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  1. I pulled Diluc off the Albedo banner. And i have no use for him in my current party. I'd gift him to you if i could.
  2. Finished that last night. Really enjoyable! Thanks for the recommendation.
  3. Curtis

    NIOH 2

    Heads up: Omnyo is weak-sauce! Don't bother investing in any of the ATK type spells. There are a couple of useful buff/utility spells (their names escape me because its been so long), but the rest are semi-useless until you hit end-game and spec 100% magic! Ninjitsu once levelled up is extremely OP (poison build up etc), and fantastic for melting bosses, but it gets very boring, very quickly. Plus you have to go glass cannon as a pay off. Concentrate on your weapon skills first & foremost. Plus the usual Samurai skills you should be familiar with if you played Nioh
  4. Curtis

    NIOH 2

    The scaling off similar stats is absolutely paramount if you're gonna run with two weapons. I always use one and take the passive bonuses of those on your back.
  5. Curtis

    NIOH 2

    Very different! Hatchets are really good once you start unlocking the skills and they do great Ki damage. Being able to throw them to finish off enemies from range helps alot, and means you don't need to spec Ninja for Shurikens and the like. It took me a while to realise, but Dual Swords are better than Katana (my usual weapon of choice) in every single way! I'm sorely tempted to double-dip and get this on PC. But i have sooooooo many hours invested in my PS4 save, and i've not even touched the DLC yet. Its an incredible game that improves on the original
  6. I absolutely adore the soundtrack. It's very Ghibli-esque. Many a time i've just stopped my character in their tracks, so i can take in the gorgeous scenery and enjoy the almost whimsical music. Its a beautiful game on so many levels.
  7. Quick answer: Liyue as a region is gorgeous and better than anything you've seen up until now (in an open world exploration sense). Also, yes Mihoyo is making huge money, so the free updates and content will keep rolling out. And you absolutely do not need to pay to complete any of the content to date.
  8. I do like her design a lot, but i've been running the same team for ages and i love them dearly: Klee, Sucrose, Jean, Fish. No one else has managed to push any of those out the rotation, unless its a boss of the same element type of course.
  9. You sure we're on about the same character? lol! She's the cute, fiery, guitar wielding gal. Only a 4*. And i honestly don't need her (or Diluc - my previous pull), because i have the wonderful Klee.
  10. Thanks for the codes! All four worked for me. And i pulled Xinyan.
  11. Forget parrying. Get yourself a decent shield and block.
  12. I love it when new players spend some time with this game and realise that the F2P model can be a wonderful experience. You don't need to spend a penny in this game, its generous with the rewards/currency that it gives you for your wishes/gacha. Even the top tier characters aren't essential, they're only a little bit better at clearing ads. A F2P account can do everything that a whale account can do. Thats a fact!
  13. I watched all of that yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Any similar Japanese TV recommendations?
  14. A recent 20GB update made me curious as to whats changed since i last played (nothing of note). The campaign is 10 hours of throw away fun. After that its rinse repeat for XP with no real purpose. Loot that barely shows its face! Like all these games, the developers always underestimate how fast dedicated players will hit endgame, and none of them are set up or ready for the internet shit show when a game becomes boring within the first month. The attention span of most players has been reduced to almost zero. This game in particular is a serious mish-mash of ideas, and
  15. Oh hello! See, RNG does smile on us F2P players. Gotta be honest though, i would've preferred ANY other 5*, even a dupe. My fiery needs are covered by the wonderful Klee. Plus, I'm not a fan of Greatswords in this game.
  16. Nothing to worry about early game. Just explore, enjoy, go at your own pace. When you hit AR12 you unlock Daily Missions which are definitely worth doing if you plan to log-in regularly. Do not spend money on Primogem bundles, especially if you're prone to gambling (I'm not) It'll only tarnish the game for you! If you want to give the developer a little 'thank you' cash, buy the 30 Day thing that costs £4.99 (don't worry its not a subscription or a recurring payment), it gives you 90 gems every day, which along with your dailies, means you get a wish/summon every single
  17. And here's me PS5-less just wanting to help peeps through PBWT 5-2, again.
  18. Don't get me wrong, i commend the effort and the will to succeed, its just those numbers are crazy to me. All FromSoft bosses (first time round) take me 5-6 tries until I've won. There have been some outliers, but never more than low double digits. And of course nerfing yourself with SL1 stats and weapons is not comparable, and it means everything is 1HKO, so learning the bosses movements inside-out is absolutely essential, but I'd get bored before 20 goes had passed. In short: I admire your fortitude.
  19. I've got no problem dipping my toe into this game for the next few years. I think thats the best way to consume it. All the furore surrounding it, is a massive distraction right now.
  20. Anyone who does 400 attempts on Super Meat Boy is fucking crackers imo. Anyone who tries that amount versus Dancer at SL1, clearly has mental issues. I used to understand the allure of an SL1 run, but now, i have to ask: WHY!?
  21. Bloodborne DLC has Lady Maria and Kos. Yes he's an overly aggressive fetus, but the fight is unforgettable. Don't dismiss Gael. The build up. The explosive aggro. The arena. The space but no space to maneuver. The inevitable second phase. The worry, the dodge dodge don't get hit. The third phase. The lunacy! It felt like a fever dream. If you loaded it up right now with a decent build save i would die repeatedly! It was a culmination of all things Souls for me, and i crushed him first go! That is why i remember it, and cherish it.
  22. Each to their own.
  23. My memory is like a sieve, and i don't play these games for lore. I play them because (DLC spoilers):
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