier. Or you could just make it sillier. Something to bear in mind when finishing the lyrics? I understand where you're coming from though, I have an older song that I feel is a bit of an irony failure. But then even if someone misunderstands you, you can keep talking and correct them. If they're listening.
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