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  1. Battlelore 2nd Edition made it to the table today after absolutely yonks on the shelf. It's such a good game. Adds some really neat stuff to the Command and Colors system with the Lore decks and unit traits. We had a couple of games with the premade armies then just stuck every unit on the board for one final giant battle. It was lots of fun but I got thrashed 3-0 by the forces of good as the chaos god watched on from its lair.
  2. Gotti - 1996 version -YouTube An HBO made for TV job I wasn’t aware of until I watched a video on YT by Michael Franzese talking about it. It’s pretty good. Romanticises the mafia as you’d expect, but it recounts the rise and fall of John Gotti better than that shithouse Travolta attempt. William Forsyth steals the show as Sammy the Bull. Well worth a watch if you like mob movies. 3.77/5
  3. Should make Skyhammer playable at last
  4. A new emulator has just been released, claiming 100% compatibility with all the commercial games. I’m going to give it a whirl later. The last time I tried a Jag emulator it was absolute shite, so I shall keep my expectations in check. However, I’ll be over the moon if it lets me have a decent blast on Power Drive, Super Burnout, AvP and JagDOOM!
  5. Bruce Campbell was the obvious choice, to be fair.
  6. So wait…are you saying there’s no RPing required when you’re playing him? 🫣
  7. But at what cost to the poor, foolish Tabaxi? Hmmmmmm? Stay tuned to find out! 😮 It’s all terribly exciting.
  8. Bit of a binge yesterday! The Guard - Netflix An amazing little downbeat Irish cop story with one of the best performances I’ve seen by the always excellent Brendan Gleeson. It’s charming and darkly hilarious at times. By John McDonagh, brother of Martin, who made In Bruges. You can expect a similar level of dialogue and dark humour from this film. Superb support from all of the cast including Liam Cunningham, Don Cheadle, Mark Strong and Tom from Father Ted. Objectively it’s probably a 4/5 but I’m an absolute sucker for the sort of underplayed humour you get in a McDonagh movie, so fuck it, I’m going full marks. Loved it. 5/5 Live Die Repeat Edge of Tomorrow - Prime I remember really enjoying this when it came out and so was eager to give it another watch. I thought it was pretty dreadful this time! Rubbish overacting across the board, very generic video gamey looking baddies and a plot you could fit on the back of a postage stamp. Really good effects and cool exosuit designs scrounge it a bonus mark, and I suppose if you want to turn off your brain and look at bangy explosions for a couple of hours it’s alright. Even so, there are far better sci-fi popcorn movies. A generous 2/5 Dead Man Running - Prime (I think) Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan doing the Cockney badboy thing. Fiddy Cent turns up for a little bit to do some terrible acting for an easy payday. Sub par Guy Ritchie-esque editing. Standard stuff if you like a Lahndaaan caper movie once in a while. Half marks - 2.5/5
  9. I'm 17 hours in now, playing on the 2nd and 3rd difficulty levels and I think I might just prefer it to Vermo's. Still early days but the FPS play as Sharpshooter is really chunky and satisfying. I generally prefer FPS games to melee combat ones so the slight bias towards the former is pushing my buttons.
  10. Indeed, I'm expecting to get much more out of it in time but for now it's such a good game that I'm just happy to be playing it rather than obsessing over getting it looking as good as it should. It's running smoothly and looks acceptable so that'll do me until they fix it up.
  11. Medium/high settings mix, 1440p, no RT, DLSS on balanced, framerate capped at 60 and it’s honestly been absolutely fine the past couple of days. Hitches when loading in and occasional lag notwithstanding. I’m not making any excuses for it, it’s undeniably badly optimised but I’ve hit on a set up that works well for me after those initial problems so I guess I must just be one of the lucky ones.
  12. Oh yeah, this is the one alright. Just had the most epic, movie like nail biting run through a mission since No Mercy in Left 4 Dead. When it all gels, this is special stuff. Can't wait to play on higher difficulties with an organised crew.
  13. After those initial problems, this is running really well for me now and I'm absolutely loving it. The quality of rando players has been pretty good too with very few runner offers and everyone mucking in on revives, support and objectives. Servers have been mostly solid. I really hope they can sort out the performance and stuff for launch because the underlying game is brilliant and deserves to succeed.
  14. Have seen this crop up a few times in various places - I didn't get anything much from it but poeple are saying it improves things. From Steam discussions - Load times are laughable, it looks like ass at medium, which is ludicrous given the system requirements, and I've had a couple of server disconnections. But my word it's really, really good when you do get a decent game. I'm playing on Steam, yeah, and always up for a bit of 'tide. I'm on and off today, but hopefully on for a decent sesh tomorrow so happy to squad up.
  15. Seemingly no permanent damage. Took the card apart and had a good look and everything looks fine, plugs both ends look good. I just gave it a quick run for 20 mins and the temps were good. I've dropped settings right down to medium, capped frame rate at 60 so will see how it goes. It spins the fans up and down like a yoyo but seems stable. I'll give it a longer run later. It's obviously terribly optimised - I'm hoping it was just that having the audacity to try RT on low sent the card into meltdown, so I won't be touching that again until we're several patches in. My advice at the moment is play with caution and have monitoring software running, which you check regularly. Or wait for the inevitable day one patch on launch day. Edit - just noticed the LED name plate on the card isn't lit, so I'm hoping that's all that got fried and explains the burning smell.
  16. Aye, I’ll have a proper look in the morning. I was just eyeing up your 3080 in trading if it has indeed fried anything on the graphics card pcb. It happened shortly after trying the low ray tracing setting then reverting back.
  17. Well I was having a lovely time playing the prologue until my screen went black and an acrid burning smell came from my PC. I let it cool for 10 mins and it seems to be fine, but I might hold off playing again for a day or two and see if any reports come through of it frying graphics cards…fair warning. Edit - 2080 btw. Edit edit - yes I know games ‘frying’ graphics cards isn’t a thing, it’s an overheating system, before someone dekay’s me.
  18. Downloading now. Exciting! I'll edit this post to keep you updated - 1927 - 20% - 41m33s remaining 1932 - 19% - 36m40s remaining 1942 - 47% - 27m29s remaining - just going to nip to the loo so the next update may be delayed, depending on complications. 2000 - 70% - 14m38s remaining I think I'm done with this cutting edge satire now.
  19. All Quiet on the Western Front - Netflix A powerful piece of filmmaking, they don’t make ‘em like this any more. It looks and sounds so rich and lavish, which only serves to make its content all the more harrowing. As poignant a message now as ever, it really makes it hit home that nothing has changed in the intervening century. 5/5 The Equalizer 2 - Prime Basically Commando, with Denzel playing Bennett. Its decent. Largely more of the same but a bit too long and not quite as good. There’s a reveal you’ve seen a hundred times before and some proper cheesy moments, not that that’s necessarily a bad thing in an action movie of course. Worth watching if you liked the first one. Still violent. 3/5
  20. Vectr Sectr is brilliant. A trip through early arcade history in delicious vector graphics. The segues between stages are great. This is a really nice package actually, a lot of love has gone into it. The last thing anyone needs is yet another collection of ROMs they already have and so this is exactly what these compilations need to be offering now, it feels like a new benchmark. And yes, the Jag stuff runs perfectly well. Edit - that’s the biggest missed opportunity. I understand how difficult licensing can be but it was a great opportunity to show that the Jag isn’t as worthless as people think. There are around a dozen genuinely excellent games that could have made the cut and really shown it off, but we got Cybermorph and Trevor McFur.
  21. I’m looking forward to this. I sank a lot of hours into the SNES game as a young’un. Can’t beat a bit of stompy robot action. I’d love to see remakes of the Mech Assault games and Switch would be ideal for them. I’d also like to see a port of Battletech but given how creaky that can be on even a high end PC, I doubt it’ll ever happen.
  22. I once paid an awful lot of money for a brand new copy of that game. I’m going back a good few years so I dread to think what it would cost now. Do miss my Lynx collection though, it’s definitely one of my favourite systems.
  23. Savages - Netflix I’ve been meaning to watch this for ages but the lukewarm reception always put me off. Turns out the reviews and IMDb ratings are too generous if anything. It’s a complete waste of time. Hard to believe this vacuous tripe is from the guy that gave us Platoon and Natural Born Killers. Insipid, throwaway lead characters, terrible writing and some really irritating editing and direction that’s trying too hard to be all flashy and edgy. Salma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro do their best but they must have been raging when they saw how this ended up. Raging all the way to the bank. A generous 1/5. The Equalizer - Prime This on the other hand, was good fun. Denzel as a retired badass doing his revenge/justice thing against the Russian mob. Pretty standard stuff plot wise, but done well. It features some great action sequences and it’s pleasingly violent. Looking forward to watching the next one. 3.5 Ewar Woowar’s out of 5
  24. I must be wired wrong, the convoy mission is fucking ace.
  25. Yup. I’ve had that set up a few times then backed out and returned it to the shelf. I happily play much more complicated games, but there’s just something about it. A disconnect between it looking like it should be a breezy, light dungeon crawl that’s done in an hour, when in actual fact it’s unnecessarily fiddly and you’ll be sat there for two or three hours. It’s odd, because I’ll sit and play Descent or Oathsworn for that length of time, but they look and feel like they should be as weighty as they are. Hard to explain, makes no sense really but I know what I mean.
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