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  1. It can become a little confusing and semi-blurry when the entire environment is engulfed in flames during combat, but other than that its all good, and a miracle this game is actually on a handheld.
  2. The characters, dialogue and narration are all very good. First RPG in a long time where I've not mashed X to skip NPC's and their constant waffling.
  3. I'm about 12 hours in, thats not including a few restarts where i tried out various team compositions. I am following a build guide for my main character because without it, its so easy to get lost in the amount of classes/skills/stats/traits etc available. The lack of direction led to my frustration when I played it on PS4. It is not a beginner friendly game, and the default difficulty is a little too punishing imo, but now that its starting to click, i absolutely love it, and cannot stop playing.
  4. Feel like its really starting to click now. My team feels pretty balanced, so yeah, looking forward to getting stuck in today. I wish the resolution was just a little bit crisper on the TV, but i have no complaints with handheld mode. In fact, all things considered, its a miracle this is playable on-the-go.
  5. Downloading now on Switch. I need a slower, more considered game to play on holiday and i never gave this the time it deserved on PS4.
  6. Curtis

    Nintendo Switch

    Me too at 2:20pm. Guess I'll have to check using airport wifi when i change flights in Dubai.
  7. First thing that came to mind was the emo guy from DMC5, where you're keeping a safe-ish distance and using the animals as extensions/weapons. Not sure how this game will develop on that, but like you said; jarring at first, but a welcome change to the Bayonetta type combo-strings we're used to. And yes please to them porting W101. Another game this kinda reminds me of.
  8. I'm exactly the same! Except i'm off to Thailand for a month on...you guessed it: Thursday. Oh yes!
  9. Okay, so the 'click LS + press B' for an extended dive/evade only works in the direction your character's facing. So pulling/clicking down on the stick and trying to evade backwards will still dive you forward. Duly noted. Note: Thats the extended dive. Not neutral/standard evade. I'm playing around with that now, see what it can do.
  10. I hope you all chose 'Plat. Standard' difficulty.
  11. Looks like i jumped on the hype train just in time, having paid the same price at 2:33pm this afternoon. Phew!
  12. Had a greast session last night with some random i met off the XBox dashboard LFG/Club thingy. What a brilliant inclusion! I've not used my XBox online in a long time, so had no idea it existed.
  13. Anyone here playing on XBox and wants to jolly coop, let me know.
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