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  1. you know all that 90s grunge you listen to?
  2. Thanks, but not sure I feel like £6.something for an arcade rom..
  3. Is there a puzzle bobble on the e shop? I sort of feel like busting a move
  4. and it's gone. It was up until the evening of the 1st. For helping collect so many coins, nintendo have given me 350 platinum points to spend in their shop. I don't see anything I want.
  5. This game is scheduled to be murdered tonight or tomorrow morning. I kept playing a fair amount, it was a fun little distraction now and again. It was most fun when people chose interesting courses. They invariably didn't, and you ended up playing 1-1 all day. Earlier today my game said I had played 1-1 over 400 times, and most of the later levels only once. I never played 8-2. I had some great screenshots of games where the screen was full of lakitus and hammer bros and bowsers, but I had a problem with my card and they're all gone now. I'm sure someone else on the internet has
  6. My computer is a pc! In the end I just re downloaded everything. Very glad to discover that save data is stored on the console itself and not on the sd card.
  7. This is pretty cool! Thanks for the rec!
  8. sandisk nintendo switch card. Has a mario mushroom on it and everything!
  9. I just wanted to transfer some screenshots, so I turned off my switch... yes, all the way off, not just asleep, and removed the SD card. I put it in my computer and it said it needed formatting, so I ignored that, took it out and put it back in the switch. Now the switch says the sd card needs to be formatted. Whyyyy Has anyone else had this happen and is there any fix? Am I going to lose a fuckton of save data and have to download 50 or 60 gigs of data again just because I took the card out?!
  10. Is there a way I can test my turntable for wow (and flutter? I guess that's more of a tape thing?) like a test disc and a program of some kind? I've recently replaced the belt but I still feel as though something might be wrong...
  11. I'm very late to this (playing on switch), but God, the war of the chosen expansion is just utterly miserable. Endless zombies and interruptions from purple skeleton bell ends. It's a real slog! I think I preferred the base game.
  12. Most of those games and consoles are more expensive now apparently £200 in 2005 is worth about £305.40 in 2020. Write that down.
  13. Sale ends tomorrow! I just bought xcom 2 for £16 minus gold points. I think its a really good deal, I don't think I've seen the game plus all the dlc thats on this version for this cheap on a steam sale. Also got doom 64.
  14. There was a bit of video of this in todays pokemon direct and it made me hungry for lentils. Starts at some point and ends at another point.
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