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  1. We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

  2. We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    I'm playing as a FoNewearl. Never played as a force before. Generally I'll be playing evenings and weekends I think. I start a new job tommorrow that's 9-5 mon-fri.
  3. We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    I googled USB Dreamcast adapter and came up with a couple on eBay and amazon. I play it with an xbox 360 pad - it's the same layout as a dreamcast controller, so you can configure it to be the same. Except that the right stick has some (very limited) functionality. Might be a good idea to have that working.
  4. We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    After episode 3 was released but not since PSU was released. So... 2005 maybe?
  5. We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    Generally they're trying to recreate the "sega experience", but there are some extra modes etc. I'm not very far in and it's a long time since I played the original. Never played ep4. https://ephinea.pioneer2.net/about-ephinea/
  6. We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    Well. I was thinking about pso a lot recently, and I've started playing again. On Ephinea. I made 3 characters before I made up my mind, and got my ass handed to me by a bunch of boomas. Lmk if any of you want to give it another go. I'm just going to play "casually" of course.
  7. Binary Domain

    Why are you so upset? "Then again, I think gears of war and the majority of cover-centric third person shooters are utterly tedious." Means "maybe the reason I don't like this is because I don't like the genre." I don't want someone to tell me "if it maybe gets better", I want someone to tell me what they like about it. Because people saying "this is good I like it" is kind of meaningless, and what led me to buy the game in the first place. (edit: post was directed at Kevvy metal. Did not quote as I thought my post would be directly underneath it)
  8. Binary Domain

    Oh , it's bad forum etiquette for someone to play an old game and then want to talk about it? Should I hide it away in a thread just about my opinions or in retro somewhere so it doesn't excite the remaster brigade? Who love to replay six year old games so much that they don't want to play them, but want the chance to play them on a slightly newer platform? Maybe I wanted to know WHY people think this game is so good. I bought this game because people on this forum hyped it up so much, and if they tell me there's a really great shooter then maybe I'm going to check it out.
  9. Binary Domain

    I'm four hours into this and so far I think it's garbage. Then again, I think gears of war and the majority of cover-centric third person shooters are utterly tedious.
  10. Undertale

    Undertale isn't a game where you can do a perfect run first time. I don't think it's actually possible. It's not something that you should really aspire to do either. Why are you trying to play video games like the mistakes you make, and your failures don't count? You can't live life like that, so why do you want to play video games like you're perfect at them? I didn't find anything too hard until I started doing the special genocide run bosses, but I guess some people aren't good at action games.
  11. Doki Doki Literature Club

    It was pretty decent once the game started twisting a bit. There were a couple of hours, though, where I was basically playing a game in which you're trying to date a child. Which I found a bit uncomfortable.
  12. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

    I got this for christmas. It's got nothing to do with Fire Emblem at all, has it? Gameplay wise I mean. It's just anime.
  13. Are SEGA back/Are they doing well this year?

    Now remove the games that they didn't make, and just acted as publisher for.
  14. Turn your Wii into a fantastic emulation machine

    Yeah I've downloaded a custom iOS and I still can't rip gamecube games to my USB stick. They just hang halfway.
  15. Turn your Wii into a fantastic emulation machine

    I don't seem to be able to rip my GameCube or Wii games to my usb stick. Do I need a custom iOS or is it more likely to be the usb drive?

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