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  1. Trust me. Stick with it. That opening level of the crumbling city-scape is the worst possible intro. All of the later levels are exotic and beautiful and by the end you feel like you're playing a different game. Its so good. I'll play it with you. I've been thinking about going back since i played the excellent DLC, which i had no problem paying £8 for when i got the game free. Bear in mind i already completed it on XBox. Its one of my favourite games that has been sadly overlooked by many.
  2. If the stick has 8 buttons, you can normally assign what L1/R1 & L2/R2 do via the switches on the stick itself. Does neither configuration work? Because it could be a loose wire inside or a faulty switch/button. If its 4 buttons (2 of which you don't normally use in fighting games) not working you have problems. You really need to test it on a game that lets you see the inputs onscreen via the config menu as you're pressing the buttons. Also, i just read Joffo's idea of opening the stick and swapping the wires to the only 6 buttons you'll need. DO THAT! And test ea
  3. Thats odd. I have a Madcatz TE and the MvC lesser version they released not long after, and both work on my PC/laptop with no issues whatsoever. I also have a Hori HRAP for PS4 which is always a pain to reconfigure for PC use. I know that doesn't help your plight, but surely there's a simple but non-obvious solution?
  4. I really enjoyed it. I'll admit i chuckled at pretty much all of his deaths which border on cartoonish, but they are still well handled by Carnahan, who i rate as a director. I could pick it apart, but Tempy has already done that. Its throwaway fun, end of. 3/5
  5. That bit with the red & blue wires was soooooo good.
  6. Reading new players 'experiences' of choosing The Catacombs over The Burg, never gets old. Even after all these years.
  7. I binged the entire thing yesterday and loved it. Scott Frank is the real deal.
  8. Fuck! World Tier 4 is a massive jump in enemy HP and ATK. I was feeling good too. I delayed the AR35 ascension as long as i could, but now my team who could finish bosses in 1-2 phases, now takes 4-5. Oh well. Nature of the beast i guess. I should shut up whining and upgrade my squad to deal with it. The next WT bump is a long way off. Great game. Only thing i'm playing. All i need.
  9. Oh my days! My monthly reset kicked in meaning i can exchange Stardust for Fates/Wishes. I already hit pay-dirt with Klee so i rolled on the other banners and got another Sucrose (now at constellation 4) and best of all not one, but two 'Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers' which is a 3* catalyst every Barbara player should have equipped. Once she's wet everyone up, you switch her out, and the next character gets a 40% ATK bonus for 10 secs. Its brilliant for burst damage. I'm soooo happy with tonights rolls. Sometimes RNG smiles upon you. I also just renewed my Welkin Moon, because thats gre
  10. The big burly bastards with bricks are very easy to parry with your pistol/shotty. Their wind-up is telegraphed and rather slow. Practice on those two you mentioned (be sure to kite them one-at-a-time).
  11. You can leg it past most mobs. Just be sure you know where you're headed, so you don't round a corner into even bigger trouble. Have you activated the lift? Thats the shortest way back to Gascgoine.
  12. @Rayn https://mapgenie.io/genshin-impact/maps/teyvat Can't go wrong with the interactive map. Press 'Hide All' then turn on 'World Quests'. 50 of them to hunt down.
  13. I've settled into a happy groove of logging in, doing the dailies, a lap of non-resin bosses, and whatever domains or bosses i need in preparation for my next upgrade. Then, once my resin is all gone, i either wander a little or just log out. It works out great at maybe an hours play a day, which is all i need, and means i won't get burnt out chasing endgame XP before new content drops.
  14. I have her and her 5* sword up to Level 50 and she's doing all the DPS in my team. Progress has slowed down quite a bit. I'm trying to grind to AR32 so i can open up the next story quest.
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