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  1. Victoria CMs approach to the welly cam task was especially bad. Hey Victoria, what do you think the unique selling point of the welly cam is? It's a welly! You can wear it as a welly! Fuck that I'm showing it some pictures that I drew!
  2. Great post chris. I basically thought she looked a bit like Rowan Atkinson. I didn't think last nights episode was very good... The tasks weren't particularly inspired and the contestants didn't do anything that out of the ordinary.
  3. I think morgana could play Mrs. Bean if she wanted to. Like a female Mr. Bean if that first sentence didn't make sense.
  4. I played it a lot and had no probelms
  5. I've just finished this game, so, so good. Probably the most impressed I've ever been by a game's visual design. Could have used some tweaks in little bits here and there, but it's so much better than the first game it's unreal
  6. I watched it on the Internet and all the profanity was bleeped out!
  7. My initial reaction was that I must have this. Now, you know I'm not so sure. Probably don't need new copies of those albums and who knows how good the other stuff is?
  8. the buttons on the face of the controller don't need to be in alphabetical order. That's a strange idea. The features on your face aren't in alphabetical order, so why should they be for a controller?
  9. I've been enjoying New Earth by Nuovo Testamento a lot. For fans of synthwave, 80s disco, synth pop, post punk etc. I think depeche mode fans will like it. spotify link bandcamp
  10. Thanks, I read the reviews of these and they weren't great, so I've bought a best of wodehouse compilation
  11. At the moment I'm obsessed with death, time etc. Could someone recommend me books to read that are nice and have little or no death and might help take my mind off things and feel nice?
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