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  1. Curtis


    Its a shame its not a fully optimised port.
  2. I'm still tinkering and waiting for different time of day/lighting conditions* but i like the crispy look of: Max Sharpness Max Foliage Visibility (the pop in on anything less is jarring) Bloom* Lightshafts* Everything else off.
  3. That new patch is a huge improvement for handheld mode graphical fidelity.
  4. I'm gonna give the beta a whirl. Not too optimistic though - don't forget Platinum Games already tried this idea and failed.
  5. The Chalice Dungeons are a great idea on paper, but Souls games are all about intricate environments you get lost in! Not one-room-after-another repetition. It shows that beautifully refined combat will only take you so far. That being said, when i finally cleared the Chalices (maybe a year or two later), i did kinda enjoy them, because they're very straightforward (no wondering "where was i?"). But a lot of that enjoyment was due to the DLC adding so many other build options, which is why i play these games. So yeah. Don't rush to clear 'em thinking you're missing out. Finish the game. Complete the DLC. Take a break. Then come back...whenever. It worked out well for me.
  6. Its been confirmed (by veteran JPN server players) that the micro-transaction items are cosmetics and progress/XP boosters only. Plus, you have to pay to switch servers. But all of those things can be earned in-game through standard play. Whether they'll change that for the US release is unknown, but unlikely.
  7. Shame about the maintenance and time difference - i was looking forward to spending all day on this. Oh well.
  8. I've just done Chapter 0 and i can tell i'm going to love this! Now i have to wait for the rest of the game to download, which'll probably take a whille. Gonna check out some Youtube videos in the meantime. That Ginger Prime channel linked above seems very decent.
  9. I'm playing this at the moment. Can't say i'm enjoying it. Its very annoying in that forced difficulty kinda way - like the developers choice of enemy placements + traps etc is designed to piss you off rather than let you figure out your own strategy. Maybe i was expecting too much? Anyway, i'm not giving up on it just yet. I gonna do a little grinding and see if some of the unlockable perks make it smoother sailing and a more pleasurable experience.
  10. I have that poster. A gift from a dear friend. Never got around to framing it though. On the to do list.
  11. I'm back playing this after quite the hiatus, and I am absolutely loving it. I just came across this Youtube video which is both incredibly informative and beautifully presented. Give it a watch if only to marvel at the 'in-game' UI elements: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQO-74WEm6o
  12. I enjoyed that first episode. A few chucklesome moments, and decent characters who i like already.
  13. I just had a classic 'got too greedy' death against Quelaag: i was attacking her behind and only needed one more swing to finish her off. Suddenly she did the wiggly ass juice move which i'd completely forgotten about and i was 1HKO'd!
  14. The ledge at the top of the stairs isn't there by accident.
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