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  1. Monster Hunter: World

    It's Retarded Game Design™.
  2. Monster Hunter: World

    Are you going to post about it 40 times a day if you do? Occasionally deciding that you love it?
  3. Fortnite

    Is the deluxe edition actually worth it for £22? Fortnite Deluxe Edition Includes: Rare Starter Hero Packs (8 Heroes) Rare Starter Weapon Pack (4 Weapons/1 Trap) Exclusive Founders Pistol 4 Exclusive founders Loot Pinata Packs 24 Daily Loot Pinata Packs 5 Immediate Loot Pinata Packs 10 Exclusive In-Game Banner Icons 10 XP Boosts 10 Giftable XP Boosts For Friends 50 Extra Account Inventory Slots Or do most just go with the free version?
  4. By "English people" did you mean "people from the UK"?
  5. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Mahesh lies. He doesn't really care about you at all.
  6. Sniper Elite IV (PC/PS4/XB1)

    Can't decide between this and For Honor!!! Anybody tried both?
  7. Yakuza 0

    Was good to get a section of the game, chapter 6 or 7 I think last night that actually offered a good long section of gameplay free of the ridiculous amount of overlong cutscenes. I think one of the worst parts of this game, to my mind is when yet another massively long cutscene is followed by the end of chapter screen. You know that you aren't getting to actually play anything until the inevitable massive cutscene coming up right away to start the next chapter is over. There's a great game hidden underneath all the watching you have to do.
  8. Yakuza 0

    I'm really not sure how i feel about this game. Basically it seems like a very basic fighting game that you occasionally get to play inbetween the frankly ridiculous amount of cutscenes.
  9. Star Wars: Destiny CCG (Crack card game)

    Oh God. Don't. Im already on the verge of ordering Good Cop Bad Cop!
  10. Star Wars: Destiny CCG (Crack card game)

    Thankyou!! This post, combined with the realisation that I'd rarely get to actually play it has put me off my plan to buy the starter sets and a stupid amount of boosters. So rather than not spend any money, I did the obviously sane thing and went and bought Ashes Rise of the Phoenixborn AND an expansion pack instead..... This fucking hobby!! Already bought Inis and Arctic Scavengers this week.
  11. Does it even have VR support on the pc?
  12. Yakuza 0

    Wish mine fucking had been. Not using them again for preorders.
  13. Yakuza 0

    How much does the digital version cost anyway?
  14. The Last Guardian

    Welcome to 2005.....
  15. Not Eurogamer though....

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