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  1. I'm getting frustrated as I'm missing 4/6 of the upcoming series (paceman, ness, Lucina and robin) and I hate not having a full set but don't want to pay stupid prices
  2. Glossy worktop meant the first photo reflected and made the 3ds look cheap and nasty Whereas tea towels make everything look better! ;-)
  3. For anyone who was interested in the Claptrap edition it's just popped up on Game for £290
  4. Mines arrived and now I have to go to work :-(
  5. It arrived! Complete with charger (even though that shows on the tracking as not dispatched) Looks very nice but I think it's going to scratch and show every single fingerprint Had hoped it would be a coloured metal (like the monster hunter one)
  6. Mines out for delivery - due before 950 apparently!
  7. I got an email saying hubby's Monster Hunter console has been dispatched from Game and my Zelda console from the Nintendo store has also been dispatched Wondering which turns up first and if it's mine if I'm going to lose my Zelda console til his arrives.
  8. We were doing relatively well with our collection and the only one we struggled to get was Rosalina having been let down by Shopto not getting any in We've got all of wave 5 preordered However really struggling with wave 6 and can only find 2 of the 6 to preorder - I totally don't fancy having to dish out ridiculous amounts for massive holes in our collection Any ideas the best places to keep an eye out? Are they likely to be rerun later on as I've seen conflicting info?
  9. Looks like the Zelda console is already sold out on the Nintendo store - really pleased I managed to net myself one and Jon a Monster Hunter Ltd console from Game Kind of excited by the improved 3D as my old DS used to break my eyes if I wasn't sitting in exactly the right position
  10. I resubbed tonight as decided that I need to finish the main storyline and get to 50 I seemed to be the only person in our little guild who was online and PC Master Race was the only person who replied in the LS - which was a bit disappointing Where did everyone go??
  11. I love this game soooo much - although I think I've died twice to chocolates now!
  12. Picked this up when it was on the daily deal having ummmed and ahhhed for the last month or so whether to pick it up or not I've got to say I really enjoyed it and the way it was presented was great - I really think that Telltale are improving with each game at the moment (can't wait to see what they do with Game of Thrones...) Didn't realize that there had already been such a big gap between episodes and just hope that they don't keep pushing the dates back in favor of TWD2 I'm definitely going to have a read of the comics now - they've always been on my watch list but I've never quite gotten round to them!
  13. I'm up for helping with whatever Hopefully my fairy will remember to heal people this time
  14. Would a normal USB extention lead work on hooking this into the xbox? My portals lead barely covers half the living room
  15. It took me about an hour a level roughly but as I already have a character thats 30+ I get extra exp to catch up - as your first character you're best off doing the story line and then leave the fate grinding for if you decide to level other classes It doesn't really matter which company you join as the items each offer are all similar - and there is the option to change to a different one so don't panic too much. Same with the FC allegiance too
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