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  1. Thanks, I read the reviews of these and they weren't great, so I've bought a best of wodehouse compilation
  2. At the moment I'm obsessed with death, time etc. Could someone recommend me books to read that are nice and have little or no death and might help take my mind off things and feel nice?
  3. So I decided that the midi lag was probably mostly the synthesiser. I tried doing the same thing with the volca FM and that fared much better. I also found that midi input does trigger the arpeggiator on that. So that led to me feeling a bit let down with my main synth that I'd been using for the past 14 or so years. Then I watched a video about why it isn't good, and realised it wasn't just my lack of talent that stopped it from sounding great. So I decided to buy a new bigger desk. Then I had to buy a minilogue XD to put on it. I'm pretty excited by it, I've been playing that and my new e-bow most of today. Totally baffled by all the preprogrammed sequences and how they've been created. Really impressive stuff.
  4. it surprised me that It's that acoustic recording from the iron lung ep / some b-side, I thought it might be a new recording or maybe a remix of the album version... it reminds me of when I was a teen getting my first daw and changing the playback speed of everything.
  5. Came here to post that! Nice synths, but otherwise its pretty awful.
  6. Utterly loathsome film. I think "hatewatching" is a stupid idea and a waste of time, but after watching a little bit of this I felt the need to see the whole thing just to see whether it was that awful the whole way through. And it is! There are films that are a bit mindless, so you have to try not to think too much and just enjoy it. And then there are films that are an insult to the viewer's intelligence. This film has really surprised and impressed me in that I feel insulted in ways I didn't think I could feel insulted by a film. It's not like it's racist/sexist/homophobic etc etc. It's a special kind of patronising of your intellectual and emotional capabilities. I'm someone who deliberately seeks out "so bad they're good" films. I can get enjoyment out of films like the cobbler or plan 9 or superbabies or troll 2 or whatever. But this? This is horrible. The story is appalling, the acting is awful, the music is garbage, the monster designs are trash. irredeemable utter shit. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.
  7. I don't think I've ever played a game that's tried to explore or represent mental illness in any meaningful way. It's all been about seeing/imagining/hearing things that aren't there, or being unpredictable/dangerous/unreliable. I could easily see games (along with all other entertainment) contributing to widespread misunderstandings of what mental health is, and recognising when someone is having issues. I used to think you'd see crazy shit and turn all wacky. When I didn't, it was easy to dismiss what was happening. While I think that's bad, I haven't come across anything that's like explicit prejudice. I think that would need to be more specific, something identifiable, like if you named the condition. When you're using terms like "insane" they're so broad as to be meaningless, and the target of your prejudice isn't quite as obvious. I don't get what you mean by this. My understanding is that something's only a condition if it gets in the way of you functioning, which I'd think the word "disability" would cover. Game where you faint every time you see an enemy
  8. I'm getting a lot of new records that don't come with download codes now. It's pretty annoying and I have to record them to my pc myself
  9. It looks like handpicked by 6 music is gone and not coming back, can anyone recommend anything similar? I want to listen to some new music that's peppered with things I wouldn't usually listen to
  10. 19 years? Obviously forgot about whatever the metronidazole 2 remake was called. Fuck knows what metronidazole is but it's in my phone dictionary
  11. The 2s are just stylised Zs, it should say zzzz
  12. Im impressed that Lynn and Alan look the same as they did 24 years ago
  13. Wow, I'm sure these credible rumours will be much more credible than the credible rumours we've had about the "switch pro" over the last two/three/whatever years!!!
  14. Good morning sunshine : Italy citaly
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