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  1. I bought a korg volca fm and have been trying to get my head around it. Do any of you use fm synths? What is best? Trying to make something from scratch? Starting with something close to what you want and trying to tweak it from there? Or seeing how similar voices work and vaguely imitating that? Downloading endless patches? Or can fm synths basically fuck off?
  2. why can nobody on this showcase pronounce the word "resident" ?
  3. I was just thinking the other day how much I love the name "resident evil". Much better than Biohazard. A horrible virus is a biohazard, yes, but a mansion full of used needles and dog shit would be a biohazard as well.
  4. it's resident evil's 25th anniversary this year. Maybe they'll do something with a special badge or logo on it.
  5. I finished this on Thursday. In the end I kept playing because of my emotional problems. I've got a lot of thoughts. I didn't enjoy myself that much, but the fact that I finished the game and wrote this absolutely massive post probably means something. It felt like it was almost a great game, it was adjacent to a great game. I didn't realise until the end credits that this was almost entirely made by one person. With that in mind it's a really impressive admirable feat. In gaming it's really rare nowadays to find something that's the result of one person's personality. Bu
  6. I just finished Mario 64. Overall I'm pleased (it's the same, it looks good) but I'm pretty disappointed that Mario no longer says "so long, gay bowser!"
  7. Negativity is important. Any kind of detail is important. I feel like I've read a lot of threads on this forum where people post about how great a game is but don't describe what it is, sometimes to the point where i can't tell what genre it is.
  8. I bought horizon in the end. And titanfall 2. I bought them yesterday morning and have just played civilization and Mario since then.
  9. Thanks Wiper, that's pretty helpful! Except for the new knowledge that horizon has stealth in it . How stealthy are we talking? I can generally get away with a bit of sneakyness, but if it's an integral mechanic I won't get any joy out of it. Like, The Last of Us, metal gear solid, splinter cell or Metro whatever the last one was called- I can't stand.
  10. I still can't decide I'm put off horizon by people saying it's repetitive, and I'm put off by red dead redemption because all the enemies are people and I don't like playing as a murdering crime man any more
  11. There's a story! I really liked it. No combat or bosses.
  12. I'm thinking about buying an action adventure game. Should I get Horizon zero dawn, red dead redemption 2, cyberpunk 2077 or something else? I haven't played any of them before.
  13. I played too many games, and like to indulge in the fantasy that if it weren't for covid I wouldn't have played so many games. Outer wilds was one of the most impressively designed games I've ever played. It totally dispenses with usual progression mechanics. Sunset overdrive was like a new jet set radio crossed with a blasty shooter (ratchet and clank or something?). Fun fun fun. Persona 4 one of the best JRPGS. It's too long, everyone talks too much, it's sexist and homophobic and frankly not woke enough for me. And yet! The Talos principle lik
  14. I got this a couple of weeks ago and I think I've pretty much given up on it. This is one of those cases where everyone in a rllmuk thread posts about how great something is, but very few people actually acknowledge what it is. It's a difficult platform game. That's the genre, it's a 2d platformer that is hard. I thought it might be a minigame compilation or something. It seems to me that a lot of people really enjoy the "references" in this. The game is absolutely saturated with them. You can't go five minutes without a pun or gag about some piece of media, usually from the 80s. Unfortun
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