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  1. There's no point in such a small number of us trying to start a new clan. It takes way too much time & resources to get shit done. I can't sign up for ResetEra because i have a disposable email address. So i have applied here: https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/35-space-shark-incorporated/
  2. I haven't joined a clan yet. Shall we all agree to join the one @Flub linked above?
  3. Time for another quick-fire round. My reviews won't be too in-depth (because i'm drunk), just at re-cap since last time: American Psycho I remember this feeling really graphic at the time. But now its farcical. And yes i know thats the point. Short too at just over 90 mins. Bale is exemplary. 2/5 Brewster's Millions Like The Blues Brothers from the last round-up, this was a childhood favourite of mine, and the good news is, its still as wondrous today. Wouldn't it be great if all the actual millionaires and billionaires were as kind and humble as Montgomery? Oh well. 4/5 for nostaglia only Free Fire After Kill List i decided to re-visit Ben Wheatley's other works. And they are not good. Gotta be honest. 2/5 The Mask of Zorro Pure cheese, but thoroughly entertaining. The director Martin Campbell did two decent Bonds, then this, and then seemingly fell off the face of the Earth. 3/5 Batman (1989) I've not seen this since release. The rooftop/dark alleyway sequences are the best Gotham (and even the Bat, who i hate) has ever looked. Burton's gothic architecture works so well. Love Keaton. Then Nicholson shows up and its just the worst kind of hammy acting imaginable. I couldn't bear it so had to turn it off after an hour. 2/5 some things are better left in your hazey memory Palm Springs There's a thread about this film already, and i enjoyed it for the most part, but got bored by the end. If i had to live the same day over and over i'd do it with a beer can in my hand just like the protagonist. 3/5 The Old Guard Complete and utter shite! Netflix is and always be the worst thing to happen to movies. They are constantly throwing money at so-called talented directors and letting them run wild. The studio system is there for a reason - to keep everyones ego in check. Its not this film specifically. But that Michael Bay travesty evoked the same emotions. A massive, steaming pile of excrament made entirely of Netflix dollar bills. Please let it stop! 0/5 Why Don't You Just Die! Now this is more like it. I watched it based on a recommendation from the 'Rate the last movie you watched' thread, and i was not disappointed. It just goes to show that money does not equal success. Because this Russian low-budget affair is utterly captivating, exciting, shocking and most importantly it felt fresh and original. There is not a shot or second of film wasted in its lean 90 mins running time. Never a dull moment. Just watch it, trust me. 4/5 First Love I've always admired Takeshi Miike since Audition and Ichi The Killer. But he's so prolific with his output its hard to play catch up. The last one i really loved was Blade of The Immortal (highly recommend). Anyway, this films synopsis sells it short. Yes its about two young losers who find each other, but mainly its a twisty-turny back-stabbing Yakuza tale full of all the showdowns and violence you'd expect. An absolute riot and a must watch for some escapism. 4/5 Hell or High Water Modern day westerns when they are written by Taylor Sheridan are always good. I'm a huge fan of his work (check out the TV show Yellowstone). This film upon second viewing is good but not great. The plot reveal towards the end is nice. And the non-firearm showdown is well played. Ben Foster has matured with age. It kinda reminded me of a Coen brothers movie this time around (the "one last time" Sheriff, the odd-ball side characters). 3/5
  4. The spear? Bottom floor. From the bonfire, through the crack, and its the wall on your right. It may need a prompt to open. Big enemy behind the slowly opening door.
  5. Tomb of Pharros was a semi-genius idea but only when the game first came out and the online population was high. You couldn't tell walking through it now, but back then, players could set booby traps all over the place, turning it into a land-mine filled danger zone! Now, there's maybe 3 doors of interest, the main one being the enemy guarding Santier's Spear. What a weapon! The spin-to-win move is still ridiculous. And back when the durability bug was still in effect, this was the go-to because it has zero durability to begin with. Try it out!
  6. I'm back into this in a BIG way. I played the early/half-baked version waaaaayy-back-when on PC but didn't really stay tuned. Years passed and i got it on PS4, and spent a good hundred hours or so with it, but my lack of 'real' teammates made some of the later missions a drag, so i eventually gave up. I dabbled with the Switch version because...why not, its on Switch, but it was a minor distraction that got deleted off the precious SD card space. Fast forward to now, when i have a decent spec gaming laptop, its running at max settings and 120fps, it feels like a completely different game! Its astonishing how tight it is, how you can keep up with everything going on even when its chaos. In the past it always felt a bit hap-hazard like you were kinda muddling your way through it, but now it has finesse! Space Ninjas for sure! And the amount of new free content since i last played is outstanding. The biggies being the two open world areas with respective hub towns (and another on the way, two weeks from now). Being able to mix up the corridor -> room ad infintum mission structure with open world exploration is just what this game needed, and its like a breath of fresh air. I've already thrown £50 at the Marketplace, firstly because i wanted to buy a frame i'd never played before and use her from the get-go, in doing so making the early planets less of a chore. Then i saw the Nova/Trinity Prime combo (both great frames i want to get anyway) for £39.99. Might sound pricey. But! The bundle also includes 1200 Platinum! Which is insane value considering 1000 Platinum on its own along costs £33. You might think its an endless money pit waiting to suck you in, but its the exact opposite of what pretty much every other GaaS is doing in 2020. I look at it as a cash investment versus 'how much enjoyment will it give me'? £50 is standard fare for all big releases these days. Of which i have many...gathering dust on my shelf, unfinished, unloved. This is my new go-to game. I can play for 2 missions and be happy, i can play for hours and be happy. Its perfect in that regard. Sorry for prattling on. Those that've played it before will understand completely. And if you've been away for more than a year or so, i'd highly recommend trying it again. I'm so very glad i did.
  7. I was planning to re-buy it on PC, but now i don't have to. Great game! Don't miss out.
  8. Nice! I wasn't 100% sold based on the beta, but i think thats because i was playing the sluggish Shell and i didn't persevere long enough to unlock Agility one (more my style). I'll definitely be picking up the PC version so i can get stuck in proper and see what its all about.
  9. That gaming rut i've been in for the past few months, which you all sympathetically emoted to a few pages back (love you guys) has clearly been broken by this game. I played maybe 5 hours yesterday, but more importantly went to bed early then woke up at 7am today, and after coffee etc, booted this up and have been playing non-stop (yes i took a break for shower & lunch, and then another around 4pm when my thumb hurt. What do you take me for? A sweaty heathen?) So, the game: its not revolutionary, or even close, but it has that certain 'something' thats difficult to describe. A flow that feels natural and not forced in any way. Yes, its another generic open world adventure, and yes, the graphics sway from gorgeous to average. But the selling point is the combat which is utterly sublime! And a new benchmark for open world games! It feels satisfying. It has heft and a "thunk" that hits hard. Forget AssCreed, forget Batman, that shit is old food. This is waaayyyy beyond all that, to the point you could compare it to proper action games and it stands up. And! the more skills you unlock, the more depth is revealed. Okay, downers: the story and characters are mediocre at best. But is that why you're here? No! Its to gallop full speed into a crowd, leap off the horse, plunge attack that guy, evade, kunai the second, then sprint mid-slice the archer who was tee-ing you up. And thats a baby encounter. I'm onto Act 2 and i've seen and done some crazy shit. All of which can be tailored to your style through charms. I always play like a rat (we know that). I have charms equipped that work for my hit & run approach. And its so flexible. I'm excited to see what comes next. In summary: Today i'm happy. You don't need to buy this game, because its not gonna blow you're mind. Its just exactly what i wanted and needed right now.
  10. That being said, i adore the titlecards and alternate camera angle at the start of a mission. Adds an extra little something.
  11. I agree that the story and the characters are the weakest link. I have no sympathy for whats going on plot-wise, i'm just doing whats necessary so i can get back out there into free-roam and write my own story. I just cleared the end of Act 1 story mission that leads you into Act 2 (aka Area 2). Quite the slog, so be prepared. And yes, you can warp back to Area 1 no problem.
  12. I've got RSI in my left thumb from pushing forward all day. "Sky" has been galloping all over the map. And when he's not, its me bum-rushing Mongols. They barely have time to respond let alone surround me and get any sort of advantage. This game has a superb flow to it.
  13. Just found a Big Hat Logan sized straw hat and my Fashion Shima is now top tier!
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