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  1. Avengement - Netflix This was great fun. Just what the doctor ordered while I’m lying here full of a cold. A cheesy as hell 90s martial arts flick, except it came out a couple of years ago. Scott Adkins vs Craig Fairbrass and his squad of ‘that’s that bloke from Snatch/Lock Stock’. Set in an alternate reality London where all the prisoners, screws and police know how to do cheese-fu. It’s my first Adkins film and I liked it. I suppose he’s kind of like the Michael Jai White of the UK so I should probably have given him a go before now. Also seems a genuinely decent chap from his YouTube channel. Will watch more. A better than Banshees of Inisherin 3.75/5
  2. I just don’t appreciate art. I play Trombone Champ with the fart noises on.
  3. You’ve very succinctly summed up why it didn’t quite work for me. I felt it meandered between all of those and never really settled on what it was. I liked it, but I didn’t love it, especially as a huge fan of his other films.
  4. Stephan Bonnar as well. Probably doesn’t mean much to many people here but his fight with Forrest Griffin was pivotal in the growth of the UFC and firing MMA into the mainstream. Only aged 45. What a shit few days for deaths with Maxi, Archer and Bonnar. Christ.
  5. Tell you kids what though, I never knew about the sequel until I watched that NN video.
  6. Was it Nostalgia Nerd’s video from the other day? None of my mates were fooled by it, no. But one of them had more money than sense (said a reformed Jaguar collector), and took a hit for us with the DOS version. We all expected it to be terrible and it certainly didn’t disappoint.
  7. The Banshees of Inisherin - Disno + K, so. I love In Bruges and Three Billboards. I even very much like Seven Cycle Paths, which I think is really quite underrated. Didn’t like this too much. An understated, quietly amusing Irish slow burn should be right up my street, but for me it was just missing that little something. The writing and acting were undeniably superb, it was beautifully shot, and filmed in a stunning location, but it meandered just a little bit too much and I felt it needed a tiny bit more levity to counter the desperate hopelessness. Too bleak for me, and I like bleak. Deffo didn’t leave me with any feeling of hope at the end. I’m going to go have a chocolate mini-roll to cheer me up a bit. Still gets a 3.5/5 for the stellar acting etc.
  8. Xtro is great! Superb recommendation work. I want to watch all the B-movie sci-fis and horrors from that era now!
  9. I didn't like the new Slipknot album much either, but We Are Not Your Kind has some bangers on it. Nero Forte, Birth of the Cruel, Solway Firth and Red Flag are some of the best tunes they've ever put out, IMO.
  10. Ooh, interesting. I've looked at that a number of times on whichever service it's on, but never got around to actually watching it. I'll get it on the list for sure!
  11. Son of a Gun - Prime A below average Australian crime drama about a young, impressionable wayward type falling in with a bad crowd in prison. It’s far fetched, despite the makers claims of it being somewhat based on real happenings. It’s got a ridiculous prison break, an audacious robbery and silly shootouts with automatic weapons. None of the main characters are particularly likeable, nor are any of them especially well acted. Ewan McGregor is supposed to be this psychotic but charming arch crim but for me he just didn’t sell it enough, and Alicia Vikander is wasted in a nothing but eye candy role. It was however, nice to see a bunch of the Mr Inbetween cast, with Damon Harriman (Dewey Crowe in Justified) and Matthew Nable both great as always, but their roles here are tiny. It’s also sloooooowwwwww. I don’t mind a slow burn if it’s engaging enough or the cinematography is good but this has neither of those going for it. It tempted me in by being in one of my fave genres and having a reasonable 60%-ish rating, but I’d not recommend it unless you’ve exhausted all your other crimey options. 2/5
  12. Pusher 2 - Prime free with ads (just one ad, in this case) Even grimier follow up to the fantastic Pusher. This time focussing entirely on Tonny’s story, although there is a quick cameo from Milo, if you’re familiar with the first film. Mads Mikkelsen is absolutely superb in the lead role. His character, Tonny, is a hopeless underworld thug that makes one poor decision after another, but he portrays him as having just the tiniest sliver of humanity and the ending is really quite touching. It’s a difficult film to watch at times. A nasty, dirty, utterly believable slice of modern day Danish criminal life. It could very well be a fly on the wall documentary. I’m going full marks if you’re a fan of the series and you’re up for a challenging watch. Dock a mark if you’re not quite so invested in the series/genre as it’s still a beautifully put together piece of film. 5/5 Cop Car - Netflix I wasn’t sure what to make of this from the synopsis. Two kids steal a Sheriff’s vee hic le. That sheriff is Kevin the bacon and he wants his car back. To start with it feels like an almost whimsical coming of age tale but then it goes to some really dark places. A very lean story with some super tense moments, told well, and with some great acting - even from the two kiddo’s. I don’t want to give anything away with it being such a sparse tale, but if you do give it a go, stick with it. It’s most definitely what I would call a crime thriller despite initial appearances. A surprising 3.5/5
  13. Barbarian - Disno + This didn’t really do a lot for me. As Clipper says, the first act was a bit on the nose but certainly well done. After that it descended into mediocre horror. To its credit it’s very nicely shot, edited and well acted, and it definitely goes places I didn’t expect after the opening set up, albeit generic ones. It felt like all that early good work was discarded. Maybe I’m missing something because I know there was a lot of buzz around it. I might rewatch when I’m not so tired. Not a bad film, but for now, decidedly 2.5/5 Yeah, I think Death Race 2000 is better than Barbarian. Fuggedaboudit.
  14. https://loudwire.com/pantera-rex-brown-health-problems-bass-derek-engemann-live/ Rex seemingly got COVID is all. Also, they sounded pretty fucking great in that there video!
  15. It isn’t if you measure it by any sensible standards, no. But if you can let yourself get into it it’s an absolute riot. At least, I think so. I enjoyed it in the same way as I enjoy shit like Night of the Comet, Blood Beach, Omega Man. They’re all great if you can get into the schlocky spirit of them.
  16. Death Race 2000 - Prime Ridiculous B-movie trash and I loved it. Nonsense attempt at satirising the violence and bluster of American media and culture, served up with the hammiest acting you could ever hope to see. But the thing is, it knows it, and everyone in the film knows it too so they all play up to it. It’s basically Wacky Races x Road Runner x Running Man so it’s impossible not to like. The constant reuse of the clearly sped up vehicle footage is hilarious, but the piece de resistance (I don’t know how to do accents on an iPad) has to be the fight scene between David Carradine and Sly Stallone. Absolute chef’s kiss. 4/5
  17. Dungeon Saga This is one I've often looked at over the years but never bothered jumping in. About a month ago I managed to bag the base game and three expansions - including the Adventurer's Companion, which allows solo play - for £46 second hand on eBay. Absolute steal! Finally got it to the table today and it turns out it's really good fun! It's a pretty generic fantasy setting, but the quest blurb is well written and the actual mechanics of the game are great. It plays like a really breezy tabletop skirmish game set within the confines of a dungeon, rather than your typical sort of board game dungeon crawler. More wargamey than boardgamey feeling, I think. The underlying system runs off modified d6 rolls. So you have your base combat roll of say, 4d6, then modify down by 1d6 if you're outnumbered (more than one enemy in your front arc), down a further 1d6 if you're wounded, so on and so forth. Then attacker and defender then roll their pools and compare highest to lowest in a similar fashion to Risk. On top of that you have spells, abilites, items etc. that all have effects on gameplay. It feels like it should be bland but it all works really well and moves along at a good lick. Played the two training scenarios today - one introduces melee, the other ranged combat and magic, and set up ready for the first real mission of the campaign. Looking forward to more! The best thing is the tiny footprint. I've spread out because I have the space to do so, but the tiles are really small and I like Mantic's minis because they tend to be 28mm and realistically proportioned compared to the usual fantasy fare. Keeps it compact. You could play on a coffee table no bother.
  18. Nekrogoblikon. I know. I've bumped into them once or twice over the years and never thought much about it, but for whatever reason, Spotto threw them in my face a few weeks ago and now I'm addicted. A comedy gimmick band that make power/black/death/thrash metal better than a lot of serious bands do. Their musicianship is absolutely outstanding and the way they combine electronica, folk, and all sorts of shit is very, very Mr.Bungle, Sigh and really quite proggy. Don't overlook them because goblins is what I'm saying!
  19. This was a nice reminder that Armored Core exists. I loved the second one on PS2 but then I ditched that for an Xbox and had since entirely forgotten AC was a thing! I’m well up for this.
  20. 40 hours deep and I absolutely love it. Just got my sharpshooter to 30 so it's time to start a new class. I prefer this to either of the Vermo's, and in fact, even the L4D's. Best game of this type for me. The boltgun and chainsword are outstandingly chunky.
  21. The 'Battletech - A Game of Armored Combat' box is a good starting point. You get a solid selection of mechs, the full rules and a couple of maps. If you take to it, then the Clan Invasion box is the next thing to buy. There's a beginner box but it doesn't come with full rules and only contains a couple of mechs. Edit - the former also gives you the Alpha Strike rules, which is a faster way to play. I still haven't got this to the table.
  22. Mr Inbetween - Disno + This was tremendous from start to finish. A low-key, totally believable Australian show about a hitman. It's got that downbeat, naturalistic sort of acting that really grounds it in the real world. Lovely vein of very dark humour running through it as well. The best thing is, the episodes are only around 25 minutes long so it never loses pace. Great show, loved it. Top marks. 5/5
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