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  1. chris on the moon

    Baldo - Zelda meets Ni No Kuni in a charming adventure game

    This is really transparent about the things it is "influenced by". I'm getting major oceanhorn vibes.
  2. chris on the moon

    Kindle shop Recommendations

    This doesn't seem relevant to being scary or funny? I don't mean to sound rude but it doesn't sound like the kind of thing I want to read at all. I'm really not in to science fiction fantasy. Yeah, I read loads of his books in my teens. Really devoured them. I think at one point I decided they were for nerds and stopped reading them. Maybe I could allow myself to enjoy them now, but I generally don't get along all that well with fantasy.
  3. chris on the moon

    Kindle shop Recommendations

    Can I just stroll in here without reading any of the thread and ask that someone recommend a book to me? I can't decide on anything and I'm upsetting myself . I want something that is easy to read and modern. I've just finished the life and opinions of tristram shandy. And other than that have a tendency to read long victorian novels so something where I don't have to read every paragraph three times before I can make sense of it would be great. And I will point blank refuse to start reading "a series" right now. I would like something that is either funny or scary. I've read all of HP lovecraft, never read a stephen King book, enjoyed the witcher until it got too sexist and I gave up. Nabokov and Thomas hardy are a couple of my favourite authors. Enjoyed JG Ballard for a while too.
  4. chris on the moon

    Melancholy and creativity

    Basically all of my music written from sad places. It's self-absorbed and self-pitying and dramatic etc. Ì don't know whether it helps me process the negative feelings. But there were a few songs born out f suicidal thoughts. So I guess it's good that my strong feelings turn into tunes and lyrics rather than action. Ì mean, sure I'd much prefer it if I made music people wanted to hear and that I wasn't ashamed of and could perform to people. But it's still something.
  5. chris on the moon

    Arrested Development Topic In Cold Brown Taste!

    Its back. Mostly I'm not really sure what's going on. Bits are hilarious. The dubbing is bizarrely awful. Not sure why.
  6. chris on the moon

    Zelda BOTW 2 years on (and the Future)

    I'm not too familiar with game development cycles. I would have thought that a game released 2 years ago would only just now be starting to make an impact on games that are being developed? Because games this massive take so long to make?
  7. chris on the moon

    Best New Music 2019

    For fans of energetic cutesy art-rockers (think Deerhoof), Pom Poko's first album is out this week. Shit band name and cover art, but good music.
  8. chris on the moon

    Good Cover Versions

    My favourite cover is probably L7 doing shonen Knife's "Baggs"
  9. chris on the moon

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    The grenade doesn't work, it's too slow! Yeah. I managed to do that once... but after that not enough debris falls. I think I'm just going to have to do it all again, maybe board up a few more windows so I don't end up wasting all my ammo on zombies.
  10. chris on the moon

    What reasons are left for keeping hold of a Wii U?

    Don't forget Nes Remix 2! The main reason I'm holding on to mine is how much it would cost to actually buy a switch and then all the copies of the games I already have. And even then I still wouldn't have any other way to play the best game (Pikmin 3)
  11. chris on the moon

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    ugh, I don't think I can finish hardcore mode on Leon B. (late/end game spoilers)
  12. chris on the moon

    PS1 Appreciation Thread

    I've been playing medievil 2. I really loved medievil 1. Medievil 2 is quite profoundly shit. I'm getting quite angry with it. Just beat the boss where it's a completely different genre and the controls aren't explained at all.
  13. chris on the moon

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    Zombies by their very nature are inconsistent.
  14. chris on the moon

    Okami HD

    No they're not. That's not even an adventure game.
  15. chris on the moon

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    No, he just turned up and started smashing shit. There was a cutscene where he's dropped from a helicopter, but that's it. I've finished Leon A and Claire B now.I think overall it's a very good game with some disappointments. I think bits of it were too serious. They went too far removing all the cheese. Here are my spoiler disappointments - But those are just my disappointments, it's excellent otherwise. I think this is far better than I had hoped and expected, and it basically lives up to the legacy of resident evil 2.

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