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  1. It’s funny, I didn’t like it at all when it first came out. It didn’t feel like a step forward from the first game, other than the graphics. In fact, it felt like a step back from the United Offensive expansion in terms of gameplay. I especially hated the recharging health. I wrote it off as being overrated mass market Michael Bay style trash. Looking at it now though, particularly in light of how overblown the CoD campaigns have become, it’s such a focussed and snappy experience. Bombast, designed to keep you pushing forwards (recharging health, constant grenade threat) in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, stuff happening everywhere and allies always with you. No half baked story to tug at your feels, it just nails the feeling of you being a small cog in a huge machine, grinding onwards. It’s incredibly well done. Not a chance I’m going to try it on veteran, but I may well try the CoD 2 remastered mod. It looks really nice in stills.
  2. Seventeen years old. Look at it! It still looks so good. I just finished the campaign and I'm absolutely blown away by how good it is. The final push up Hill 400, the defence and then the advance into Germany is just chefs kiss. Infinity Ward used to be absolute wizards.
  3. Same here. I love the first two because they're linear story games set in an open city, so you get the feel of an open world game, but without the humdrum map icon ticking. Mafia 3 went a bit Ubimap for my tastes.
  4. Call of Duty 2. It's so so good. Those Quake engine based games just feel so snappy to play. I didn't like it much at the time because it didn't feel like a step forwards from the first game, other than the graphics, but going back to it now feels great. Just pure shooting gallery bombast, nothing in the way, no shitty half-baked storylines, just here you are in Stalingrad/Tunisia/Normandy, part of the machine. Playing through the vanilla campaign, then I'll give the 'remastered' mod a try, which adds more modern textures and effects. Think I'll play through the original and the United Offensive campaigns after that, and give their various mods a try. Then I've just ordered all the OG Xbox versions! So much better than the shitty new ones.
  5. I really quite like the original GB game but haven’t played the follow ups much. Shame the GBA Turtles game doesn’t seem to be on there as that’s really good, one of my favourite games on the system in fact. The nostalgia gland is also squirting all over the SNES games and the original NES one, as well as the classic arcade game. If I didn’t already have a million emulation setups I’d day one this hard, I think there’s enough there, but I must say I’m still quite tempted.
  6. Pfffft, didn’t want it anyway. Also, this has been a Jaguar free household for several years now, I’ll have you know. Apart from a couple of controllers still knocking about.
  7. Or…now, hear me out on this, it could sit in my drawer and you could have a big fat pocket full of lovely fresh cash from me. How’s about that, eh?
  8. Nathan Wind

    Beastie Boys

    These had better come out in the UK! Would have liked to have seen Sir Stewart Wallace in there as well, but I do dig how Nathan Wind has his bananas.
  9. There are some genuinely good movie fight scenes in it too. Liu Kang v Reptile, Johnny Cage v Scorpion. They got a decent cast together for it. The choreography was a real love letter to the earlier kung fu movies.
  10. Disgraceful behaviour from AJ. Love to see it, especially after everything Usyk’s just been through. There we’re some decent fights in BKFC actually. The main event wasn’t great but the fight before it was really nice and technical, and there was a great lightweight bout. I think that once the haymaker heroes have been weeded out it could end up being a decent promotion. Watching technical fighters piece someone up without gloves on is interesting. Very keen to see how Buakaw and Saenchai get on. Two of my favourite fighters in any discipline.
  11. So's Power Drive Rally. You look at stills and it looks nice looking, but in motion it's something else. So much detail in the visuals, reflections, shadows, nice big sprites - just all so clean looking and ahead of anything comparable that even the Neo Geo was doing, like Overtop or Drift Out. That's the game I miss the most. I just can't get it working well enough via emulation.
  12. That’s Super Burnout and it’s ridiculously impressive. Sprite scaling way beyond anything else at the time and it’s crazy fast. Earlier in the thread there was some discussion about it and someone said Super Hang On on MD had more impressive graphics. I suspect it may even have been you, could be wrong. But it’s one of the best Jag games and an impressive game all round. Power Drive Rally, Super Burnout, Tempest, Missile Command 3D, Iron Soldier, AvP, NBA Jam, Rayman, Defender 2k, Raiden, Wolfenstien, Doom, Cannon Fodder, Syndicate, Ruiner and Pinball Fantasies, Towers 2. All good reasons to own a Jag at one time, but absolutely, positively not worth it at today’s prices. I thought I did alright when I cashed out of my Jag collecting a few years ago…
  13. Urban Chaos seemed like witchcraft back in the day. Leaves, papers and cans blowing around as you ran through them - it’s a distinctly mediocre game but that aspect of it was amazing at the time. I’d not seen anything like it before that.
  14. To be fair, Syndicate didn’t save absolutely everything but it was near as damnit. I think it rounded cash up or down to the nearest hundred, something similar with tax levels, only saved completed research. But your team and their kit were saved and any completed stuff.
  15. They both save fine. Syndicate is a conversion of the Amiga version which, while it might not sound all that impressive, makes it better than the other console versions. It does have some inexplicable slowdown, but overall it’s a very good port. Cannon Fodder is pretty good on the Jag too. Nice clean music and ambient sound effects. Balls hard to control on that d-pad though.
  16. Look at these fools getting all cocky in here now I've left the Jagscene behind. A couple of years ago you'd all have gone on my list.
  17. This is excellent, I’ve binged the lot in about three weeks. It’s a great accompaniment to stuff like Narcos, telling another part of the wider story.
  18. Fallen (1998) - Amazon Prime Never heard of this one but the excellent cast caught my eye so I gave it a look last night and it was good. Denzel Washington plays detective in a case with a demonic twist. Quite an unusual mash up of police film and the supernatural, with a light dash of horror. Great support from Donald Sutherland, James Gandolfini and John Goodman, and a neat twist that I didn’t see coming. 3/5
  19. Jesus Christ, all of this lot deserve one another.
  20. Beautiful. Where else would you find someone that actually made the things? Sometimes I really love this place. I bet they generated an absolute fortune from these. For a time at least.
  21. Well that’s just it. As per the other thread, it’s not like there was a shortage of ways to get cheats that didn’t cost 50p a minute right back in the mists of time anyway, let alone by the Xbox era. The only thing I’ve seen was on a gaming documentary with a little bit about some NES phone in services. They just had people that were really good at the games on the other end of the phone, and they’d talk you through how to do the bits you were stuck on. Mad. But I presume these sorts of ones were just automated or something. How the hell did they even work?
  22. Goemon’s thread about cheats reminded me that I’d meant to ask about this a little while ago after picking up some more OG Xbox games. I was sat flicking through the manuals and it suddenly struck me that they almost all still featured premium rate hints and tips phone numbers in the back pages. Games by EA, Activision, Ubisoft and THQ. I might check through some by smaller publishers as well, out of interest. I wonder if it was just those big money grabbing bastards trying it on for as long as they could? I’d always just presumed that was a thing that mostly died out after the 16-bit era, with maybe a few stragglers lasting into the PS and Saturn days (64-bit Jaguar era notwithstanding). It seems crazy that they were still running in the early to mid 2000s what with the proliferation of the internet by then. Anyone here ever actually use one of these premium services? I never did.
  23. I liked it a lot, but I didn’t quite love it. Gorgeous looking, with a superb soundtrack but for me it just got in the way of itself a little in the final act. I almost think it might have been better served with less gameplay in the latter stages. But yeah, nitpicking because ‘muk. For a first game this was a staggering achievement and they should be hugely proud. Can’t wait to see what these guys do next.
  24. I struggled with this latest series. Bar the obvious highlights, it was about two hours worth of story dragged out over ten. As the kids have got older I also find it harder to accept the constant hammy, concern face acting. It’s always doing the two characters on screen having v srs chat thing. Anyway horses for courses, it’s obviously just not for me any more.
  25. Those early pack-in games were very basic. Roland in the Caves, Roland in Time, on the Ropes, Harrier Attack etc etc. but I was still playing them right to the end. Great as a game like Robocop was, having to multi load on tape could get fucked.
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