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  1. The Guardian Film podcast.
  2. Be happy with the thought that what this actually means is that they'll wait till they have a group of stuff you'll really want to play that they can release in one go, under the guise of a big relaunch event.
  3. Gareth Jones on Speed is aces!
  4. raphski

    1 Vs 100

    I meant on my previous game. A normal one. I joined your game session. Don't challenge me Clive. I will fuck your shit up.
  5. raphski

    1 Vs 100

    I couldn't hear the host. I was sure I'd get you on that last one, clive.
  6. Wasn't true when I went. They do make all the pretty ladies stand at the front of the stage though. But that's pretty normal.
  7. Hah! Mott gave me a shout out! Now I'm even more famous. Been really enjoying Bombcasts recently. They can be proper funny sometimes. I tend to listen more for the lols than anything else. David Ellis is starting to get a bit shit on Listen Up, though.
  8. The next episode is called Some Like It Hoth. See what they did there?
  9. Someone mentioned this name to me. Having read the tiniest bits of information about him, it seems pretty clear he has at least something to do with it all. Read the mythology bit. Spoilered, for the more sensitive souls amoung us.
  10. Anyone seen it yet? First episode aired on Thursday. It will have words like, gritty, end edgy and realistic, and documentary style used to describe it. Which I suppose is kinda true. It has him out of the O.C in it, which is important, cos it's like he's still in the it. Still, it's clearly had a lot of money spent on it, and some how, the production manages to make it interesting enough to watch, though not interesting enough to stop it being a bit shit. We'll see I suppose.
  11. The moment a commentator says something like, 'he's coming back up with a boost' is the moment I am a slightly happier man than I was the moment before I heard it.
  12. The extended warrantee applies only to red ringed consoles.
  13. I got as far as reading he's from Stowmarket, and stopped.
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