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  1. Why the hell is a patch that is only 23gb in size still refusing to download when there is slightly over 100gb free on my ps4? It's really annoying having to sacrifice games I'd rather not uninstall to free up the space for this.
  2. "After the kill" implies you feel some level of regret. Which sounds sounds weird tbh. Would it feel somehow worse if the pixels you were controlling represented a male?
  3. Just how bad is the fan noise when playing this? And does it make a difference whether you are using the disc version or the digital?
  4. What difference would there be between playing season 4 and just......continuing to play season 3?
  5. Borderlands 3 at under £15 in the Epic sale? Didn't seem to review that well but is it actually any worse than Borderlands 2?
  6. It's on Steam I see and I've just upgraded my pc recently so this could be the one to go for.
  7. Ah sorry should have said. I've actually played 0,3 and 4. So with that in mind I'm guessing 5 makes sense. Thanks for the advice as well.
  8. Decided I'm going to buy either Yakuza 5 or 6. I'm leaning towards 5. The right choice?
  9. Eccleston looks a bit of a dick really for not bothering to take part in that.
  10. How long till this game is delayed to 2021 I wonder?
  11. Anyone know when the demo is due on Steam?
  12. There wasnt when I looked, no.
  13. Switched over to ps4 version to see what would happen and its doing an 11gb download.
  14. I thought it was a pretty small update if you already own the game? It's started a 100gb download on my pc?
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