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  1. This game is way too more-ish, and oh-so-jolly! I don't remember there being certain quests that make you return to the NPC and turn them in. The best mechanic this game introduced to JRPG's is the instant completion once you've killed or collected X amount of whatever. Also, the instant (and i mean instant) fast travel between waypoints is simply divine!
  2. Curtis

    NIOH 2

    Those Online missions are the new ones they added in the most recent update. That fight in particular is quite difficult unless you're tooled up. Come back to it later.
  3. I've had a couple of next day deiveries from them during this lockdown, so don't fret.
  4. XCX and XC2 are sequels in name, but neither have that original magic. Gameplay or combat wise, no its not a step back.
  5. The feeling you get roaming the plains to that wondrous score, looking for orbs, has a Crackdown OCD quality which i cannot deny. Sold!
  6. I'm trying my best not to buy Xenoblade Chronicles for the third time.
  7. Shopto are selling £12 months of PS+ for £29.95, so maybe save your credit for some games.
  8. Curtis

    NIOH 2

    Pretty sure the disc version can be picked up for £26. Thats a whole lotta bang for your buck.
  9. Curtis

    NIOH 2

    Zen Manual is for re-speccing your Prestige Points. To reset your skill trees, go to the Dojo and press Triangle.
  10. This is brilliant fun! And just the right side of difficult (on Normal). I'm halfway through Area 2 and haven't felt frustrated once. Thanks for the thread because i never would've discovered this on my own.
  11. Curtis

    NIOH 2

    You know the game is good. Therefore the review shouldn't matter. Because none of them do.
  12. True History of the Kelly Gang I can't remember the last time a new movie had me utterly transfixed for 2 hours. Bizarre, captivating, and craziest of all, based on a true story. Looking for fault but i'm still kinda shell-shocked, so i'm gonna say: 5/5
  13. I wish these servers were still alive. I miss late night shenanigans.
  14. Curtis

    NIOH 2

    I'm not saying its strong, but the potential may be there to mix & match with existing builds. Time will tell...
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