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  1. Zelda - The last few have been utterly soulless IMO Metroid - metroid 3 followed by other M? a crying shame. Halo - A decline in the game's SP that started with #2. Reach was decent. Call of Duty- Too many.
  2. https://www.humblebundle.com/ amazing deal this month.
  3. will be again tonight for a bit. Going to stay away from randoms as they have the habit of killing me.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOwnvE0tneg
  5. Can someone please PM me the details? I'll hopefully be on tonight
  6. Lets take over a town. It would be amazing having an area that gets a rep as RLLMUK-Land
  7. Looks like it's only op arrowhead?
  8. Track of the year imo
  9. us server here. plays much better too. Lag not noticeable...
  10. I don't think the arma 2 team will be thinking about money that much...
  11. won't it be 15 minutes if they need to create a character? otherwise it should just be a quick read from the server to get their details.
  12. So how do I apply the update? Extract the updated files over the existing ones?
  13. Deathgrips - moneystore El-P - Cancer 4 cure Killer Mike - R.a.p. Music Off! - Off! All from this month
  14. Killer mike's album up for streaming. Holy shit it's good. Great month for music. http://www.spin.com/articles/hear-killer-mikes-fiery-rap-music-mc-runs-us-through-his-new-lp
  15. Turns out I don't have any willpower. Album is pretty tight so far
  16. Hmm don't know if I want to wait or jump on it now. I'd rather hear it right first time
  17. worth 1.70 if you've got nothing else to play.
  18. sadly yeah. there's ~50,000 keys out there at the moment. Seems if you get one you always get another to invite someone else too, which is nice.
  19. Anyone else in CS:GO? we should get some games going
  20. It goes into your inventory before your games list. Check there.
  21. yeah playing it now too. Love it
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