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  1. The Forgotten Battle - Netflix A hefty Dutch WWII film charting the battle for The Scheldt during Operation Market Garden, and so named because the Americans weren’t involved so no big Hollywood movies get made about that shit. It tells its tale via three main characters - a Dutch soldier fighting for the Germans, a British airborne trooper who falls in with the Canadians that led the allied push, and a Dutch resistance member. It’s absolutely harrowing and incredibly tense at times, well acted and visually sumptuous. A very good war movie. I’m dropping half a point for some uneven pacing, but that’s my only real criticism. 4.5/5
  2. Fear not, young one, I am still around to steer the wayward flock towards the true path in their moments of doubt. Moments as when a true Judas appeareth to proclaim SNES DOOM superior in any way to JagDOOM. BEGONE FIEND
  3. I just can’t wrap my puny brain around GW’s strategy with their bookshelf games. The new WHQ Lost Relics one looks great, but like Blitz Bowl before it (and indeed ahead of it with the upcoming Ultimate Edition), it’s America and Germany only. They’re missing out on so many sales.
  4. It's oddly reassuring to see Wiper isn't just wrong about games.
  5. XP boost is the way to go for getting to level 10. Thanks for the tip. Really starting to gel with this tonight. A mental shift from treating it as a deathmatch to treating it as a scenery painting sim has seen me to the top of the scoreboard pretty much every game, which makes a huge difference in combination with the booster. Is there ever a point where you can choose to mix and match specials with weapons? I really like the Splattershot Pro, but I can’t do without the hilarity of the Reefslider that comes with the Aerospray.
  6. That all sounds good! I look forward to trying them all out. I’m still only level 7. Getting up to ten feels a hell of a grind with the stingy payout for losses.
  7. Yes this, I like objective based modes. I’ve never really liked straight deathmatch games, albeit with a twist in this case.
  8. What opens up at level ten then? Because I’m finding Turf War pretty hateful. Loving me some hard graft for Papa Grizz though.
  9. Spotted one in Splatoon 3 today. Some sort of reward.
  10. What better way to prepare the child for a life which isn’t fair? A valuable lesson and no mistake.
  11. Wardner is one I never see mentioned. Lovely little platformer. I don’t know if it’s obscure or not really, but I only ever saw it in one arcade as a kid.
  12. New Sigh album's an absolute banger. Probably their most consistent yet.
  13. Ta! Eesh. Looking at a hundred quid over the odds to get one with a case from fleabay then.
  14. What's it costing for postage to the UK on these things? I'm trying to work out whether or not I'm willing to pay eBay scalper prices.
  15. Club Drive is awful. Considering what Rebellion showed the Jag was capable of, it’s a disgrace that it ever got a fully boxed release. Imagine opening that on Christmas Day, thinking you were getting the latest 3D gaming treat and ending up with something that looks like fucking Driller.
  16. Just try and embrace, or at least get past all that sort of shite if you can. I appreciate it does a lot to get in its own way, but there’s an incredible game buried in there that’s well worth finding.
  17. That Digital Foundry video just cost me seventy quid. I wasn’t going to bother but this looks like a hell of an upgrade to what’s already one of my favourite games.
  18. This approach has pissed me right off. I appreciate that a lot of their audience might cross over to the war game side and already have the minis/suitable proxies, but they should at least offer up an alternative fully complete version for board gamers. Underwhelming game gets an underwhelming expansion.
  19. Yeah, I've played through it a good few times over the years, I'm sure it'll all come flooding back. I used to play in a competitive clan back in the CoD/UO days! I'm quite keen to get the MP going actually, I believe there are a few populated servers running.
  20. Vermo’s 2 is one of the finest games ever created and I can’t wait for this. It’s pretty much the only game on my radar right now, I think.
  21. Playing through it has my old school CoD juices flowing. The original and United Offensive are next for me.
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